Dane Wigington and Mike Adams: Awareness is key to fighting off climate terrorism aimed at destroying our natural habitat

01/16/2024 // Belle Carter // 1.6K Views

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Geoengineering expert and renowned author Dane Wigington urged people to remain aware, spread the word and be prepared as climate terrorism movements are already in the works to cause massive damage on Earth in every way possible.
He told Brighteon and Natural News founder Mike Adams during the latter's recent "Health Ranger Report" episode that the world should begin to understand that a lot of factors are very far past the breaking point right now in climate engineering.
"It is most responsible for damaging the ozone layer, which if you compress it into a single molecular level, is about six millimeters thick. It's unimaginably a thin layer that allows us to live on this planet and now, climate engineering is wiping it out," he warned, adding that the latest update from the former National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contract engineer who works directly now for his website GeoengineeringWatch.org, is that we're down to about 23 percent of the ozone layer on the average. "This means, it's thicker in some places and obviously, thinner or nonexistent in the polar regions."
He denied the narrative that the ozone layer is recovering. "We have reports from all over the world of people's gardens being fried from the ultraviolet (UV). We have the Cambrian layer on trees being burnt off from tip to trunk. And when people feel hot and radiant that sun feels when you're in a clear spot of it, and the ozone layer thickness waxes and wanes," he cited.
Adams brought up the topic of the beginning destruction of the magnetosphere, which shields the planet from solar and cosmic particle radiation, as well as erosion of the atmosphere by the solar wind. "It is not only the ozone that is deteriorating, but the magnetosphere as well. This means you're going to have just straight-up chromosomal double-strand breaks crop damage, like genetic mutations of crops, as well as humans and animals. It's like, they've opened up the gates of hell against the surface of the earth," the Health Ranger stated.
Wiginton agreed and pointed out that the human species is at fault as to why this is happening now. He cited "Starfish Prime," a high-altitude nuclear test conducted by the United States, which is a joint effort of the Atomic Energy Commission and the Defense Atomic Support Agency. "The detonation of hydrogen bombs in the magnetosphere did irreparable damage that we're still dealing with today. They intentionally intervened when they detonated the bombs in the magnetosphere," he pointed out. He also set "Project Lucy" and "Project Alamo" as examples. According to him, these microwaved the atmosphere with opposing frequencies in a desperate, dangerous and unimaginably destructive attempt to molecularly degrade some of the methane that's building up on the atmosphere. The globalists' narrative is that the methane is from cow flatulence and this was used to polarize and divide people, he added. However, the true methane monster is the one falling and releasing deposits on the Arctic Sea floor. (Related: Globalists use geoengineering "weather weapons" to destroy cities so they can rebuild with a police state infrastructure, warns analyst.)
"If your listeners haven't seen a photograph of the Siberian methane craters, I think that would shock them to the marrow. It looks like a nuclear bomb crater has gone off. That's methane, it's exploding into the atmosphere," he explained. "Climate engineering further contributes to that factor and the attempt to hide it or mask it, they're making the situation worse. Climate engineering has helped to further trigger and fuel feedback loops, which hold our near-term existence in the balance."
Adams: Live off-grid to survive the next decade

As power grids will certainly not be reliable in the next years due to the damage being done by engineered weather events, Adams advised to live independently. "Anybody who wants to survive the next decade will have to be incredibly resilient with food and mobility," he said, adding that it would be better to engage in off-grid activities because if not, people are going to die, freezing in their homes, not being able to get to hospitals when they have a heart attack or something because everything's closed down. “Gas stations and cell towers won't work. Weather attack causes so much destruction of the basic infrastructure: food, communications, transportation, energy and all things that are necessary to keep human beings alive and cities functioning. It's like the ultimate weapon," the HRR host alerted.
Wigington further pointed out that based on statistics, the intentional intervention with highly toxic nanoparticle elements saturates everything that infiltrates all forms of life and causes synergistic toxicity as well. He asked the listeners to consider the destruction of the ozone layer and its effect on every form of life, from the clouds to the ground. "We've lost 90 percent of the plankton populations in the Atlantic and other oceans are not far behind. The insect populations are down 80 to 90 percent. Fisheries are crashing 90 percent while wildlife populations are down 70 percent. There would be no functional wildlife populations left by 2026 or shortly after. These are right now statistical trajectories which indicate we won't be here far past that point," he also warned.
At this point, Wigington encouraged all the listeners to be a part of this most critical fight against climate manipulation to stop the intentional intervention, the microwaving and the dispersion of toxic particles that are derailing weather systems all over the globe. "We can stop this and allow the planet to respond on its own to the damage done. We could ferret out those who are responsible for these programs, either actively or passively. We must change our trajectory or we have no chance," he concluded.
Check out GeoEngineering.news for more stories related to globalists' weather manipulation push.
Watch the full episode of the "Health Ranger Report" with Mike Adams featuring Dane Wigington below.

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