DC cop who sued nonviolent J6 protesters admits to CNN he was just watching the “riot” on TV

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Brandon Straka, a social media influencer who founded the "Walk Away" campaign to encourage people to leave the Democratic Party, revealed on X, formerly known as Twitter, that Washington D.C. officer Byron Evans admitted on CNN that he was not actually at the Capitol when the J6 "riot" happened.
In the interview, the CNN reporter described Evans' experience of watching the protest on television from a secure location for hours. "I just remember the anger I felt when I saw those images. Busting windows, climbing the walls and stuff like that. It was an audible gasp in the room," Evans admitted.
The cop and seven others sued former liberal Straka and other former President Donald Trump supporters under the KKK Act for "racist" attacks back on Jan. 6, 2021. Straka said in the social media post that they sued him, "alleging that I am a racist and a white supremacist and that I bore responsibility for their injuries."

Brandon Straka

(Thread) This is Capitol Police Officer Byron Evans. Officer Evans sued me under the KKK Act alleging that I violated his civil rights and that I conspired with white supremacists to commit assault and battery against him on January 6th. (follow this thread to see how Officer…Show more

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2:25 PM · Dec 27, 2023

The conservative activist further included in the thread how they were able to compel Evans to answer exactly where he was when Straka allegedly caused his assault and battery and violated his civil rights. The DC cop indicated in an interrogatory that he spent about half the afternoon behind locked doors in the Visitor Center. For the remainder of the afternoon, Evans was in a room in the Senate office building. Meanwhile, Straka was never present in any of the locations. He said he was on the east side steps for eight minutes and on the outer grounds shooting street interviews for about 30 minutes.
Evans alleged that Straka caused the former's exposure to pepper spray, bear spray, fire extinguishers and other pollutants and this heightened his stress and anxiety and made the police officer exhausted and suffer pain in his legs. The latter never met Evans and carried no chemical pollutants, let alone spray any at that time. Straka further divulged that Evans also admitted later in his interrogatory that he didn't come in contact with the chemical pollutants until late Jan. 6 and the morning of Jan. 7. During these times, the accused was already sleeping in his hotel bed, then on his way home.
In an earlier X post, Straka compared the sentence he received to that of Chisom Kingston and Natalie White, who set fire and burned down a Wendy's during the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020. "I stood outside of the Capitol for eight minutes, shooting video. No violence, vandalism, theft or destruction." But he got three months of house arrest, three years of probation, a $5,000 fine, a $500 "restitution payment," 60 hours of community service and he served 2.5 days in jail. The court also ordered him mental health therapy sessions. (Related: $500 fine, no jail time for BLM rioters who set Atlanta Wendy's on fire in 2020.)
"Officer Evans, along with Capitol Officer Michael Fortune and six other Capitol Police officers not only claimed that I violated their civil rights and violated the KKK Act, but they also claimed that I caused their assault and battery. I committed no acts of violence on J6; and did not plan, organize, or encourage any," he said in the recent post pointing out that Evans also admitted that he sustained no physical injuries other than breathing in the remnants of chemical pollutants that had been sprayed many hours before he allegedly breathed them in.
He further revealed that Evans' lawyers said they could not calculate the value of the officer's injuries without first having access to Straka's bank statements to assess his net worth. He vehemently declined so the attorneys said that for $120,000, they would drop the lawsuit. "I decided I would rather fight them to the end no matter what it costs, all the way to trial if necessary than give them a single dime," he said firmly as he revealed that the remaining counts against him of assault and battery were already dismissed. "This case against me has demonstrated how the left will use their lies about racism and white supremacy [and their lies about J6] to game the system."
Straka used to be included in a secret government watchlist

Before his case was even dismissed, Straka and other J6ers found themselves on the "domestic terrorism" watchlist of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). He said he was even given the designation SSSS, Quad S or Secondary Security Screening Selection. Apart from hours of screening, a team of TSA agents (12 or more) would follow him around the airport with dogs because the Department of Justice accused him of having encouraged hundreds of people during the Jan. 6 protest.
He stood outside of the open doors of the Capitol and heard to have said the words "go, go." These people, he said, wouldn't have been able to hear him anyway. "Presuming that the above is true, this is why I have been placed on a domestic terrorist list and this is why you and everybody you care about have been significantly less safe the past three years as the majority of security resources are being weaponized to harass and punish Trump supporters," he said on X.
Meanwhile, earlier in December Air Marshal National Council (AMNC) Director Sonya LaBosco admitted that the Federal Air Marshals Service (FAMS) was ordered by the TSA to continue to watch their "suspected" protesters instead of protecting people aboard planes. "We're not flying right now. On most flights, you're not going to have air marshals,” she told Fox News. "The only missions that we're doing are 'Quiet Skies' missions, which are following the Jan. 2021 people." The Quiet Skies missions have used up the FAMS' resources by forcing air marshals to monitor people who flew into Washington, D.C. ahead of the Jan. 6 protest. “Three years later, we're following the same individuals day in and day out," the AMNC director divulged.
Surveillance.news contains more stories related to how the big government is still "watching" Jan. 6 Capitol protesters.
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