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    DML: Impeach Trump ad shines bright in NYC and reminds me of the facts (video)

    DML: Impeach Trump ad shines bright in NYC and reminds me of the facts (video)

    BY DML News

    DECEMBER 14, 2017/

    Written by DML

    I start off here by saying I WILL NOT be hosting “The Truth” on Thursday. As mentioned previously, our studio and office are scheduled to have an electrical upgrade today. I will return Friday.

    On Wednesday, I traveled to New York City to meet with an executive producer at Fox News. Getting to the meeting was a total nightmare.

    The traffic getting to the city was horrible, the bumper to bumper gridlock inside the city was mind-blowing, the parking is a story in itself; and then, there was the walking numerous city blocks to the studio and checking in with the security guard, who needed to see my license three times… It all sucks! It took more than three hours from the time I left the office to the time I arrived at Fox News.

    The invitation to meet at FNC came on the heels of my criticism of the network last week, for running impeachment ads by Tom Steyer, the uber-liberal from California who apparently doesn’t have better ways to spend his fortune. The ads entice people to visit the website. The website offers a petition to sign if you’d like Trump removed from office. The petition has more than 3M signatures.
    FOX had been running the impeachment ads in October. After viewers complained about the ads, the network put out a statement claiming the 60-second spots were coming down by request of the audience. However, that lasted only a few weeks. FOX soon began running new Steyer impeachment ads during “Fox & Friends” each morning.
    On Wednesday of last week, DML viewers called the toll-free number to the Fox News press room to complain about the ads. The next day, the ads were gone. The next day, I also received the invite.

    When my meeting was finished, I left FNC and headed back towards my car. That’s when it all came rushing in.

    I didn’t see the Tom Steyer sign when I was parking the car, but upon my return to the garage, I saw the massive Impeach Trump video playing on a digital billboard (see below). The video plays for 15-seconds, then the next commercial plays, then the Impeach Trump video runs again. This “every-other-play” routine repeats itself over and over again. In other words, the Impeach Trump ad runs nonstop.

    The Impeach Trump ad in NYC has been weighing on my mind all night, and all morning. Truth is, I would have never seen that ad had the old parking garage been available. I am now convinced that “something” led me to the other parking garage so that I would see the impeachment ad and remind myself of many facts, one of them being why I don’t travel into the city to be part of a media in which I no longer believe.

    Sometimes, we all get a little lost. But the light will always lead us back to reality. In this case, the light was an impeachment ad. Here is the video:

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    These efforts to impeach Trump are foreign driven so any DemoQuack on their side is owned by foreign cartels and other foreign interests. No real American wants to impeach any President who hasn't done something wrong and Trump has done absolutely nothing wrong. This whole Russia investigation is the Russian Hoax, a complete fabrication created like a sick novel by Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe and all their sickening treasonous stooges in the FBI, CIA, Defense Intelligence and NSA. Why did they do it? Because they knew Trump would find out about all their dirty deeds in Libya, Syria, Russian Nuclear Sale, NSA spying and much much more.

    This notion that the top law enforcement agency in the United States is "independent" is bull crap. The FBI is not "independent" from anyone or anything, no different than any other federal agency. They report to the President of the United States, they are accountable to the President and Congressional oversight. That goes with any and every employee of the US government including especially the US Department of Justice and the US Department of Defense. These people aren't elected, they're hired. And yes, they have a boss and their boss has a boss and that boss has a boss and the top boss of every single one of them is the President of the United States.

    I can't believe Congress goes along with this "we're independent" from the mouths of the FBI. No, you are not independent, and the reasons why the FBI is not independent are too obvious to have to state. So wake up, Congress, get your nose out of the rear-ends of the FBI, stop being their silly goofy lap-dogs, and you nail every single one of these dirty bastards. Oh, and believe me, there's a lot of 'em. And to all the good people in the FBI, you better start squealing like stuck pigs and whistle-blow like foghorns. Don't think for a minute that you as FBI agents are exempt from your own tactics of "guilt by association". Americans know how to do that, too, and we're really good at it.

    So all of you better start talking and talking fast and loud, or you'll go down with the bad boys your silence tried to protect.
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    This is it folks. We are out of steam.

    This is it folks. We are out of steam. #ALIPAC needs immediate support for us to be able to fight down to the final Amnesty deadline of 2017 on Dec. 22 when the elites plan to pass #DACA Amnesty!
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