The Greatest War Crime of the Ukraine War Changes Everything—BIG TIME!!! (Updated)

Posted on June 7, 2023 by State of the Nation

Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam perpetrated by Ukraine at the direction of their NATO masters and with the operational oversight of the Western intel community.

Now we see what Zelensky’s
BIG counteroffensive is:

Really, what else needs to be said?

State of the Nation
Zelensky spent months trumpeting the supposedly game-changing Ukrainian Spring ‘counteroffensive’.

Now it appears that it kept getting postponed so that the CIA-MI6-MOSSAD terror group could perfectly position all of the bombs necessary to sufficiently blow up the Kakhovka Dam to flood the whole area, which it has catastrophically done.
“Located on the Dnieper River in Kherson Oblast, the Kakhovka Dam was under the control of the Russian military, which had seized it in the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine”.[1]
If there was one highly geostrategic infrastructure location that Kiev’s Nazi regime has targeted for destruction ever since Crimea was annexed by Russia, the Kakhovka is it.
There are actually several reasons why the warmongering US-UK-UA-EU provocateurs, operating under the umbrella of NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization), wanted to destroy this pivotal dam which are way beyond the scope of this post.
Suffice to say, perhaps the main reason was to completely tie up Russia with the resulting humanitarian disaster so that their attention would be significantly diverted from the very stealthy counteroffensive measures NATO has planned for the rest of 2023 in eastern Ukraine and beyond.
However, because of the true gravity and enormity of this Ukrainian war crime, Russia is now free to respond in a manner that will shock the entire world community of nations.

The Kremlin knows that the far-reaching ramifications and potential consequences of this single act of barbarity will greatly expose even Moscow to an all-out attack by Ukraine, the U.S and UK, as well as by all the other bellicose NATO nations which now share a border with Russia. This also includes Russophobic countries like Poland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, among many others.
In other words, no other act of widespread and devastating terrorism could have made Russia so vulnerable to outright attack by its many sworn enemies during this war. Truly, the whole Russian Federation is now facing its greatest existential threats of the Third Millennium.
Which means that President Putin et al. have the most solemn decisions to make at this very moment. For this heinous terrorist act against the Kakhovka Dam cannot go unanswered. The Kremlin has been forced into a corner which now requires a decisive and overwhelming reaction to this war crime of epic proportions.
Just how serious are the West’s plans to wage a full-scale war on Russia?

This is how serious the criminally insane psychopaths in London, Washington, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Jerusalem.

World War III will effectively begin on July 11th to coincide
with the NATO Summit in Lithuania
— Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland


Only the barbaric and brazen savages who populate the highest echelons of the Khazarian Cabal would have the shocking degree of chutzpah to order this apocalyptic false flag terrorist attack. For only the Khazarians enjoy complete immunity from criminal prosecution for a war crime against humanity of this scope and magnitude.
Surely the Western mainstream media will do everything in its power to hide the true depth and breadth of this deliberate manmade calamity, as all institutions of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis will conduct a highly coordinated cover-up of the both crime scene and complex criminal conspiracy.
BOTTOM LINE: As they always do, the CIA’s Mockingbird Media has already created an echo-chamber that is falsely and foolishly repeating one storyline: ‘Russia blew up its own dam’ to somehow thwart Ukraine’s counteroffensive.
Here’s what truth-telling Tucker has to say about that:
State of the Nation
June 7, 2023

[1] Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam

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