RINOs Cave To Dems Again–Debt Ceiling Increase Heading To Biden’s Desk

By Jacob Palmieri - December 10, 2021

14 RINOs sided with Democrats in fast-tracking the Debt Limit increase.
The bills have now officially passed and are heading to the desk of Joe Biden.
From Reuters:

The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed and sent to President Joe Biden the first of two bills needed to raise the federal government’s $28.9 trillion debt limit and avert an unprecedented default.

10 RINOs voted to pass the bill.

Sen Mitch McConnell
Sen Lisa Murkowski
Sen John Barrasso
Sen Roy Blunt
Sen Shelley Moore Capito
Sen Susan Collins
Sen Rob Portman
Sen Mitt Romney
Sen John Thune
Sen Thom Tillis

RINOs Cave To Dems Again--Debt Ceiling Increase Heading To Biden's Desk (thepalmierireport.com)