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    Dr. Eugene Narrett, Ph.D - BAN GUNS: SOME MODEST PROPOSALS


    Dr. Eugene Narrett, Ph.D
    July 25, 2012

    The diversity of the media was going full tilt after the terrible murders in Colorado. At the gym the TV’s by the bikes, as usual, were showing CNN, MSNBC and FOX. All featured non-stop ‘coverage’ of the shootings and the message from pundits and the mayor of NY that guns must be banned.

    The exploitation of the tragedy was relentless. It was almost as if the violence had been planned as a rationale for abrogating the 2nd amendment, another Reichstag fire to justify an enabling act, heaven forbid. A UN conference focused on gun control will soon begin.

    This recalls a robust man in hunter’s gear outside a sport shop being picketed by gun controllers.

    He wanted spoons banned because, as his sign proclaimed, “spoons made me fat.” Ban spoons!

    The White House called for sorrow and reflection. The candidates, as if on cue, ‘suspended’ their campaigns to join in ‘non-partisan’ declarations of sorrow, and their hearts go out, and, please, donors should not forget to write checks: and they are both very caring politicians. Never to be outdone, the Boston Red Sox had fans pause before the game to garner momentum for the time when only government agencies and criminals will have guns. Excuse the redundancy.

    Perhaps the compassion of America’s leaders should be extended. Now that the original Muslim Brotherhood of the British under Hassan al Bana and the Ikhwan al Muslimeen[1] have been unleashed throughout the great crescent, perhaps our representatives, starting from the top should issue passionate calls for banning guns in Syria. They so often have expressed distress at the blood shed there. Alack: if only guns were illegal in Syria and Afghanistan surely the killing would stop. Perhaps a disarmament conference or peace process for ‘confidence-building’ would help; maybe, anger management for jihadis?

    Might one suggest that films like “Dark Knight Rises” are incitement to madness and mayhem and that Hollywood and much of the ‘popular’ record industry should be shut down? Consider the rampaging mobs of teenagers from Portland, Oregon to Florida: partying, listening to rap, then trashing department stores and pharmacies.

    If Hollywood was shut down, the purveying and promotion of trashy music, films and the sale of boom boxes forbidden there would be much less violence and corruption of character. Guns haven’t changed: institutions and the values they encourage have degraded.

    Moreover, the endless, soul-stifling tedium and shaming that is the staple of the conditioning and management called ‘public education’ contributes greatly to the discontents, resentment and dumbing down in growing numbers of the young. In thousands of schools and scores of thousands of classrooms members of teacher’s unions pontificate and tearfully browbeat kids about ‘values’ and ‘tolerance’ (for Statist attitudes, praising the paymaster who takes the funds from home owners) and somehow these boxes of stupefaction and demoralization turn out youth that want to play X-Box, watch Batman and Rihanna and riot. Maybe there is something wrong with the curriculum as well as the cost of these schools. Maybe ‘school marms’ with degrees in ‘education’ and public ‘schooling’ should be banned simply by withdrawing the children and the money that grease their destructive agenda.

    The next day the media mania continued: “Movie Massacre” or “Colorado Theatre Killings” played non-stop on FOX-CNN. DHS is active; the White House sends the FBI and vows “Justice.” October Surprises have begun.

    Since investigations are underway with more promised perhaps they will explore how a person with an assault rifle, a shotgun, two pistols, wearing full body armor, a helmet and gas mask could get into a theatre without being searched?

    Who subsidizes those kinky and cultish Batman films and their grotesque, magical kin, Harry Potter rot and all the ‘chase-crash-and-shoot’ stuff? Could it be people who want to madden and demoralize youth and one way or another cull the human herd? Now there are twelve fewer people and a lot more trauma which is the main product of our culture, from financial policy, politics, the divorce industry and TV programs: terror and blunt trauma, death by a thousand cuts to minds, hearts and souls. The exploitation of this nightmare likely will continue; saddest of all, there likely will be more till citizens find a way to stop the cultural toxins.

    Don’t ban guns: ban public schools, abolish the Federal Reserve, and reduce Federal employees from two million to two thousand. Yes it’s extreme but if you want to live, then… when Jefferson was Secretary of State the department had about eight employees. Now it’s probably got two dozen dress designers and twice that many fashion consultants not to mention a host of officials schooled by the most efficient murderers of the 20th century.[2] How about taking away their guns and money…

    In 1775, the British marched to Concord to seize the settlers’ guns. Now the excuses are different and the regime has a vast preponderance of might so political-economic means are necessary to tame despotism.

    Consider: since the ‘eugenicists’ and assorted population reducers are driving nearly all policies in this messed up world, a collection of control and power freaks who want fewer people to manage, maybe in lieu of banning the second Amendment rights of Americans they could unleash their fury where the most people are, Asia.

    Instead of all the trade wars, currency wars, the terrible pollution in China and surrounding countries that is never addressed… why don’t those who claim to love the earth and environment so much go to East Asia and start regulating the toxics there?

