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Thread: HAARP Weather modification - The Truth about HAARP

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    HAARP Weather modification - The Truth about HAARP

    2014 Floods HAARP Weather modification in the UK
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    The Truth about HAARP!!! The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
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    The Weather Is Changing (Full HAARP Chemtrail Documentary 2013 HD)
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    Weather Modification: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

    February 9, 2014 | Posted in Articles, News, update, Video | Comments: 3

    The U.S. military calls its “mystery machine” the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP. Originally rumored to be the test ground for a ‘Star Wars’ style defense system the 3.5 billion watts, 180 antenna machine is located 200 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska. HAARP is rumored to be the technological spear tip of weather modification. So what is HAARP?

    HAARP follows upon a long line of ionospheric research, some of it military, in which bursts of radiofrequency radiation have been beamed up into the ionosphere in order to study the effects so produced. Installations that send high intensity electromagnetic waves into the ionosphere have been called ionospheric heaters.
    The technology behind HAARP is designed to manipulate the environment among other capabilities such as being able to jam all global communications, disrupt weather systems, interfere with migration patterns, disrupt the human mental processes, negatively affect your health and even disrupt the upper atmosphere. There is abundant technical and organizational information to leave no doubt about the centrality of HAARP to the Pentagon’s aims of perfecting electromagnetic warfare.
    The rest of the story is revealed in the patents, technical papers and other documents that continue to emerge regarding this project.
    Wired Magazine published an article on HAARP posting that secretary of defense William Cohen‘s suggests that “electromagnetic waves” could alter the climate and control earthquakes and volcanoes remotely when describing full capabilities of HAARP.
    HAARP has posed as university ionosphere research, which it only partly is, so as to conceal its military character. The government has done this in other research programs such as the Yerkes National Primate Research Center of Emory University in Atlanta that is a DARPA operation.
    Popular Science Magazine states that the HAARP program went full operational after 15 years of preparations in 2007.

    Scientists often study a system by perturbing it, observing the processes that take place during the recovery to the original state of the system. HAARP, however, promises to perturb the system so drastically that it may never recover to its original state, making it a potential threat to the earths ecology. Furthermore, the very scientists planning the research do not know what the results may be. Lets not forget about the 1963 Limited Test Ban Treaty forbidding such detonations.
    Reports that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) had been shut down permanently were apparently a bit premature in July of 2013. According to HAARP program manager James Keeney, the facility is only temporarily off the air while operating contractors are changed.
    In the video below citizen journalist’s meet up with scientists show easily how HAARP can move clouds and be manipulated, put sounds in your head and even control your emotions. TruTV
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    HAARP, Chemtrails, and Weather Modification – The True Source of Climate Change

    by admin · March 7, 2014
    James Lee

    To state the obvious, the weather around the globe keeps getting more and more intense everywhere. It is getting much colder in some regions and much hotter in others. It is global warming and it is global cooling.

    Record highs, record lows, record heat, record cold. Record swing in temperature changes, record droughts and record rains and record snows. And no one in global power mentions a word about the freaky weather affecting all, which should not surprise anyone paying attention because they don’t talk of the continuing disaster that is Fukushima or the nearly daily gas spills and oil leaks going on across the United States.

    England is having the greatest flooding it has ever experienced in 265 years. Recently Scotland was shut down with winds reaching 135 mph while the greatest typhoon in Indonesia destroyed swaths of the Philippines last Fall.

    The Eastern half of the United States are getting hammered once again this week with crippling snow and unprecedented paralyzing ice storms. This past December there was a record difference in temperature variant of 117 degrees from New Hampshire to Florida.

    California has never seen such a continued dry period since….well ever and they are the number one producer of agriculture in the United States, while 100,000 cattle were lost to another unprecedented flash freeze event in North Dakota. Cattleman in California are purging their yearling stocks due to lack of water and grazing grass. For the short-term beef prices will be stable but come summer we will see another dramatic increase in prices for years to come.

    No leader in power is talking about the coming food crisis coming this summer and beyond, due to the lack of water in California. California is the “bread basket” of food produce and farmers will be cutting back severely on planting in the upcoming growing season.

