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Friday, March 24, 2023 by: Kevin Hughes
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(Natural News) Dr. Steven Hotze recounted his testimony about bills protecting children from the transgender movement during the March 20 episode of “The Dr. Hotze Report” on Brighteon.TV.
Hotze testified before state senators in Texas in defense of three bills that protect children from gender-related medical interventions, such as genital mutilation and hormone blockers. The bills were filed by Republican State Sens. Donna Campbell, Bob Hall and Charles Perry.
First, Senate Bill (SB) 14 authored by Campbell seeks to stop funding of any organization that receives state funds for use in gender surgeries and puberty blockers on minors. During the hearing, Hotze expressed support toward the proposal as it will protect children from the abuse by the transgender medical industry and its pedophile proponents.
Second, SB 250 calls for the removal of the license of any physician conducting gender surgeries on and prescribing hormone blockers to minors.
Third, SB 1029 allows any person harmed by gender-related medical interventions as a minor to sue the doctors behind those procedures.
The host also reminded the state senators of their responsibility before God to protect children from the pedophile groomers. He also called on Americans to “stop this terrible, demonic, wicked, perverted pedophile movement of the transgender movement that wants to convince little children to change their sex.” (Related: MUTILATION NATION: Transgender organization says children should be allowed to “transition” at age 14.)
Dr. Hotze: There are only two genders

Hotze stressed the biological fact that only the male and female genders exist in nature, and there are no multiple genders.
“When a person or an animal is born, they are either born with the female chromosomes or the male chromosomes. That’s a biological fact, you cannot change your chromosomes,” Hotze explained.
According to the founder and CEO of Hotze Wellness Center, the concept of being able to choose their gender is confusing to young children, whose minds are very fertile. Many people who are in the LGBT movement have mental problems stemming from molestation they experienced as children, he added.
Hotze also mentioned his debate with Democratic State Sen. Jose Menendez, who was defending advocates of transgenderism. Menendez remarked that the pedophiles and perverts do not like to be called by what they are.
In response, the Brighteon.TV host explained that pedophilia is the sexualization of little children or of children by an adult, and people who engage in this sexualization for their own carnal pleasures are indeed pedophiles.
Hotze also touched on doctors performing genital mutilation and prescribing hormone and puberty blockers, saying they are sexualizing these children in the name of profit.
He concluded with a warning: Transgenderism, alongside the wrong and evil things connected to it, should not be desired by Americans for their society. Spreading this movement will only yield ruinous results, he added.
Thus, Americans need to stand up and stop the evil of transgenderism that is spreading like wildfire as it will destroy a whole generation of individuals and cause them to fall into sin.
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Watch the March 20 episode of “The Dr. Hotze Report” below. “The Dr. Hotze Report” airs every Monday and Saturday at 5-6 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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