Former Pentagon Official: US Preparing For ‘Insurrection, Riots’

Posted on 18 May, 2014 by clyde
A new revelation that the US government has built another secret military urban training center has raised concerns that federal authorities might be preparing for “a potential insurrection” in the country, a military analyst in Washington says.
Newly leaked Marine Corps’ documents detail another military urban training center that more closely resembles a “small town.” The document, entitled “Military Operations on Urban Terrain Collective Training Facility,” details the specifics of a mock 30-acre town located on Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

According to a military whistleblower who provided the documents to, the urban training center includes a Baptist church, a police station and several farmhouses.
There is growing concern for rioting and demonstrations in the United States because of the policies of the Obama administration that many people oppose, said Michael Maloof, a former Pentagon analyst and a writer for WorldNetDaily conservative website.
The military urban training center “has raised concerns that what is the motive,” Maloof told Press TV on Saturday. “There is the question of why the federal law enforcement agencies and even local law enforcement agencies are undertaking this kind of activity and it lends to concerns that there may be rioting against government policies in the United States.”
In February, The Telegraph reported that the US Army had built a 300 acre “fake city” with a sports stadium, bank, school, and an underground subway in order to train for unspecified future combat scenarios. The recently opened site is located in Virginia and was built at a cost of $96 million dollars, taking two years to complete.