    Governor “Moonbeam” Brown has so far refused to declare a Stage I water emergency because the out-of-state owners of the fracking companies, who are outbidding farmers 3-1 for water supplies, need to keep fracking to pick up the slack caused by delays and shut downs across the rest of the country’s frackers. Because of this unexpected shortage, natural gas prices have increased some 60% in just a few months after our President declared this country to be the heading towards energy independence.

    Australia and Argentina are literally burning up with continual record high temperatures along with Alaska. During the Australian Open Tennis Championships the weather hit 109 degrees for three days followed by three days of 70 degree temperature and a record number of contestants dropped out rather than bake on the tennis hard courts.

    We continue to rip out the lungs of the Earth in the Amazon rain forests while treating this planet as solely a supply house and a sewer for our global waste products. Nature balances… that’s what she does when she gets out of rhythm. She is purging her system of the virus that is affecting her like we do when we have the flu. She is shivering and she is sweating and she is aching, all due to our incessant need to consume.

    It is climate chaos, being greatly aided by the geo-engineering of weather by climate scientists attempting to cool down the Arctic up North to keep deadly methane gases from their accelerated releases from the newly exposed tundra. As Dane Wiggington of has stated, “There is no normal weather anymore”. It is all manipulated through intense regular chemtrail spraying and HAARP technology to steer weather around the planet.

    This is where the biggest game of all is being played out that is causing much of the global weather weirding we are all experiencing.

    The Most Important Chart You Will Ever See in Your Lifetime

    Though you will not hear about it on your corporate nightly news simply because there is zero benefit for corporations to inform us, there is a desperate all out attempt that is being conducted night and day, 24/7, to use chemtrail spraying and HAARP heat ray guns (see below) to re-cover the Arctic with snow and ice so that the massive amounts of methane gas pools that are now seeping out refreeze once again. For over one million years trapped methane gas has stayed frozen but now significant melting ice sheets has caused the tundra to become exposed in the Arctic with accompanying released pools of methane gas releases occurring in wider swaths of the Northernmost regions.

    Just recently the U.S. Navy released an extensive report that the Arctic could very well be ice-free by 2016, some 84 years ahead of most other climate models. (Source)

    Previously, an exhaustive EPA study was conducted in 2008 which found methane gas releases were an astounding 50% higher than previous estimates due to fracking and….wait for it… cow flatulence increases:
    “The study estimates that in 2008, the U.S. poured 49 million tons of methane into the air. That means U.S. methane emissions trapped about as much heat as all the carbon dioxide pollution coming from cars, trucks, and planes in the country in six months.

    That’s more than the 32 million tons estimated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration or the nearly 29 million tons reckoned by the European Commission. This study, however, was based on nearly 13,000 measurements from airplane flights and tall towers, the most used in any such research.

    “Something is very much off in the inventories,” said study co-author Anna Michalak, an Earth scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, Calif. ‘The total U.S. impact on the world’s energy budget is different than we thought, and it’s worse.’”

    What those failing to acknowledge is the increased methane gas releases are coming down from the Arctic. A new study was conducted in 2012 but the findings have yet to be released by the EPA.” (Source)

    Methane gas contains 20 times more CO2 than other greenhouse gases and scientists have been extremely concerned about the acceleration of releases since 2007 to the point where greenhouse gases coming from the Arctic alone make up 10% of the total releases in North America today. Yet that is nothing compared to what is in store for us all if the melting in the North continues along its current trajectory.

    In the atmosphere, methane is a greenhouse gas that, on a relatively short-term time scale, is far more destructive than carbon dioxide (CO2). It is 23 times as powerful as CO2 per molecule on a 100-year timescale, 105 times more potent when it comes to heating the planet on a 20-year timescale — and the Arctic permafrost, onshore and off, is packed with the stuff. “The seabed,” says Wadham, “is offshore permafrost, but is now warming and melting. We are now seeing great plumes of methane bubbling up in the Siberian Sea… millions of square miles where methane cover is being released.”

