Democrats Go Radical in Debt Ceiling Fight – They Are Actually Trying to Hand Biden the Power of Unlimited Borrowing

By Adam Casalino | January 23, 2023

What’s Happening:

Last week, Democrats refused to work with Republicans. So, the government hit the debt ceiling. For the second time in Biden’s first time, the government has borrowed so much money, it hit its limit. A debt ceiling was put into place so spend-happy liberals like Joe can’t run wild, spending money we don’t have.
Now, Republicans in the House are demanding to negotiate. They will not agree to raise the debt ceiling without major spending cuts. Democrats have a “better” idea. Instead of working with Republicans on a deal, they just want to give Biden unlimited spending power.

I kid you not.
From Fox News:
Dozens of House Democrats have proposed legislation that would eliminate the debt ceiling, which would allow the government to borrow without any limit set by Congress…
House Republicans are pushing for commitments to cut back on the record growth in federal spending before agreeing to allow more borrowing…
Foster’s bill is the End the Threat of Default Act, and it’s cosponsored by 42 House Democrats including Reps. Pramila Jayapal of Washington, Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, Gerry Connolly of Virginia, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Barbara Lee of California.

The same radical Democrats who wanted to criminalize “hate speech” and outlaw the First Amendment now want to give Biden a blank check. House Democrats are refusing to negotiate with Republicans on the debt ceiling.
Instead of working with Republicans, who now control the majority, Democrats want to eliminate the debt ceiling altogether. The Democrat pushing this bill, Bill Foster, claims America has to “pay its bills.” Then in the same breath supports a bill that would give Joe Biden unlimited funds to plunge us deeper into debt.
We wouldn’t even be hitting this debt ceiling, if Democrats hadn’t expanded the size of the federal government so often over the years. Democrats were the ones who created the Welfare state. Who pushed more and more government entitlement programs, costing Americans trillions.

They are the ones who think future generations of Americans–who already are burdened with our debt–can keep paying for their reckless decisions. Not once have Democrats come up with a plan to reduce the deficit–outside of robbing hard-working Americans blind with massive new taxes.
Now, they want to create a situation where Biden can keep sending money to special interest groups, with zero accountability? What a joke.
If they refuse to negotiate with Republicans, the government might default in June. That would mean more than just the government shutting down. All kinds of problems would hurt the American public. All because Democrats refuse to work with Republicans.

Democrats Go Radical in Debt Ceiling Fight - They Are Actually Trying to Hand Biden the Power of Unlimited Borrowing (