Big picture: Every indicator says there’s little hope until Democrats are shown the door

Posted on 4 November, 2013 by Dylan

BY Herman Cain

They won’t change their ways, but people are finally waking up.

The state of our nation under President Obama and his administration is not a pretty picture of prosperity, and I am not the least bit optimistic that things are going to get better. All one has to do is honestly examine the impact of policies, legislation, regulations, inept federal governance, cover-ups and unresolved scandals we have seen so far during this administration.

Unfortunately, we can’t just hope for a better year next year as we could if our favorite football teams were having losing seasons. We have to work for very different election results in 2014 and 2016. To achieve very different election results, we must continue to get more people to “see the light” and understand the big picture of what’s happening to this country.

Our liberties are being taken away. Our economic earning power is being suppressed. Our entrepreneurial spirit is being discouraged. Our tax dollars are being wasted. Our borders are not secure. Our Constitution is being violated. And our culture of faith and family is being attacked and weakened by misguided proponents of political correctness.

Consider some of the facts:

President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress of both houses passed Obamacare in 2010 with no Republican votes in the House or the Senate, despite public opinion against it. The people are now experiencing the ObamaCare meltdown in all aspects, and President Obama and the Democrats continue to tell the public how great it is going to be.

Instead of being able to keep our health insurance and doctors if we liked what we had, millions of people have already found out that this is not the case. ObamaCare is forcing people into more expensive plans with less coverage and a lot fewer options. It’s not what we want. It’s what the president and the Democrats want us to have because they forced a law down our throats.

President Obama promised everyone in the nation, if you like your health insurance or doctors, you could keep them. Period. This will be the defining lie of his presidency no matter how much he and the Democrats try to spin their way out of it. Blind loyalty will only go so far. He and the Democrats in Congress crossed the line this time. Many supporters may have ignored bad results in the last election, but they will not ignore lies in the next election.

The median household income has declined every year since President Obama has been in office, while tax revenues have increased due to higher taxes rather than economic growth. New businesses are starting at one-third the rate they were before the Obama Administration took office. More people have been added to welfare and the food stamps program than the number of net new private sector jobs created.

Gasoline and energy costs are significantly higher because of the administration’s war on coal. They’re trying to put the coal industry out of business. It’s working. Several coal-fired electric facilities have announced they are closing, since they cannot afford the regulatory changes being mandated by the Obama Administration. At the same time, billions of dollars have been wasted on failed “green energy” investments using taxpayer dollars.

The national debt has nearly doubled in five years, while Democrats have fought fiercely against any serious federal spending restraints or restructuring. When the president said raising the debt ceiling does not automatically raise the national debt, he was technically correct. But! About one week after the ceiling was “suspended” the national debt blew past $17 trillion, and counting!

And now the president and his Democrat supporters want “revenue increases” to be on the table for the congressional budget negotiations currently underway. That’s Democrat-speak for raising taxes. The 70 percent of all taxes being paid by the top 10 percent of the taxpayers is not enough, and they could care less about the continued cost pressures on the typical family household.

We may not be able to stop this deteriorating picture of our nation, but we can certainly slow it down, because facts don’t lie. People do.
I see no reason for encouragement that the president and the Democrats are going to change their destructive ways, but I am encouraged that more and more people are waking up.

As for us, we will tell you the truth and give you the facts.