    While the human body is potentially capable of handling a six to nine degree Celsius rise in the planetary temperature, the crops and habitat we use for food production are not. As scientist Guy McPherson of Nature Bats Last puts it, “If we see a 3.5 to 4C baseline increase, I see no way to have habitat. We are at .85C above baseline and we’ve already triggered all these self-reinforcing feedback loops.”

    He adds:
    “All the evidence points to a locked-in 3.5 to 5 degree C global temperature rise above the 1850 ‘norm’ by mid-century, possibly much sooner. This guarantees a positive feedback, already underway, leading to 4.5 to 6 or more degrees above ‘norm’ and that is a level lethal to life. This is partly due to the fact that humans have to eat and plants can’t adapt fast enough to make that possible for the seven to nine billion of us — so we’ll die.”

    So science and technology have decided they are going to solve this planetary problem by using massive amounts of chemtrail spraying and HAARP technologies in a desperate attempt to keep the remaining methane gases sealed or at least held in check.

    The term the government scientists use to modify the weather with aircraft is “Solar Radiation Managing” (SRM). They now fear that if they stop the spraying we will immediately go to a hyper heated planet.

    The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that, despite global side effects and long-term consequences, geoengineering techniques involving solar radiation management (SRM) should be maintained:
    “If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing.” (Source)

    Solar radiation management comprises various techniques aimed at reflecting or diverting solar radiation back into space, essentially increasing the planet’s albedo (reflectivity). Solar radiation management has “three essential characteristics,” notes the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC), “It is cheap, fast and imperfect.” Citing geo-engineering activist, David Keith, the IRGC explains that by injecting 13,000 tons of sulphate aerosol into the stratosphere on a daily basis, they would offset the radiative effects of a doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentrations. This compares to having to remove “225 million tons per day of CO2 from the atmosphere for 25 years.”

    “Block the sun but continue to spew billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,” is how Eli Kintisch characterizes SRM in his 2010 book, Hack the Planet. In a world run by sanity, we would forego fossil fuels for free and abundant solar energy, coupled with Tesla’s development of free electricity, to meet the world’s energy needs, without destroying our nest by extracting and burning fossil fuels.

    Several bills have recently been introduced into Congress to legalize to modify the weather at will.

    S. 517: Weather Modification Research and Development Policy Authorization Act of 2005 in it stated: “(1) interdisciplinary research and coordination of research and activities to improve understanding of processes relating to weather modification, including cloud modeling, cloud seeding, improving forecast and decision-making technologies, related severe weather research, and potential adverse affects of weather modification” (Source)

    The geo-engineers are also using HAARP technology to steer winter weather coming in from the Pacific Oceans off California and attempting to steer the storms up into and above Alaska. Unfortunately they are only making things worse. A lot worse. The Arctic melting and methane gas releases continues. Alaska is recording continual record highs and the storms the geo-engineers are steering and seeding are re-Arctifying but down into and through the Midwest and Eastern half of the United States all the way into the South East.

    This is why California is dry, and will stay dry for the remainder of the “rainy season”. California has become a sacrifice zone to save the Arctic from melting, though, you’ll never here anyone say this except for people like Mr. Wiggington who has been following our government’s secret weather modification programs for over a decade.

    Please understand that weather modification has been admittedly going on since during the Vietnam war in the 1960′s by our government. (Source) If they wished to make it rain in California they could. Yet the geo-engineers are choosing not to and the only reason is because of the huge problem of the melting Arctic ice sheets and the planets rapid heating if methane gas pools continue to release in increasing amounts.

    In China, some 560,000 manipulations of the weather have been conducted since 2002 using aircraft, rockets and projectiles carrying dry ice or silver iodide particles to stimulate rainfall, resulting with release of 490 billion tons of rain and saving about $10.4 billion in economic losses, the China Meteorological Association has reported. (Source)

    China has also publicly announced a 500% increase in weather modification plans. Under a new national plan, which will run from 2013 to 2020, China plans to intervene with the weather by dividing the country into regions and setting up an interprovincial mechanism for weather control, said senior researcher of the Weather Modification Center under the China Meteorological Administration Yao Zhanyu, according to China Daily.