    Instead of fussing and strangling America the cleanest nation on earth with the freshest air and best water why don’t the coercive utopians and compassionate pythons nuke China, India, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and Iran too. That would remove almost four billion people right there and get rid of their carbon footprints, body odor and bad breath. Maybe, with earth’s population halved they would leave the rest of us alone and spend their remaining funds undoing the gender wars that have suppressed population and destroyed families and lives by the scores of millions in the West.

    This is satire to make a point; a “Modest Proposal”[3] mocking agitprop about ‘over-population’ and a century of pushing birth control and ‘starved-chic’ styles key to the culling and management agenda of the lords of the human game park. While they wail about banning guns, in America, and flaunt their ‘compassion’ via their media hirelings no one focuses on the BBA and LIBOR and how the collapse of the credit, bond and equity markets was manipulated to impoverish the 99% so that central governments and banks can swoop like vultures to rescue ‘the people’ and pick the carcasses clean: to move us very close to the end of the end game.

    They do not discuss LBMA’s price-fixing schemes, naked short-selling and leasing of allocated precious metal holdings.[4] Who discusses the roots of HSBC’s funding of terrorism, killing and drug cartels or how most chicanery and predation in the world flows through London? No one, they hope, will discuss Round Table geopolitics or corruption in the Justice Dept.[5]

    Just take away soda, spoons and guns and no one will be fat or shot; films about comic book freaks, witches, zombies and voracious space aliens will increase and network nitwits will twitter and natter till the land loses any semblance of humanity and abundance. Dazzled by showers of fiat money, media chaff, imagery, deceit and looming totalitarianism, today’s twilight, barring regime change, becomes a dark star’s night.
    Massive tax cuts are essential to hinder further pillaging Americans and regulating – constricting their lives. More importantly than the fiscal benefits is that massive tax cuts shrink the government monster that feeds on and subjugates humans; gorging itself and belching out crumbs for favored groups, stifling productivity and jobs, mandating selective discrimination while beating its breast about ‘tolerance’ and ‘access.’ So what Nietzsche termed the modern State, “the New Idol,” can’t be too small.

    As twilight settles over the long-failing Republic, the saccharine and disingenuous words of the puppets of the piratical Directorate prate about gun control and ‘public works.’ It’s all for our own good, “to serve man.”[6] Instead, starve the machine.Eugene Narrett blogs on literature, cultural identity & dynamics.Eugene Narrett’s recent book Culture of Terror: The Collapse of America, on Amazon.

    2012 Eugene Narrett - All Rights Reserved


    1. John Loftus, America’s Nazi Secret (Trine Day 2010), 14-17 passim includes lately declassified material. “British intelligence made Egypt a safe haven for millions of Nazi Arab recruits trained by Nazis the M6 spirited out of Europe, often from under the guard of American soldiers. See Cuddy, The Nazi Secret Plan.

    2. Loftus, op. cit “Wall Street and the City” funders of Hitler and, as both Loftus and A. Sutton explain, the Bolsheviks and later Islamic jihad the next phase of dialectic attrition to global management for ‘security.’

    3. Jonathan Swift, “A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland from Being a Burden to their Parents…” (1729), a satiric glance at recycling & population control.

    4. ‘London Trader’ on King World News July 20, 2012: “The LBMA Price-Fixing Scheme is Over” This price-fixing and Libor scandal affect everyone and demand attention. EU fixes are a barrage of pr terms: an ESM (Euro Stability Mechanism) to fund a EFSF (Euro Finance Stability Facility) “do not exist” and “don’t have any money at all,” Nigel Farage 7-18-12, fictions rule.

    5. Loftus, 2: “the most corrupt law firm” in the world. “The Justice Department is for rent. It’s a very lucrative business.”

    6. Reference to an episode of “The Twilight Zone” in which an alien arrives in a spaceship bearing a book hyped as being a plan for world peace and progress. Titled “to serve man,” when finally translated, like the ‘Affordable Care Act,’ it turns out to be a cookbook. Get in the pot, peons, the government is here to help you; and remember, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” George Orwell, Animal Farm (1946).

    Eugene Narrett received his BA, MA and PhD from Columbia University in NYC. His writings on American politics and culture and on the Middle East and geopolitics have been widely published. These include four books, the most recent being WW III: the War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State (2007) which examines the historical roots and purposes of the war on terror as a late stage in the undoing of the West. His previous book, Israel and the Endtimes (2006) lays the basis for these questions.

    Dr. Narrett has appeared on scores of radio programs, both major networks like WABC, Radio America, Eagle Forum Radio and Westwood Communications, as well as regional and local stations. He has been honored for his essays on art and literature and on behalf of the pro-life movement.

    Since receiving his doctorate in 1978, Dr. Narrett has been teaching literature and art and creating interdisciplinary courses in the Humanities. He lectures on a variety of topics relating to western civilization, geopolitics and the multi-faceted war on the family that is a striking feature of the postmodern west.

    See his web site, for information on booking a lecture and for contact information.


    Contact Eugenne Narrett:

    Eugene Narrett -- Ban Guns: Some Modest Proposals
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