Dems Panicking As Hispanics Move Toward GOP

By Jacob Palmieri - December 13, 2021

The Democrats realize the American people don’t support them.
The Democrats are now panicking that Hispanics are beginning to turn away from their party.
From Zero Hedge:

Last week we noted how Hispanics polled by a Democratic firm absolutely hate the term ‘LatinX’ – the left’s latest made-up word to stuff groups of people into politically correct categories.

Today The Hill reports that Democrats are panicking over their ‘electoral grip on Hispanics, the country’s second-largest voter bloc by ethnicity.’
“I think that both parties should always have a sense of urgency in communicating with Hispanics, Latinos,” said Democratic lobbyist Ivan Zapien, a former executive leader at the Hispanic Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
“Do I think that Democrats’ heads should be on fire over this issue? Yeah, I do. I think that their head should be on fire over this issue every day regardless of what polls say,” he added.

This comes after a poll found a giant shift in Hispanic support from Biden

New Poll Finds Massive Shift In Hispanic Support Towards Trump
A new poll found that Hispanics have shifted to Trump 22 points from 2020.


Dems Panicking As Hispanics Move Toward GOP (