EPA Chief McCarthy Touring East, Pitching UN Tax on Air

Posted on 22 April, 2014 by Rick Wells

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy is on a public relations tour promoting the regime’s climate change agenda and asking for Americans to make sacrifices to reduce their “carbon pollution.”

It’s all timed around the environmentalists’ Holy day that has expanded to seven, now referred to as Earth Week.
McCarthy will make an appearance on the liberal, Obama-friendly venue of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.” The itinerary also includes the “celebrity” McCarthy throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox game in Boston. She’ll then move on to Ohio to discuss the negative effects of air pollution.
One wonders if Ms McCarthy will bother to make the distinction between actual air pollution and the falsely vilified Co2. Carbon pollution, as the administration and McCarthy like to label it, doesn’t actually exist outside of a room where Ms McCarthy is speaking. It’s not unlike creating a new category of pollution, oxygen pollution. Saying it is so doesn’t make it so.

During her travels McCarthy will be asking the public to take various small steps to help reduce the amount of carbon generated, such as reducing unnecessary travel.
Her trip continues to Georgia and closes out in Tennessee, where she will meet other administration salespersons, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Shaun Donovan, secretary of Housing and Urban Development. They will host a meeting to educate the malleable masses as to the “science” and risks of climate change.

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