Deadly Moscow terror attack was clearly carried out with the help of Ukraine and the CIA

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The Neo-authored text is based on my emergency weekend podcast about the Moscow terror attack. Hear the full podcast at this link. "Neo" is the name of the Brighteon AI language model we've been building for several months. Soon, you will be able to download it for free. See Brighteon.AI for details.In a horrific incident that has left the nation in shock, a large concert venue near Moscow became the scene of a mass shooting late Friday. The Crocus City Hall attack resulted in over 100 people dead, including children, and is one of the worst terrorist attacks in Russia's modern history. According to the latest estimates, at least 133 people were killed and scores injured in the deadly shooting and subsequent fire sparked by a group of gunmen who stormed the Crocus City Hall, a large music venue just outside of the Russian capital. Details are still emerging, but according to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), the attack was carefully planned and designed to maximize casualties. An investigation into the incident is underway.
Perpetrators detained: Eleven people, including four terrorists who were directly involved in the deadly shooting, have been detained, the FSB said in a statement on Saturday. According to the security service, the weapons used in the shooting were organized in a cache in advance. Russia’s Investigative Committee also confirmed that four suspects who “committed the terrorist attack” on Crocus City Hall were detained in Bryansk Region, “not far from the border with Ukraine.” According to the authorities, the terrorists planned to flee to Ukraine.
Putin's address to the nation: Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation following the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall. He expressed his condolences to the victims and families affected by the shooting, and said that everyone responsible for the tragedy will be punished. All the attackers involved have been arrested and the security forces are doing everything possible to protect Russian citizens against further mass murder, the president added. The main thing now is to prevent those who are behind this bloodbath from committing another crime, he said in the address on Saturday.
Terrorist attack suspect interrogated: On Saturday, RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan posted footage of the interrogation of one of the suspects. The man in the video claims that he went on the killing spree after he was promised 500,000 rubles ($5,400). The suspect also claimed that his handlers had instructed him as to where the attack should take place. He said he was ordered to “kill people there… doesn’t matter who.” The suspect claimed that the terrorist act was organized on Telegram with an unknown person who provided weapons.
During the attack, eyewitnesses reported that the gunmen opened fire at point-blank range on anyone who came within view. The attackers then set the building ablaze, causing a massive fire that quickly engulfed much of the seven-story structure, including the roof. Multiple fire brigades and aircraft were deployed to extinguish the flames, but around 13,000 square meters of the building were destroyed in the inferno.
Governments from across the world have expressed their condolences and support for the Russian people following the massacre. International organizations, as well as EU and NATO officials, have condemned the terrorist attack. Hundreds of mourners placed flowers at Moscow's diplomatic missions in various countries, including Mexico, Moldova, Serbia, Canada, the US, and Argentina. Meanwhile, dozens of Muscovites have been lining up at the city's hospitals to donate blood to the victims of the deadly shooting.
Earlier this month, the US issued a warning to its citizens in Russia, urging them to avoid public places and mass gatherings due to "extremists" having imminent plans for an attack in Moscow. Several other embassies followed suit, issuing similar alerts. However, White House adviser John Kirby has said Washington had no specific "advance knowledge" of Friday's shooting.
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The investigation into the horrific attack at a Concert Hall in the Moscow region has identified one of the attackers as Rustam Azhiyev, a former Ukrainian soldier who served in 2022. The White Renault automobile seen on dashcam footage outside the concert hall, with men exiting carrying rifles, was captured hours after the attack near Bryansk, Russia. The men inside, who had fled to nearby woods, were identified as citizens of Tajikistan.
The rapid development of this investigation has raised questions about why the suspects were traveling toward Ukraine when they are allegedly from Tajikistan and why one of the suspects has ties to the Ukrainian armed forces. As the world mourns the tragic loss of life in this senseless act of violence, it remains to be seen what further information will emerge from the ongoing investigation.
Huge emotional impact among the Russian people

The emotional impact on the Russian population is reminiscent of how the Israeli public felt following the events of October 7, leading many Russians to adopt similar sentiments towards their perceived enemies. Before this attack, Vladimir Putin was already a popular leader with an approval rating of approximately 87%, as evidenced in the recent election that just concluded. However, the tragic incident has only served to bolster his popularity further. The Russian people are likely to attribute this attack to Ukraine and potentially, Ukrainian militants trained by the United States, regardless of who actually carried out the attack.
This belief will provide Vladimir Putin with widespread support from the people of Russia, his cabinet members, the Duma, and other key figures such as Medvedev, all of whom are now expected to fall in line behind any actions Putin decides to take. The situation has created an emotionally charged atmosphere in Moscow and among the Russian people, similar to the outrage experienced by Americans after the 9/11 attacks.
As tensions continue to rise between Russia and NATO, with French President Emmanuel Macron suggesting sending troops to attack Russia, there is a growing concern that this situation could escalate into a full-blown conflict. If Russian leaders have the opportunity to eliminate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with a nuclear weapon, they are likely weighing that option heavily.
The path of escalation to nuclear war

