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    Every Month Under President Obama, One Thing Has Always Gone Down And This Chart Sho

    Every Month Under President Obama, One Thing Has Always Gone Down And This Chart Shows It

    929 Shares By Kyle Becker 3 hours ago

    This is the labor force participation rate. If that sounds like a technical term that only economists would care about, that’s a mistake. It’s the percentage of the labor force that is actually working.
    As Doug Ross points out on his blog, adjust for seasonality and look down the columns for each month, while paying special attention to 2009. Look closely.

    Did you catch that? Not a single time under President Obama have they ever gone up year-on-year for any given month.
    What does this mean? It means that as the unemployment rate has steadily dwindled to the still historically high 6.3%, none of that has to do with more people as a percentage of the population finding employment.
    Why does this threaten America? As more people retire and the national debt continues to approach $20 trillion, then both the demand for more social services increases and the burden on those still willing to work goes up.
    On everything from subsidies for Obamacare to food stamps to Medicare and Medicaid all the way down the line, the bill keeps getting bigger, and the percentage of Americans willing and able to pay it keeps getting smaller.
    No wonder America’s economic growth is declining. When the labor force participation rate declines, it’s like a vice that squeezes America’s finances. There’s also a huge difference with the fictional “Obama recovery” and Reagan’s market-based recovery.
    Under President Reagan, the unemployment rate, economic growth and labor participation rates improved, while under President Obama, superficial improvements in the unemployment rate have come about at the expense of the labor force participation rate and economic growth.
    In other words, the unemployment rate is almost meaningless to tell the real story: President Obama is growing the already massive welfare state, while millions of Americans are no longer providing the means to support it.
    Remember when the White House said that Obamacare causing 2.5 million to leave the workforce would be a good thing because they would no longer be “trapped in a job“? Have a nice day.
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