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    This is it folks. We are out of steam.

    Share this request for aid by e-mail or on (Facebook HERE) ... (Twitter HERE) ... (GAB HERE) ... (LinkedIN HERE)

    We threw everything we could into the fight to stop Amnesty 2017 instead of focusing on our funding deficit here at ALIPAC for the last week and have earned a great deal of success in the fight. We have strong momentum going into the final days of the Amnesty battle, but due to increased pressures and strains in the fight, our total deficit for our 2017 operations budget is now -$5,169.

    Help resolve ALIPAC's operational costs funding deficit by donating today...

    There's nothing else we can cut lower at this point other than to shut down for good if we cannot raise these funds by year's end. Everything is in my name, so I inherit all of these bills and payments on Jan 1 if we fail to inspire enough of you to support our fight. My savings are exhausted, and despite my 60+ hours per week for this cause, I cannot cover these bills on my own. I'm tapped and so is ALIPAC's account according to our Treasurer Bev. Please help cover the expenses it takes for us to go toe to toe with these million dollar amnesty groups on your behalf.

    We have so many new people who just joined ALIPAC, and we DO NOT want to break our momentum going into next week because the Democrats and GOP sellouts plan to pass Amnesty by the new budget deadline of Dec 22, 2017! THAT IS ONLY 7 DAYS FROM TODAY! PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO USE OUR SECURE ONLINE DONATION PAGE TO CONTRIBUTE $25, $50, or $100 or more to our battle to stop Amnesty 2017!

    If we can clear our deficit by Monday, we can continue to fight right down to the next final Amnesty deadline. If we do not, the remainder of this year's email alerts will all have to focus on funding, and we will have to hope we have done enough to stop the amnesty bills they fully plan to pass by Christmas Eve's eve 2017.

    If you want us fighting next week instead of sending repetitive requests for the fuel this organization needs to exist and fight onward, please donate now...

    We are so thankful to every one of you who has donated and volunteered to get us this far in 2017. The illegal alien supporters know the Dec. 22 budget deadline is make or break for them. If you review the numerous articles coming in at, you will see Democrats claiming they will not leave DC this year until DACA Amnesty is passed. While Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are publicly stating they are in no rush, there is a high probability such statements are a subterfuge, and those two scoundrels plan to pass DACA Amnesty under the shadow of Christmas hoping fewer Americans will notice or react!

    Don't let your guard down, America! We need to fight down to the wire on Dec 22, and we hope that the hundreds of Americans who joined our ALIPAC networks this past week will help fund our efforts and not run the other way from our necessary fundraising requests.

    This is as far as we can go on the funds currently raised. Our account is depleted, and our amounts owed for 2017 take us to negative $5,169.

    William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    PS: If anyone prefers to donate by mail, please send your support right away to ALIPAC, PO Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622
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