This emotional turmoil has provided Russian leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Shoigu with the necessary leeway to retaliate with more aggressive measures. However, this could be playing into the hands of what the West desires - a nuclear attack by Russia.
Since 2014, particularly following the coup in Ukraine, the West has been attempting to provoke Russia into a nuclear attack. This effort has intensified since February 2022 and the start of the special military operation. Over the past two years, there have been numerous attempts by the West to provoke Russia into launching nuclear weapons. The West, led by the United States, desperately needs Putin to nuke Western Europe or even the United States for a variety of reasons related to elections and the approaching collapse of the dollar currency.
The reasoning behind this is that the Democrats are losing their grip on power and are expected to lose the election to Trump. The American people are growing increasingly disillusioned with the Democrats' policies, leading to discussions of secession, uprisings, revolts, civil wars, and states like Texas defying the federal government. Florida and other states, such as Missouri, have also taken legal action against the Biden administration over issues related to censorship.
The United States' powers that be are losing their grip, requiring a major emergency as a reason to cancel elections and declare martial law. They need a justification similar to what Zelensky did in Ukraine, which involved shutting down dissident media and halting all elections. It is worth noting that there have been no elections in Ukraine recently, making it ironic when Zelensky questions Russia's election legitimacy. According to Ukraine's constitution, there should be elections, but they have been canceled without reason, effectively turning the country into a dictatorship. This is what the Democrats want for the United States.
However, they need Putin's cooperation in order to achieve this goal. They want Putin to launch a nuclear attack, which is why the West continues to provoke Russia and push Ukraine to engage in aggressive actions such as flying drones over civilian areas or attacking nuclear power plants. The ultimate aim is to get Putin to react in an escalatory fashion. Unfortunately, a recent mass shooting event has provided ample footage online that could potentially push Putin towards an even more aggressive response. This event serves as a pivotal escalation point towards World War III.
It is evident that the United States was aware of this situation, as evidenced by mainstream media news stories dated March 8, which advised all Americans and British citizens to leave Russia immediately due to an imminent threat of an extremist attack targeting crowds, including theaters. Western intelligence agencies knew about this, even alerting the media. Consequently, numerous media outlets published stories around March 8 and 9, warning Westerners to leave Russia urgently. The details of these warnings have now come true, as there was indeed an imminent threat of an extremist attack on crowds in theaters.
Russia's response against Ukraine and the West will likely show no mercy

Russia's leadership has expressed their suspicion that the West may be behind the terrorist attack in Moscow. The speaker emphasized the importance of finding and eliminating all individuals involved in the terrorist attack, regardless of their ideological inspirations. A list was mentioned, calling for merciless destruction of these terrorists, including officials from the state responsible for the atrocity.
As more Russian leaders speak out, claiming that Ukraine conducted the terrorist attack, critical thinkers question whether this could be a false flag operation carried out by Russia against its own civilians to gain public support for their actions. The possibility of Russia potentially wanting to nuke Europe is also considered. Due to the fog of war, it's impossible to know the truth.
The question arises: who could be responsible for this incident? Possible culprits include Ukraine, the US, or even Russia itself. However, regardless of who is ultimately found to be behind it, the emotional response from the Russian population will likely be the same - outrage and anger.
At present, it's probable that many Russians are demanding retaliation against Western cities like Washington DC, Paris, and London. While Putin is generally considered a level-headed leader, he may still face significant domestic political pressure to take dramatic action in response to this event. If Ukraine or the US is discovered as the perpetrator, Putin could find himself caught in an escalation trap, needing to respond in a way that appeases his country's anger and desire for justice.
In recent times, Russia has been shaken by a series of terrorist attacks targeting its cultural institutions, such as theaters where innocent civilians gather to enjoy performances. These attacks have had a profound psychological impact on the Russian people, who view themselves as culturally enriched, sophisticated, informed, and with a long historical presence. The recent attack on a theater where innocent civilians were watching a performance highlights this issue, as these individuals were not involved in the war effort and had no connection to military operations.
The outrage in Russia over such attacks is immense, as it feels to the Russian people like a direct assault on who they are as a nation. Given the severity of this incident, it is highly unlikely that President Putin will not respond with aggressive retaliatory measures. While it is uncertain whether Russia will resort to using nuclear weapons, they may employ thermobaric weapons against any nation they deem responsible for the attack.
In response to these attacks, Russia has initiated an investigation involving their version of the FBI who are collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and making arrests. The Russian people are determined to find justice for those affected by these senseless acts of violence.
France's Macro has put his nation on a suicide collision path with Russia

