Experts: Bidenís push for China-made EVs poses NATIONAL SECURITY risk

01/24/2024 // Ava Grace // 450 Views

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A group of experts recently warned that the push for China-made electric vehicles (EVs) by President Joe Biden's administration poses a serious risk to national security.
The group of 17 experts led by retired Army Maj. Gen. James Marks issued this warning through a Jan. 17 letter addressed to the Biden administration and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael Regan. Marks' group expressed opposition to the administration's aggressive EV push as Beijing's dominance over EV supply chains endangers Washington.
According to the letter, regulatory initiatives meant to incentivize EV adoption "intensify Americaís vulnerability to political interference by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)." It continued: "This trajectory will only position the U.S. to become more reliant on China for critical minerals and manufacturing that are necessary for the rapid expansion of EV markets this administration envisions."
Since taking office, Biden has signed several executive orders to boost EV sales while outlining a plan to mandate that 50 percent of new vehicles sold be plug-in hybrids or fully electric by 2030. Moreover, the EPA proposed tough new vehicle standards in April of last year that seek to reduce the number of cars that produce emissions by 2032. At the time, the White House said the EPA's standards are part of a "clear pathway for a continued rise in EV sales and protecting future generations from the impacts of climate change."
The national security experts singled out the EPA's proposal, arguing that it would force up to two-thirds of new vehicles sold in America to be electric by 2032. They pointed out that while EVs will play a significant role in diversifying America's transportation systems, the Biden administration's various quick-adoption initiatives "will rush [the] transition to EVs before the infrastructure necessary to support [them] is in place."
"At a nearly tenfold increase over current EV sales, this proposed rule is a clear example of tone-deaf policy-making that favors the geopolitical advantages currently held by China in this market."
Beijing could cripple Washington's EV market

"Even more concerning is the fact that this reliance hinges upon China's goodwill to export those minerals and manufactured goods to the United States. This will undoubtedly open the U.S. up to economic manipulations by China, Ö [posing a] major threat to our national security," the group remarked.
According to the Epoch Times, the letter by Marks and his colleagues is not the first time certain sectors opposed the executive branch's push for EVs. Back in November, more than 3,800 auto dealers wrote to the Biden administration about how there isn't enough demand for EVs. Their complaint came despite their own insistence that EVs "are ideal for many people" and that "their appeal" will grow over time."
"The reality, however, is that EV demand today is not keeping up with the large influx of battery EVs (BEVs) arriving at our dealerships prompted by the current regulations," the auto dealers' correspondence stated. "BEVs are stacking up on our lots." (Related: EV COLLAPSE: Car dealerships are now rejecting EV deliveries due to low sales.)
The auto dealers also noted that enthusiasm for EVs "has stalled," with excess inventory building up "even with deep price cuts, manufacturer incentives and generous government incentives." They also decried the "unrealistic" emissions standards proposed by the EPA, and noted that EVs in general have major hurdles to overcome before adoption can ramp up widely Ė including a lack of EV charging infrastructure.
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Experts: Bidenís push for China-made EVs poses NATIONAL SECURITY risk Ė