August 21, 2018

Democrat Strategy? Rage, Smear, Lie, and Cheat

By Patricia McCarthy

It should be clear to every sentient citizen by now that "Trump colluded with Russia to win the election" was a grand and complex hoax orchestrated by a group of self-important anti-Trumpers in the Obama administration via the Obama CIA, DoJ, and FBI. There is so much evidence of this by now that every sentient citizen knows as well that the Mueller "investigation" is not an investigation at all, but an equally grand and complex cover-up. These people are brazen criminals without a shred of respect for the Constitution, the laws they broke, the taxpayer money they've wasted, or the people whose lives they've destroyed. They care only about retaining the power they enjoyed and keeping their crimes hidden from public view. It is likely they still do not fear any repercussions from law enforcement; they count on their friends in high places to see that they are never charged with any of the crimes they have committed. After all, they were protecting the nation from a duly elected president they deemed unfit for the office. They opposed him because they knew he would not play by their rules, the rules that apply only to them. They knew he would never be a team player on their side. He won by promising to drain the swamp, and what a venal swamp it is.

The mainstream media know all this, but they continue to pretend that Mueller will eventually prove that Trump colluded with Russia to cheat Hillary out of her rightful ascendency to the Oval Office. Because Hillary conceived and set in motion the entire operation to smear Trump, (she commissioned the fake dossier and paid for it) the real colluders, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Yates, Rosenstein, the Ohrs, Strzok, et. al. never feared they would be caught. But they have been caught. The evidence that has come to light is overwhelming. Why have none of them yet been charged with the crimes they have committed? That is a mystery. The wheels of justice do move at a snail's pace, but will they ever pay for what they have done?

Now that Trump stripped the execrable Brennan of his security clearance, the MSM and their toadies are hysterical. It turns out there are more toadies than we previously knew. Admiral Mullen for one. He appeared on "Fox News Sunday" to disparage Trump's revocation and, like nearly every prop analyst on the network and cable news channels, to complain that Trump is "stifling free speech." And yet Brennan can't stop talking to every MSM outlet that is of course eager to hear him malign President Trump. So where is the free speech issue? Trump has not prevented a single person from speaking his mind since he took office. Not one. He has not prevented a single journalist from writing or printing whatever he or she wants. Not one. Those who loathe him are speaking out more than ever, freely. There is no First Amendment violation in stripping Brennan of his security clearance.

As for the sanctity of those clearances, Dan Bongino explained in detail why the media and toadies, those known and those formerly unknown, care so much. As he put it, they are a valuable commodity. They are worth a great deal of money to those who keep them. Apparently, it takes at least a year to qualify for a top secret clearance. At taxpayer expense, persons who receive such clearances are investigated so thoroughly that once received, and once such a person leaves his or her government job, that already-paid-for clearance paves the way to a six-figure job at one private defense contractor or another, or as a media "analyst." Bongino suggests that those screaming the loudest do not care about Brennan; they just want to make sure they keep their own clearances. So as to why these people keep what is surely a privilege, not a right, this seems to answer the question. Does Hillary still have her clearance, even though she abused the privilege from the day she became Secretary of State until she left? Probably she does. For four years she used her position in Obama's cabinet to sell access to wealthy persons and corporations all over the world to enrich herself. Her foundation was her front for the biggest and most corrupt pay-to-play scheme in American history.

Despite the avalanche of evidence of so much sleazy profiteering by so many powerful people, the MSM continues to push and publish fake news to the hilt. The Democratic Party, driven by rage at their loss in 2016, continues to use fear (all Republicans are racists, Nazis, etc.). They continue to smear those they fear the most (Jim Jordan, Ivanka and Jared Kushner, and anyone remotely in Trump's sphere). They will stoop as low as necessary, break any law necessary, to damage anyone they fear may expose or beat them. The slavish media, who have long prostituted themselves to push whatever the Democratic Party wants pushed, sold their souls long ago so they feel no compunctions in regularly deceiving the American people.

The DNC, the entirety of the left and the media have worked tirelessly to sabotage, undermine, and destroy President Trump. He is still standing and has accomplished remarkable things they ignore and do not report. Fortunately, there are hundreds of news outlets that actually do report the news. The MSM has yet to admit that they are completely irrelevant. When "Ancient Aliens" beats CNNin prime time, they should realize their glory days are over. All their misrepresentations of the truth have caught up with them. They never tire of employing their reliable strategy of long standing, to divide people into victim groups. That one is fading away. Catch up with the #WalkAway movement. They continue to make constant accusations of racism at anyone who disagrees with them, even the lovely and brilliant Candace Owens of Turning Point, USA. They attempt to instill fear in each of the victim groups they create. They lie and they cheat incessantly. The Trump-colluded-with Russia hoax is just that, a grand plan meant to take President Trump down and out. It remains to be seen how many people were and are involved but the truth will come out and, hopefully, these gangsters -- that is what they are -- will be indicted and punished for their many, many crimes. They have done terrible damage to the country. They should all be ashamed of themselves but they most likely are not ashamed at all.

They are proud of themselves. They are nothing but a pack of Jim Acostas, astonishingly arrogant, and not at all as clever as they think they are.