    Each region will have an infrastructure and a command center for weather intervention, and programs for weather intervention will depend on the region. Particularly, programs in the northeastern, central, and southeastern areas will be used mainly to secure wheat harvest; the program for the northwestern area will focus on environmental protection; the program for the southwestern area will focus on helping with agriculture and hydropower operations; and the program for the north area will have water supplies in mind.

    Corporations also regularly modify weather for increased snowfall in the mountains for ski areas and here in California by Pacific Gas and Electric to increase rainfall above their hydro-electric dams. (Source)

    As they have attempted to steer West Coast weather up to the far North this winter they are greatly failing miserably to re-winterize the Arctic. In fact they are accelerating the warming while flash freezing the Eastern half of the United States. The jet stream is pushing the artificially modified, chemically nucleated weather back down onto the Midwest and Eastern climes of North America causing the severe cold, intense freeze and snow that doesn’t melt.

    Loss of Arctic sea ice is reducing the temperature gradient between the poles and the equator, thus causing the jet stream to slow and meander. One result is the creation of weather blocks such as the recent very high temperatures in Alaska. As a result, boreal peat dries and catches fire like a coal seam. The resulting soot enters the atmosphere to fall again, coating the ice surface elsewhere, thus reducing albedo and hastening the melting of ice.

    As shown in this video, across the nation many are reporting snow that looks and feels different. It has tightly compacted crystals and, due to its nucleated chemicals, catches on fire and doesn’t melt. On North facing slopes where I live in Northern California near the ocean coast we have frost that doesn’t melt, even though temperatures reach 60+ degrees in the daytime.

    “Perhaps chemtrails is the most ignored government conspiracy crime of all time because it represents government and private corporations playing god with no rules and restrictions. Perhaps this is truly part of the mother of all conspiracies which I believe is control of the planet. Perhaps because it’s all tied and intertwined with the universal global warming lie and the subsequent climate change religion that the globalists need to continue pushing to usher in their all-important global carbon tax and global control grid to control all human activity in the name of the environment. Perhaps it’s time to connect the dots between “sustainable” cities, Agenda 21, depopulation, and the new world order end game of mass global control of humanity. Now that the government geoengineers are admitting that chemtrails spraying is real but that it is intended as a solution for global warming (which we knew all along was a lie), now we see the globalist connecting the dots for us. They seem poised to bring chemtrails into the spotlight when the time is right.” Dane Wiggington *****

    LOOK UP!

    This past weekend I attended a conference that featured some of the foremost experts on government weather modification including the cited Dane Wiggington of After a very frank and honest discussion about humanities fate they premiered the best documentary to date on the subject called “Look UP”. This documentary proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that we all are being used as a grand experiment while being bombarded with heavy toxic chemicals from overhead spraying which is causing such dramatic and quick changes to our weather.

    Skyder Alert has even developed a new phone app so that citizens around the globe can photograph and post chemtrail spraying in their areas where they live. In just the past 7 months alone there have been over 7,000 photographs of sky painting across the planet posted so far.


    Recently, David Keith, a government environmental scientists went on Colbert Report to “suggest” we start using Geoengineering, when in fact they have been “sky painting” since the 1960′s.

    Very soon our government will announce they must take drastic measures and begin weather modification to “Save the Planet” and the sheeple will willingly accept it because the weather has gotten so out of hand and “something must be done”. Mr. Keith, setting the table so our misleaders can declare a national emergency and Geoengineering will go mainstream and public because too many of us are becoming awakened and aware because truth is in plane (sic) sight for anyone who wishes to see. (Note how Colbert and audience aren’t buying the b.s.)

    HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform

    HAARP is the largest ionospheric heater in the world. Capable of heating a 1000 square kilometer area of the ionosphere to over 50,000 degrees. It’s also a phased array. Which means it’s steer-able and those waves can be directed to a selected target area. What they have found is that by sending radio frequency energy up and focusing it, as they do with these kinds of instruments, it causes a heating effect.

