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    The Establishment Almost Had Me

    The Establishment Almost Had Me

    The Common Constitutionalist October 24, 2014

    Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter almost had me convinced the other night. They almost had me. I think even Mark Levin hinted at it.

    Elect Republicans, any republican, to stop Obama's agenda and get rid of Harry Reid.

    Ann Coulter was so animated over it that I thought she was going to melt down. She was visibly and mockingly furious with anyone stupid enough not to vote for those like Mitch McConnell, or her love, as she describes him, Scott Brown. All the republicans she is pushing are Chamber of Commerce, big government hacks.

    Anyway, this seems to be the refrain from the right, not just from the establishment, but also from conservatives. We must halt the Obama surge and throw out Harry Reid, so let's hold our collective noses once again and pull the lever.

    And then what? And then no one has an answer because there is no answer, and they will not allow that question to be asked.

    So, I guess I'll ask it again. And then what? Republicans take control of the House and Senate and then what?

    Let me also answer that. Nothing gets done. At least nothing we want. Nothing gets slowed down or stalled.

    Nothing gets repealed. And why? Well, they already have a built in excuse for that. Now they need the presidency in 2016 to really get things done.

    Establishment excuse: See, we'll pass all this great legislation, but that evil Obama will just veto it.

    Translation: It's now safe to pass all this fake legislation that we don't want, but it will make us look more conservative. We know Obama will veto it, so there's no chance of anything becoming law, which is really what we want but it will look great and we can say we tried.

    And then the RINO's will all stand at a podium and exclaim: "See, we tried our best, but just you wait boy!

    When we win the presidency and retain both Houses in 2 years, it's off to the races, let me tell ya!"

    Let me amend that paragraph slightly. RINO means, Republican In Name Only – but isn't that who we now are? The latest iteration of republicans and the party as a whole stand for nothing but being democrat-lite. So really – aren't we now the RINO's?

    The border will remain a sieve and executive amnesty will happen, regardless of who's in charge. The budget will remain busted. The military will continue to shrink. Obamacare will not be repealed, nor will there even be an attempt.

    The House has controlled the government wallet since our founding. It has nothing to do with the Senate. The House has been under Republican control since 2010, yet these wimps in the House choose not to wield their Constitutionally mandated power, so how would "taking the Senate" change anything?

    So how will the repubs stop the Obama surge? Will they shut down the government? Will they cut off funding for departments? Will they close departments? Of course not!

    Are we going to build a fence and close the border? These republicans, like Scott Brown, say they want to "Secure the Border," but don't be fooled by thinking "Secure" is synonymous with "Close." We will never get them to say they wish to "close" the border, because they have no intention of doing so.

    Mark Levin said on his radio show that the republicans may win, but they will do so by default and this being done purposely. The candidates are being told by the "consultants" to just keep their heads down and coast to victory. Don't stand for anything. Don't talk about issues.

    Levin says that "none of us believe that it's just a matter of winning one election, do we? None of us believe that Mitch McConnell is capable of a hell of a lot, it's just that he's not diabolical the way Harry Reid is."

    He may not be the way Harry Reid is, but remember this from an interview with the New York Times? "I think we are going to crush them everywhere," McConnell said. "I don't think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country." He was speaking of Tea Party conservatives – us.

    In March of this year, RedState reported that, "He [McConnell] has referred to conservatives and the outside groups they fund as traitors, bullies, drunks, and fringe. He claims conservatives tear up every bar they walk into, and he wants to 'punch the tea party in the nose.'"

    RedState continued: "If you think Mitch McConnell needs protection and saving, consider that, if McConnell had his way, Trey Grayson would be in the Senate instead of Rand Paul; Charlie Crist would be in the Senate instead of Marco Rubio, David Dewhurst would be in the Senate instead of Ted Cruz; Arlen Specter would be in the Senate instead of Pat Toomey; and Bob Bennett would be in the Senate instead of Mike Lee."

    So I disagree. Mitch is diabolical. He just chooses to only strike out at conservatives. Have we ever heard him say such things about or against the democrats?

    So come election day, I'm going to vote for conservatives only. I will no longer hold my nose.

    I agree with Glenn Beck, who said maybe it's better to get rid of the establishment – just let them lose and finally be done with them.

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    From another blog ..

    They are joined at the shoulder and the hip. The one and only difference between them is the path to take to get to their destination which is a One World Government. The Republicans don’t do anything about defeating the EPA or Agenda 21. They both want to bring in all the Mexican illegal aliens they possibly can. Neither party wants to build a fence on the border. Neither one did anything to stop the inflow of Muslims and their half dozen wives on welfare. Nobody does anything about taxes except raise them. There is no difference between the parties.
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