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    Florida Common Core Islamic Indoctrination Protest "Rescheduled" for November 18th

    4 Hours Ago by Janna Brock

    Volusia County Florida Common Core Islamic Indoctrination Protest "Rescheduled" for Monday, November 18th


    Monday, November 18th is the day protesters will storm the Volusia County school board meeting in Deland, Florida. Hamas-CAIR is leading the opposition to protesters. Interestingly, the regularly scheduled school board meeting was set to take place on November 5th, but was rescheduled after the "district was contacted by the U.S. Department of Justice just prior to the board meeting was to begin at 4 p.m., said Nancy H. Wait, spokesman for Volusia County Schools." Obviously, Hamas-CAIR alerted the U.S. Department of Justice to stop the school board meeting, but the protesters still showed up, even though the meeting didn't take place. Now, it's scheduled for Monday. What kind of tactical diversion will Hamas-CAIR use this time to stop it?

    Common Core Islamic Indoctrination is as real as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. Actually, Monday November 18th is “National Don't Send Your Child to School Day” in protest of Common Core. So the protest in Volusia County over the "World History" Islamic jihadist high school history textbook is timed perfectly with this nation wide event. Close to 200 people have signed via Facebook on the page titled “Protest Rally against World History Curriculum in Volusia Public Schools.”
    Common Core Islamic indoctrination is more than overt. It is fact, and it is by design. The textbook "World History" has one chapter solely devoted to Islam. There is no misrepresentation of intent. The intent is to proselytize. To even suggest otherwise is a boldface lie. When no other religion is given a chapter in the textbook and Islam is given 32 pages of praise and adoration, there is serious evil at work. The next step would be to give the students the Quran and call it "World History."
    Hamas-CAIR is the organization behind the masquerade. When it comes to Common Core Islamic indoctrination, they are more than directly involved. They are the culprits. And they are also the one's issuing threats and warning the Department of Justice about protesting, as in the thwarted November 5th protest to coincided with the "cancelled" school board meeting.
    For the record, people are upset about Common Core Islamic Indoctrination, disguised as a history textbook, and Hamas-CAIR strong armed the school district, via the Department of Justice, into calling off the meeting.
    The textbook is one of the primary history books used in Florida schools. Nancy Wait also noted World History was one of three state-approved textbooks that met the state’s criteria for the adoption process.
    This demonstrates the power of the Islamic lobby in American education, and the twisted, erroneous, and full on indoctrination purposes of Common Core. “Jihad may be interpreted as a holy war to defend Islam and the Muslim community, much like the Crusades to defend Christianity,” the textbook in question states. "World History" also declares "Muhammad as the “Messenger of God.” This is jihadist recruitment material; a call for ordinary American students to wage Islamic jihad, and to bow down to Muhammad.

    If this doesn't qualify as anything less than the Muslim religion being taught in schools, then nothing else should qualify, but it is doubtful that the school district or "higher ups" will see it this way. If Hamas-CAIR does any threatening, they'll surely crater. And since that is all the "civil rights" organization does, there is no question they'll be waging war in every way they can to shut people up.The November 18th meeting guidelines are listed below.
    Bravo to all of those speaking and taking on the evils of Common Core Islamic indoctrination. This is an evil that must be thoroughly extinguished or America has NO chance of surviving. That evil is spreading like wildfire, engulfing everything in its path.
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    November 19, 2013 By Admin

    Florida Schools to continue using Islam-centered history text

    A world history textbook that sparked a heated controversy over the way it covers Islam will remain in Volusia County high schools, the School Board decided Monday after hearing four hours of public comments about its merits and shortcomings.
    “I’m still confident with this book and its presentation to our students,” School Board Chairwoman Diane Smith said after hearing from nearly 80 speakers with widely differing opinions.
    The board didn’t take a formal vote, but only member Linda Costello pushed for a more thorough review. Candace Lankford, Stan Schmidt and Ida Wright sided with Smith to keep the textbook in Volusia classrooms.
    “It’s kind of what I would have expected,” said Walter Hanford, a book opponent who stuck around long enough to hear the board discussion. Hanford told the board earlier in the meeting the “World History” textbook published by Prentice Hall “whitewashes” the history of Islam and its Muslim followers, including involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the shootings at Fort Hood, Texas.
    The textbook controversy erupted in early November after a Deltona High parent complained about the book’s treatment of the Islamic religion to a Lake County friend, who posted information on Facebook and organized a protest rally before the School Board’s Nov. 5 meeting.
    The Nov. 5 meeting was canceled before it began over security concerns and the controversy has continued to simmer, with Volusia County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Tony Ledbetter taking leadership of the textbook protest.
    The atmosphere at Monday’s meeting was quieter with opponents and supporters of the textbook filling the boardroom to overflowing while a small number of people milled around outside.

    This article was written by Linda Trimble for The Daytona News Journal; continue reading at The Daytona News Journal

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