The effects of Memorial Day on our Veterans and how the Obama regime has left them behind

Posted on 24 May, 2014 by AmyElizabeth

By AmyElizabeth
As we approach this Memorial Day 2014 let us celebrate the true meaning.
Memorial Day has come to signify the start of summer for many Americans and is often celebrated with cookouts, family get-togethers, road races and concerts. But the real meaning of Memorial Day has, for too many Americans, gotten lost in holiday hoopla.
Memorial Day was created as an occasion to honor those who have paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedom. It is our opportunity to stop and give thanks for the many who have died protecting that freedom.
Itís very sad time in our nationís history to see our vets treated with such a lack of respect. The recent V.A. scandal where vets that served our country were put on back logs. Many vets who have either died, are now dying or have sustained serious health consequences from the VAís failure to conduct medical screenings like colonoscopies and endoscopies in a timely, or prompt, fashion.
Again, the Obama administration lies, cover ups and say anything to get elected seems to be the primary focus point. Obama campaigned in 2008 where he pledged to build ďa 21st-century VA.Ē Yet Obama said he first learned about the back logs in the news.
Obamaís Veterans Affairs Sec. Eric Shinseki in 2009 vowed during his Senate confirmation hearings that the patient backlogs at Veterans Affairs would be among his top priorities once he was confirmed for the position.
ďI donít understand why six months is what we live with, I need to get inside of this, there is in my opinion no reason why a veteran files a claim and then takes a number and waits for six months, we need to do something about this,Ē he said during the hearing .
Eric Shinseki went on to blame George W Bush and lack of leadership for the problem.
This administration should be tried for TREASON for lack of leadership, lies, cover-ups and endless scandals.
We learned just this week through another set of emails that Barack Hussein Obama had contacted YouTube the night of the Benghazi. Yet again Obama claims he first learned about this through the news.
The Obama regime has left many Veterans behind. They refuse to show any leadership or accountability to those government officials that got pay raises for turning a blind eye by allowing our American Veterans to die.
The Obama regime funded terrorist that killed our Four Dead Americans in Benghazi. They created a plot that consisted of kidnapping our Ambassador Chris Stevens. They fabricated a phony scandal blaming the terrorist attack on a YouTube video. The President along with Hillary Clinton left our Four Americans to die so Obama could win reelection.
Please letís start holding our politicians accountable. I say this no matter what political party they belong to. This is a disgraceful time in our nationís history to treat our Veterans with such a lack of respect. Every American politician should be kissing the asses of every veteran that has served this great country. Instead this President makes the military hold an umbrella over his candy ass in the rain. Such a disgrace.
No veteran should be left to die or ever go without care. If the V.A. canít get their act together give our Veterans vouchers so they can seek care away from the incompetent government run bureaucracies.
My husband died of a combat related disease. He would be outrage to see the lack of respect for our military veterans.
It is the golden rule in the Military ĎNever Leave a Soldier Behindí, always have an exit strategy and you always take care of those soldiers who fought in earlier wars. When they return home, we leave no veteran to be without care.
This administration needs to be held accountable for all the American lives they have left behind.