El Paso woman accused of trying to smuggle $104k in marijuana

Perla Aily Nevarez

DESERT HAVEN, TX. - An El Paso women was arrested by Border Patrol agents after they discovered 114 bundles of marijuana concealed inside her vehicle.

On Monday, agents assigned to the Border Patrol immigration checkpoint on highway 62/180 watched as a passenger vehicle approached the primary inspection area. The agent on primary noticed two females in a Chevy SUV who approached the inspection area and they asked about their immigration status.

The driver, Perla Aily Nevarez, stated she was a U.S. citizen and presented a Texas identification. The agent noted the driver was excessively nervous. Agents were able to determine the other female passenger was also a U.S. Citizen, both being residents of El Paso.

While conducting his inspection of the vehicle, the border patrol agent noticed two large duffel bags in the rear area of the vehicle and asked for consent to conduct a more thorough inspection.

When the agent moved one of the large duffel bags, he felt brick-like bundles and he requested the assistance of a canine to conduct a non-intrusive review of the vehicle. The dog immediately alerted to the presence of illegal contraband. Agents opened the duffel bags and discovered tightly-wrapped bundles of marijuana.

The discovery totaled 114 bundles of marijuana concealed inside the large duffel bags, weighing approximately 130 pounds with an estimated street value of $104,000.

The case was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) pending prosecution.