Donald Trump, the dragonslayer

Everyone knows better than to confront fire-breathing dragons...except Donald Trump, who slays them. Remember that today in the voting booth.

November 6, 2018
By Karen Lugo

Everyone knows better than to confront fire-breathing dragons. But not all are deterred by fire-breathers. Medieval legend has it that an Englishman, now known as Saint George, slew an evil dragon to save a province and its princess from servitude.
While nobody would ascribe to Donald Trump the attributes of a saint, there is no doubt that he has taken his Ascalon (the blessed Israeli sword of the St. George legend) in hand and slashed and trashed sacred cows – er, dragons – that were so feared that they might as well breathe dragon fire.
For so long we have been promised a dragonslayer who would go to work on the enemies of sovereignty, liberty, and structured constitutionalism. We had to know that when that champion took the field, it was not always going to be a pretty process. But how thrilling to see Trump shun fear as he wades into the deepest dragon lairs. Many times, when he emerges, we are more free, more safe, and more prosperous.
Who would dare to take on birthright citizenship? Almost every other nation has figured out that this policy of conferring citizenship on babies who happen to be born in a country, or by anchor-baby scheme, is suicidal. The framers of the Fourteenth Amendment like Senator Jacob Howard wrote that the clause "subject to the jurisdiction" was meant to exclude "those who were foreigners or aliens." It took someone of President Trump's fortitude to finally challenge this crazy practice, which offered Yaser Esam Hamdi citizenship privileges when fighting with the Taliban because he just happened to be born on American soil.
Who would dare to require that we know how many outsiders should be admitted to our country, and who they are, and when? Something that seems so commonsense to most Americans outrages those that want to fill cities and states with numbers of non-citizens and then count them in the 2020 Census to shift congressional seats from other states. In fact, President Trump is even daring to restore the basic question to the next Census: "are you a U.S. citizen?"
Who would dare to really, really build a wall? Israel did it. China did it. East Germany did it. India is doing it. President Trump is building the security wall. He is building a "big, beautiful" bollard-style wall on the border, a section at a time.
Who really thought there would be a Keystone XL pipeline? Construction is due to start in 2019.
Who would dare require new immigrants to prepare for self-sufficiency? Trump's administration is preparing to expand the factors that would cause one to become a "public charge" or likely to be dependent on the government in some ways. These additional factors may be used as part of qualification for a green card or visa application.
How many understand that President Trump is overseeing health care reform that gives consumers real choices by opening markets and tax incentives to employers?
Who would seriously demand real departmental budget-cutting while slashing regulations? President Trump is doing it.
Who would dare to mock a hostile and dishonest media establishment?
Who would search only for judges who suppress empathy for fidelity to the text of the Constitution?
Then there was the real-deal tax cut. Yes, Trump and Congress did it. The new record consumer confidence numbers, rising wages, and GDP growth rates are indicating the early results.
There is more, and people all over the country have their own lists. When we hear that the dragonslayer "was not very nice," we have to remember that so much of what he does, he does for the nicest reasons. He is standing up to the bullies of the world, restoring respect for America and her military, bringing home American captives (without releasing Taliban thugs in exchange), rewarding American workers, and restoring American sovereignty.
President Trump is providing judges suited in constitutional chain mail armor. They will protect the nation's most vital principles of liberty, property, due process, and equal opportunity.
Now is the time to vote in the reinforcements who have pledged to take on the fiercer monsters deeply entrenched in the swamp. We who are not tired of winning must vote and recruit all who understand that a future without Donald Trump's successes invites encroaching tyranny.
The very fact that so many approve of socialism – and have no idea of the historical wreckage that always accompanies it – proves that we are in an existential struggle. We have not had so courageous a leader in many years. It has been said that many state and national races likely will be decided by few votes. Freedom-loving Americans do not have the luxury of sitting this one out. President Trump is champing at the bit to clear more of the swamp if we only help to fortify the state and congressional ranks.
Karen Lugo is a constitutional law attorney.