EBOLA VIRUS & the NWO depopulation program? Is this it? or just the warm up?

02 August, 2014

Ebola moving faster than control efforts and now they are intentionally flying infected persons to USA. This is the bubble of news that all sources of media are repeating over and over again. We all know media is not here to inform rather than to indoctrinate, manufacture consent and all I see on the news is that the elites want war and that EBOLA VIRUS is deadly.

As of July 23, the number of Ebola cases in West Africa reached 1,201, with 672 deaths, according to the World Health Organization.
As of July 27, there were more than 1,300 cases of the Ebola virus in the West African countries of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria and as many as 729 deaths, according to the World Health Organization OH AND BY THE WAY The WHO is owned by the Rothschilds.

While the media is telling us we have nothing to worry about and that it can be easily contained I suspect that this is what we will hear one day and within a year billions will die its really not a matter of if rather a matter of when. The elites have planns for 3 approaches to thinning the global population maybe more but four that I am sure of are pandemics, wars/conflicts, soft kill with food vaccinations and chemical sterilization and lastly famines.

I am always sceptical of governments reactions to these so called outbreaks they always feel like

predictive programming

If as they say EBOLA VIRUS has been around since the 1970

On a spring day in 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo stood before a press conference at the National Cancer Institute to announce that he had discovered the virus that causes AIDS. In 1976, Ebola (named after the Ebola River in Zaire) first emerged in Sudan and Zaire.

  • More than 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV infection, and almost 1 in 6 (15.8%) are unaware of their infection.
  • Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSMa), particularly young black/African American MSM, are most seriously affected by HIV.
  • By race, blacks/African Americans face the most severe burden of HIV.

CDC estimates that 1,144,500 persons aged 13 years and older are living with HIV infection, including 180,900 (15.8%) who are unaware of their infection1. Over the past decade, the number of people living with HIV has increased, while the annual number of new HIV infections has remained relatively stable. Still, the pace of new infections continues at far too high a level— particularly among certain groups.
HIV Incidence (new infections): The estimated incidence of HIV has remained stable overall in recent years, at about 50,000 new HIV infections per year2. Within the overall estimates, however, some groups are affected more than others. MSM continue to bear the greatest burden of HIV infection, and among races/ethnicities, African Americans continue to be disproportionately affected.
HIV Diagnoses (new diagnoses, regardless of when infection occurred): In 2011, an estimated 49,273 people were diagnosed with HIV infection in the United States. In that same year, an estimated 32,052 people were diagnosed with AIDS. Overall, an estimated 1,155,792 people in the United States have been diagnosed with AIDS3.
Deaths: An estimated 15,529 people with an AIDS diagnosis died in 2010, and approximately 636,000 people in the United States with an AIDS diagnosis have overall3. The deaths of persons with an AIDS diagnosis can be due to any cause—that is, the death may or may not be related to AIDS.
This Article below from Daily Mail but I like to point out the language and tone of fear. If there was such concern then why no travel restrictions what are we not shutting down the borders and taking precautions to contain? Further these obvious questions why are we not only not taking persuasions but importing infected?

How deadly Ebola has spread across the globe: Health officials try to trace 30,000 linked to death of American victim – as Nigerian film star sparks outrage by fleeing Africa in a mask on first-class flight

  • Hong Kong woman quarantined when she fell ill after returning from Kenya
  • Expert claims panic over death of U.S. man in Nigeria is ‘justified’
  • He warned the spread of Ebola could become a global pandemic
  • Health campaigners petition U.S. drug authorities to fast-track potential cure
  • Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond declares disease is ‘very serious threat’
  • He will chair an emergency meeting on how to boost defences
  • British airlines are also on ‘red alert’ for cases of the deadly virus
  • Man with ‘feverish’ symptoms tested for deadly Ebola at Birmingham hospital
  • He had travelled into Midlands from Benin, Nigeria via France when he fell ill
  • Charing Cross Hospital staff also feared man had Ebola symptoms this week
  • No cases have been confirmed in UK but 672 people have died in West Africa
  • Warning issued to GPs, A&E departments and all NHS trusts across the UK
  • Symptoms include high fever, bleeding and damage to the nervous system

Fears of a global Ebola pandemic are ‘justified’ an expert has said as Nigerian health officials try to trace 30,000 people at risk of contracting the deadly disease following the death of Patrick Sawyer.

