Dem Sen Jones on Voting for Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee: ‘I Am Going to Make an Independent Judgment’

CNN Politics

Sen. Doug Jones, an Alabama Democrat, on whether he will vote for President Trump’s Supreme Court justice nominee: “I am going to make an independent judgment and a view”
11:40 AM - Jul 8, 2018

8 Jul 2018490When asked Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” how he plans to vote for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) said he plans to make an “independent judgment” instead of solely voting how citizens of conservative Alabama would prefer.

“I am going to make an independent judgment and a view,” Jones stated. “I don’t think anyone should expect me to simply vote yes for this nominee just simply because my state may be more conservative than others. I’m going to make an independent look at this because I think even the people of Alabama like to make sure they have judges that adhere to the rule of law.”