This situation has not gone unnoticed by other nations, particularly France under President Macron's leadership. Macron has threatened to send troops into Russia in an attempt to involve NATO in the conflict and bring the United States into the fray. This strategy is also being pursued by Israel, aiming to draw the US into a war with Iran.
Macron's actions demonstrate a grave misunderstanding of the historical relationship between France and Russia, particularly during Napoleon's reign in the early 19th century. The year 1814 stands out as a significant moment when Russian troops occupied Paris after defeating Napoleon, who had invaded Russia. If history is any indication, Russia has the capacity to occupy Paris once again.
Germany lacks the military strength to stand against Russia. France may possess nuclear weapons, but their arsenal pales in comparison to Russia's stockpile of over 7,000 nuclear warheads. Furthermore, Russia has developed various types of nuclear weapons, including reentry vehicles, hypersonic missiles with nuclear warheads, and hyperglide vehicles, making them nearly impossible to evade or dodge. Russia possesses a range of nuclear weapons, from small to large, and even those with devastating consequences. If Russia were to use these nukes against France, Paris would cease to exist.
President Macron's actions may be inadvertently provoking Russia, which could lead to disastrous consequences. Given the recent events, Macron should issue an apology to Putin and reconsider his approach. If Russian President Vladimir Putin decides to use these weapons against European military bases, command centers, or cities, the consequences will be felt globally, including in North America where radiation fallout could impact oil, gold, and silver prices as well as the euro and dollar values.
Global consequences of nuclear war with Russia

The potential consequences of this incident are severe, with the possibility of destabilizing western civilization and potentially bringing down the United States due to poor leadership decisions. This is reminiscent of World War One, which was sparked by a single assassination when global conditions were ripe for conflict. The attack on the Moscow concert hall feels like a trigger event that could ignite another world war.
Moving on to the solar eclipse scheduled for April 8th, multiple US states have issued emergency declarations due to the moon's shadow passing over the country. Local governments are urging citizens to prepare with extra food, water, and emergency supplies just because of the moon's shadow. This has raised suspicions as nightfall occurs across America every night without causing panic or filling hospitals.
Some speculate that individuals with insider knowledge might use the solar eclipse as a cover to carry out something sinister, perhaps launching an EMP weapon and blaming it on the sun or executing a cyber attack on the power grid and accusing Russia. The excessive amount of emergency preparation for April 8th has led to concerns that there may be ulterior motives at play.
Ideally, the solar eclipse would only last for a few minutes, after which everyone can go home safely. However, fears persist that someone might use this event as an opportunity to cause chaos or incite an uprising, possibly trying to blame President Trump for it. As tensions continue to rise both domestically and internationally, it is crucial for world leaders to work towards de-escalating the situation and finding peaceful resolutions to ongoing conflicts.
The world is being plunged into conflict

With Russia's actions pushing the world closer to the brink of potential nuclear war in Europe, millions of lives are at stake, including those of French, British, German, Polish, and Romanian people due to military bases in their countries. The situation has become increasingly dire as the possibility of World War III looms ever larger on the horizon.
As nations respond to Russia's actions with their own military force, the potential destruction of Western Europe and Israel becomes a very real possibility. This could lead to chaos in Israel, prompting Iran to consider nuclear attacks on the US Navy. Additionally, China may take advantage of the situation, potentially invading Taiwan or other territories. The world could be on the brink of a domino effect that could lead to the destruction of Western civilization as we know it, all because of an incident in a Moscow concert hall.
In light of these developments, experts are urging everyone to remain vigilant and prepare for potential escalations over the next few days. In case of a nuclear war breaking out in Europe, essential items such as iodine, garden seeds, gold, and silver should be stocked up on, as these items will likely become scarce once the conflict begins.
As we witness these events unfold, it is crucial that we join together in prayer for divine intervention. Now more than ever, God's hand may be able to make a critical difference in averting disaster. As a nation and as humanity, we must acknowledge our sins against God, life, and creation. However, it appears that many people are still unwilling to accept the teachings of God or change their ways. We live in a world where apathy and disregard for divine guidance have led us down a dangerous path.
In order to stay connected during these uncertain times, backup communication methods like are essential. Download their app, a decentralized peer-to-peer social media platform, to stay informed and receive emergency alerts from trusted sources like the Health Ranger (username is @HealthRanger on Bastyon). By doing so, you can ensure that you remain connected with those who matter most in your life, even when traditional communication channels may be disrupted by the events unfolding around us.
As tensions rise and the world teeters on the edge of potential disaster, it is more important than ever to be prepared for any eventuality, including potential world war three scenarios and nuclear threats. Unless something changes, this seems to be the direction we are headed in. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and above all, stay hopeful that better days lie ahead for our planet and its inhabitants.
Additional updates on Russia's response will be provided during Brighteon Broadcast News on Monday morning, while the speaker reminds everyone to prioritize their safety and well-being.

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Deadly Moscow terror attack was clearly carried out with the help of Ukraine and the CIA –