    And that heating literally lifts the ionosphere within a 30 mile diameter area therein changing localized pressure systems or perhaps the route of jet streams. Moving a jet stream is a phenomenal event in terms of man’s ability to control nature, and their is no precedent for this huge attempt to play God with weather around the world.

    This weapon of mass weather manipulation was brought into the world over a hundred years ago by Nikola Tesla and patented by Bernard Eastlund. (US PATENT #4,686,605 )

    Bernard Eastlund’s discoveries, are innovative applications of the work of Tesla and Faraday. His plans to provide power on any spot on the planet, to modify weather and eliminate drought, floods and hurricanes was usurped by the US military to make a death ray.

    HAARP is a military project based on Eastlund’s discoveries. It is a difficult program to discuss technically with non-scientists and, as such, it has eluded the spotlight of the popular press. But for years now, conspiracy web sites and some credible scientific publications have questioned what’s going on and how messing with the ionosphere could be hurting the environment.

    To make matters worse, HAARP has been maintained partially as a clandestine project, operated by the US Navy. The information that is made available to the public is carefully worded to make HAARPappear as a bland, harmless, unclassified, atmospheric research facility.

    (For more information on HAARP technology see here:

    What other species destroys its own nest so unconsciously and then, upon learning of its toxic actions, increases its actions to accelerate its own destruction?

    It is critical that we reach critical mass knowledge about our government’s secret weather modification programs as quickly as possible so that these programs can be halted immediately. We clearly have caused the planet’s natural weather systems to be greatly altered by anthropogenic means so the answer is stop it. Stop it all and start begin a massive conservation effort at the grass-roots level.

    We are the problem, yet the Geo-engineers are making it exponentially worse while spraying heavy metal toxins over our waterways and on our soil we where our food is grown.

    This is the greatest planet emergency humanity has ever faced yet we must leave Nature to her means and ways to rebalance and heal and stop trying to hit everything with our huge technological hammers because everything looks like a nail to science.

    Mother Gaia will survive Man’s attempted technological remedies but like the days of Atlantis, Man might not survive Man’s own stupidity and avarice.

    Only through each one of us speaking out, buying the DVD “Look UP” and hosting showings or sending and sending out relevant emails through our mass personal communication devices will we be able to stop the madness by the geoengineers.

    You would think that by now our leaders would be asking the citizens to CONSERVE but the only “C” word we here is to consume towards everlasting endless growth to keep higher highs on Wall Street, damn the planet and our children’s future.

    If we fail, the message is clear, our children have no future. And that is one hell of a legacy to leave this planet on our way out.

    About the Author: Jamie Lee is the author of Tabu Blog, and a strong advocate of personal liberty and freedom from overbearing government.

    Waking Times
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    Want to know about HAARP, VLF, VHF, RADAR, and Weather Modification ?

    April 24, 2012 Michael Janitch 375 Comments

    Pictured below: HAARP in Gakona, Alaska (website turned off during current government experimentation schedule)

    All links below should satisfy MOST questions – save the pdf’s before they’re gone for good !

    Weather control being planned for several years (decades):

    Move forward 35 years …quote Secretary of Defense William Cohen :

    DARPA allocates funds for the use of HAARP

    Here are actual budgets allocated by the Department of Defense / .pdf from — 2012 and 2013:
    download the .pdf from my site here:
    FY2013 Budget Estimates
    2013-2014 budget :
    download the .pdf from my site here:
    Airforce “Owning the Weather in 2025 : Weather as a force multiplier” document
    download the .pdf directly from my site here :

