Government efforts to control your thoughts, speech and life spearheaded by CISA

07/10/2023 // Ethan Huff // 800 Views

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None of the Biden regime's censorship efforts in the lead-up to the 2020 election and beyond into the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) era would have been possible without the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which colluded with Big Tech and other entities to silence "disinformation" that the regime decided was "false."This was the overarching revelation from the new House report showing that CISA under Biden engaged in a massive coverup of the regime's censorship agenda. CISA also worked with third parties to overturn the First Amendment entirely while pushing politics over truth.
The Brownstone Institute also points out that an unaccountable bureaucracy, in this case, "hijacked American society" by interfering with the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people who have been forced into a dystopian nightmare of spying and surveillance, censorship, and centralized control over their every move.
"The House Report reveals that CISA, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, worked with social media platforms to censor posts it considered dis-, mis-, or malinformation," reported the Brownstone Institute. "Brian Scully, the head of CISA's censorship team, conceded that this process, known as 'switchboarding,' would 'trigger content moderation.'"
"Additionally, CISA funded the nonprofit EI-ISAC in 2020 to bolster its censorship operations. EI-ISAC worked to report and track 'misinformation across all channels and platforms.' In launching the nonprofit, the government boasted that it 'leverage[d] DHS CISA's relationship with social media organizations to ensure priority treatment of misinformation reports.'"

Biden and cronies created a massive Censorship Industrial Complex to erase Americans' First Amendment rights

CISA Director Jen Easterly's recent testimony before Congress runs contrary to these switchboard programs. Easterly falsely claimed that her agency doesn't "censor anything" and that it does not "flag anything to social media organizations at all."
This is a bald-faced lie, it turns out, as CISA does precisely what Easterly claimed under oath that it does not do. And none of it would be possible apart from a "collusive apparatus of private-public partnerships designed to suppress unapproved information."
Thousands of Twitter communications obtained by Alex Berenson show concretely and unequivocally that government actors, including White House Covid Advisor Andy Slavitt, devoted much of their time to trying to silence anyone critical of the Biden regime's covid policies.
Facebook was involved, as were many other social media and tech platforms that host public conversations. This is why the whole thing was dubbed a Censorship Industrial Complex: because it is that massive of an apparatus as to warrant such an overarching designation.
There were also many political operatives involved whose job it was to focus on stamping out "malinformation," or information that is not necessarily false but that makes the regime look bad. Journalist Lee Fang described the government's malinformation campaign as one that "highlights not only the broad authority that the federal government has to shape the political content available to the public, but also the toolkit that it relies upon to limit scrutiny in the regulation of speech."
In short, the Biden regime created a Ministry of Truth using political operatives and tech platforms to enforce what was considered "true" and what was considered "false."
"Of course, the program explicitly violated the Constitution," the Brownstone Institute notes. "The First Amendment does not discriminate based on the veracity of a statement."
Since CISA officials are unelected, they are bureaucratic outlaws, of sorts, that engaged in a terror campaign of the administrative state. The agency's officials were free to operate outside the law and often in anonymity, making their terror campaign even more effective.
"Most Americans have never heard of CISA despite its overwhelming influence over lockdowns," the Brownstone Institute notes.
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Government efforts to control your thoughts, speech and life spearheaded by CISA –