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    Does anyone ever feel this way?

    This topic is open to all. Over the past few years I have been digusted with how the entertainment and news medias cover the topics of race, culture and politics. I'm also disgusted with the higher education systems views on the those subjects above. I am of Hispanic descent and my background is very mixed. My political beliefs are moderate. I'm conservative on several social issues. I feel that affirmative action should be abolished and I feel that groups such as Mecha, LULAC and any other minority focused organizations should not receive any federal assistance. I feel that race should not be used a merit when obtaining an education. But there are many who feel that race is a merit when it comes to education and career. Many people with these views don't look at how others are affected. Americans in this country experience different forms of discrimination and adversity. There are many whites who live in poverty and I feel they are greatly ignored. I'm disgusted with the media is always portraying whites as always having an easy life. I have many white friends whose lives aren't easy. I also hate how the media ignores the other forms of racism that go on in this country such racism towards whites by minorities and minority vs. minority racism. Does anyone else feel this way? Please everyone feel free to chime in on this topic.
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    Welcome to our group......I feel the same way that you do....I could not get a California County job (with all the benefits) because I am not bilingual Spanish....bilingual German......we didn't have 2 cents to rub together, and my daughter could not get any type of assistance w/college cause "she was too blond & didn't have the correct last name"...this is what we were told...I am old and I remember the days when you could not have a group that was based on race or sex....if you had a group, everyone MUST be allowed in....Even the Rotary Club HAD to admit women....what is this with the Hispanic Council of Mayors etc etc etc and more etc.....If we had a Whity council of
    Mayors....they would be all over us,,,, Even Boy Scouts of America was OK because they had separate BUT EQUAL Girl Scouts of America....every group now is based on race....where do we fit in.....2 of my best friends are Hispanic and 1 is black....we all get along and we all agree....What has happened to the United States my parents gave up everything to come here for (legally)
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    Quote Originally Posted by grandmasmad
    What has happened to the United States my parents gave up everything to come here for (legally)
    It has ground to a halt. Eventually it will be everyman for himself.

    I go through the same things in Detroit, but it is all based on a community wide assertion that Blacks and Muslims are victims.

    Once when I was out of work several years ago I looked into a local hospital that suplied free dental work. But nope, i was out of luck. Turned out you had to be Black to qualify. I was turned down for emergency rental assistance, too. The case worker, a sour looking Arabic person refused to process my paperwork because I was a White American. A lady sitting in the waiting room told me that they only helped "certain people". Same with food stamps. Was told that I would have to wait at least 8 hours with no guarantee of help. When a Muslim woman came in the waiting room, a Muslim case-worker helped her IMMEDIATELY.

    I would wonder what would happen if you disguised yourself as a foreigner with bad English skills just to see what would happen. Go out and get a "matricular consular" card from a Mexican embassy, who knows the banks might get you free credit card!

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