    Executive Summary

    In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible. It provides opportunities to impact operations across the full spectrum of conflict and is pertinent to all possible futures. The purpose of this paper is to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather-modification system to achieve military objectives rather than to provide a detailed technical road map.A high-risk, high-reward endeavor, weather-modification offers a dilemma not unlike the splitting of the atom. While some segments of society will always be reluctant to examine controversial issues such as weather-modification, the tremendous military capabilities that could result from this field are ignored at our own peril. From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting those of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to complete dominance of global communications and counterspace control, weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary. Some of the potential capabilities a weather-modification system could provide to a war-fighting commander in chief (CINC) are listed in table 1.Technology advancements in five major areas are necessary for an integrated weather-modification capability: (1) advanced nonlinear modeling techniques, (2) computational capability, (3) information gathering and transmission, (4) a global sensor array, and (5) weather intervention techniques. Some intervention tools exist today and others may be developed and refined in the future.Table 1 – Operational Capabilities Matrix
    Precipitation Enhancement Precipitation Avoidance
    - Flood Lines of Communication - Maintain/Improve LOC
    - Reduce PGM/Recce Effectiveness - Maintain Visibility
    - Decrease Comfort Level/Morale - Maintain Comfort Level/Morale
    Storm Enhancement Storm Modification
    - Deny Operations - Choose Battlespace Environment
    Precipitation Denial Space Weather
    - Deny Fresh Water - Improve Communication Reliability
    – Induce Drought - Intercept Enemy Transmissions
    Space Weather - Revitalize Space Assets
    - Disrupt Communications/Radar Fog and Cloud Generation
    - Disable/Destroy Space Assets - Increase Concealment
    Fog and Cloud Removal Fog and Cloud Removal
    - Deny Concealment - Maintain Airfield Operations
    - Increase Vulnerability to PGM/Recce - Enhance PGM Effectiveness
    Detect Hostile Weather Activities Defend against Enemy Capabilities

    Current technologies that will mature over the next 30 years will offer anyone who has the necessary resources the ability to modify weather patterns and their corresponding effects, at least on the local scale. Current demographic, economic, and environmental trends will create global stresses that provide the impetus necessary for many countries or groups to turn this weather-modification ability into a capability.In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels. These levels could include unilateral actions, participation in a security framework such as NATO, membership in an international organization such as the UN, or participation in a coalition. Assuming that in 2025 our national security strategy includes weather-modification, its use in our national military strategy will naturally follow. Besides the significant benefits an operational capability would provide, another motivation to pursue weather-modification is to deter and counter potential adversaries.In this paper we show that appropriate application of weather-modification can provide battlespace dominance to a degree never before imagined. In the future, such operations will enhance air and space superiority and provide new options for battlespace shaping and battlespace awareness.1 “The technology is there, waiting for us to pull it all together;”2 in 2025 we can “Own the Weather.”

    Dr. Michio Kaku Confirms weather modification via frequency on ABC News:
    click the pic to watch the video:

    CNN – in 1985 – discussing weather modification via frequency:

    click the pic to watch the video:

    Current US Military Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO):
    Click the pic to watch the video:


    United States Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO):

    screenshot of the DEWO website:


    DEWO – High Power Microwaves (HPM) / Directed Energy Weapons (DEW):
    download the full .pdf directly from my site here:

    Tornadoes created via Microwaves — Experiments PROVE THEORY CORRECT

    The above video , shows via experiments in the laboratory, that indeed microwaves CAN induce tornadic development.

    Picture shows the microwave laboratory experiment producing heating causing convection
    This brings a definitive close to a 2 year long odyssey of discovery, and investigation, but raises SEVERAL new questions which need answers.
    The process of discovery was a long arduous road, lined with skeptics AND deniers. A path leading down many rabbit holes, and across many intriguing disciplines.
    Spending long hours of study on Radio Frequency theory, Plasma Physics, Micro-physics, Meteorology, weather modification (geoengineering), Electromagnetism, Geometry, Seismology, and even some planetary physics / astronomy…. All the studying, and hypothesizing, has turned out to be well worth the effort.
    Vindication comes from a Scientist in Switzerland, Dr. Slobodan Tepic, who performed the appropriate experiments to prove microwaves are capable of producing convection using a ground based station pulsing into the atmosphere.