The U.S. citizen boarded a flight in Liberia carrying the disease to Nigeria, potentially infecting ‘anyone on the same plane’.
It comes as Nigerian actor Jim Iyke sparked outrage, posting a picture of himself wearing an Ebola mask while sitting in a first class airport lounge as he fled Liberia.
The ‘Nollywood’ star posted a message on his Instagram page saying he had cut short a business trip to Monrovia in Liberia - where at least 600 people have already died from the disease.
The death toll for this, the worst outbreak recorded since the Ebola virus was discovered in 1976, stands at 672, while more than 1,200 people have been infected.

How deadly Ebola has spread across the globe: Health officials try to trace 30,000 linked to death of American victim

The disease has swept through Western Africa, having first been detected in Guinea in February.

Since then victims have succumbed to the incurable illness, which starts with flu-like symptoms before evolving to cause catastrophic internal bleeding, in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
But it was the death of a U.S. citizen in the Nigerian captial of Lagos on Friday, that has prompted fears the disease could be on the brink of spreading to the West, as experts warn it could be carried across international borders by air travellers.
Mr Sawyer, a consultant for Liberia’s Finance Ministry, died on Friday after arriving at Lagos airport on June 20, having vomited and suffered diarrhoea on two flights.
The 40-year-old U.S. citizen had been to the funeral of his sister, who also died from the disease.
A woman quarantined at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong has tested negative for the disease, despite returning from a trip to Kenya with Ebola-like symptoms.
Meanwhile two suspected patients in the UK have also tested negative.
But the panic sparked by Mr Sawyer’s death is ‘justified’ says Dr Derek Gatherer of the University of Lancaster, claiming the virus is as infectious as flu.
He warned each person infected with the disease could spread the virus to at least two other people.
‘Anyone on the same plane could have become infected because Ebola is easy to catch,’ he said.
‘It can be passed on through vomiting, diarrhoea or even from simply saliva or sweat – as well as being sexually transmitted.
‘That is why there is such alarm over Mr Sawyer because he became ill on the flight so anyone else sharing the plane could have been infected by his vomit or other bodily fluids.’
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) echoed the concerns, warning the crisis gripping West Africa will only get worse, adding it is impossible to rule out the disease spreading to other countries.
Bart Janssens, MSF’s director of operations, warned there was no overarching vision of how to tackle the outbreak, in an interview with La Libre Belgique newspaper.
‘This epidemic is unprecedented, absolutely out of control and the situation can only get worse, because it is still spreading, above all in Liberia and Sierra Leone, in some very important hotspots,’ he said.
‘We are extremely worried by the turn of events, particularly in these two countries where there is a lack of visibility on the epidemic.
‘If the situation does not improve fairly quickly, there is a real risk of new countries being affected.
‘That is certainly not ruled out, but it is difficult to predict, because we have never known such an epidemic.’

This part of the story seems like the build up of scapegoats when if there is reason to be mad at this man it should be reason enough to shut down the airports PERIOD! A Nigerian actor has sparked outrage after posting an image of himself wearing an Ebola mask while sitting in a first class airport lounge as he flees Liberia.


A Nigerian actor has sparked outrage after posting an image of himself wearing an Ebola mask while sitting in a first class airport lounge as he flees Liberia.
‘Nollywood’ star Jim Iyke posted a message on his Instagram page saying he had cut short a business trip to Monrovia in Liberia - where at least 600 people have already died from the disease.
The image of Iyke sitting on green leather-clad seats in the airport’s luxury first class lounge while wearing an expensive designer watch and sunglasses was accompanied with the caption: ‘Not ashamed to admit this scares the Jesus outta me #Ebola.’


NOW I am just saying all the global elitists seem to believe the world is overpopulated and I only hears suspicions of solutions that involve you being sterilized and murdered.

I think PRINCE PHILIP said it best but we know he is not reincarnated as of yet so its not him that is EBOLA sure if he comes back as anything it will be more closely related to an anal rash.

Nazi collaborator and racist advocate of mass genocide Prince Philip, a man who has often expressed his desire to return to the earth as a “deadly virus” to thin the human population, says that there are too many people in the world as he attacked large families in a television interview set to air this week.
“The duke hints that curbing family sizes may be the best means of keeping the soaring cost of staple food products, such as bread and rice, in check,” reports the London Times.