    More at the Link
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    How to Protect Yourself From Chemtrail Poisoning

    by admin · March 20, 2014
    By: Drina Brooke, Certified Herbalist

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

    Such is Ben Franklin’s saying. How true it is! He was talking about fire prevention, but the analogy can surely be applied to health. Especially when it comes to heavy metal and chemical exposure, the body’s immune, nervous and endocrine systems may likely be worn down faster than therapies can build them back up, though there is some individual variation (see quote at the conclusion of this article). That said, there is also a lot we can do to protect ourselves from the exposure in the first place, and to rejuvenate the body once the exposure has taken place. It just takes time, that’s all, and a physician’s supervision if a health injury has actually occurred. But let’s not go there. Instead, the focus of this article is how you can take extra precautions to shield yourself from heavy metal poisoning from chemtrails, assuming that you are a healthy individual. Because people on the Surviving the Middle Class Crash and Speak Truth 2 Power sites have expressed concern, I thought I would offer a thought or two about this.

    Image: South of Louisville, KY on 2/19/14 at 9:20 a.m.

    Let’s first take a look at the contents of chemtrail sprays. Then we will know what we are up against, andhow to proceed further with strengthening the body’s defenses (which is absolutely never a guarantee that no health injury can occur, especially where chemtrail exposure is concerned. Only a precautionary measure).

    Literature available about chemtrails may be controversial and conflicting, but that of course may be reason in itself to raise some querying eyebrows.

    According to Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Ph.D. :

    “Laboratory examination of those chemicals found that they were manufacturing wastes from military industry and biowarfare substances. In several laboratory analyses, the composition of chemtrails was revealed:

    1. Aluminum barium
    2. Aluminum Oxide
    3. Bacilli and Molds

    4. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
    5. Pseudomonas Florescens
    6. Bacilli Amyloliquefaciens
    7. Streptomyces
    8. Enterobacteriaceae
    9. Serratia Marcscens
    10. Human white Blood Cells-A restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA
    11. Enterobacter Cloacal
    12. Other Bacilli and other toxic molds capable of producing heart disease and meningitis as well as acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress.
    13. Carcinogen Zinc Cadmium Sulfide.

    After chemtrails lingered, spread, covered entire skies and fell, reports of illnesses increased substantially, such as persistent hacking coughs, upper respiratory and intestinal distress, pneumonia, fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, disorientation, headaches, aching joints and muscles, nosebleeds, diarrhea, bloody stools, depression, anxiety, loss of bladder control, and nervous tics. Much of it is reported as flu and everyone but a few know that much of it is poisons dropped over our heads, inhaled, absorbed through our skins, and consumed in our food.”

    Yikes! Well that’s a lot to bite off and chew, isn’t it. So before we go into the discussion of dietary and herbal support for such exposure, let’s look at ways to reduce exposure in the first place.

    a) It’s the age-old trick of people who are environmentally ill. They wear a scarf or mask over their nose and mouth, to filter any chemicals out of the air they breathe. If you see chemtrails in the sky, you and all of your loved ones should be doing the same.

    b) Consider purchasing a high-quality air filter for your home. Airstar is an excellent brand with various models, which are designed to remove small particles, bacteria and chemicals from the air. They are used by environmentally ill people, whose immune systems are so compromised that they cannot walk into a grocery store or go down the detergent isle. Some even have to move to the desert or elsewhere, and every one of them requires special housing. So these are very well designed air filters. You could call Real Goods in Hopland, CA to find out about the newest models and other brands used by chemically sensitive people: Toll-free: (800) 919-2400

    c) A water filter will be just as crucial. Reports of dying fish are not to be laughed at in heavily sprayed chemtrail areas. I recommend the Multi-Pure product , which removes at minimum 95% of each chemical or heavy metal included in its very long list. In fact, many are removed at rates of 98.9%, and a few at 99%. Some models will filter all of the water in your home, including your bath water. Don’t forget that the skin absorbs chemicals and metals: Protect yourself in the shower as well as when drinking water. There also are separate shower filters available less expensively then filters designed for the entire home. (You could also ask about filters for your outdoor garden hose, as the ground water is bound to be contaminated. Don’t dump that tainted water on your plants, this will only contribute to polluting the ground water as well as your plants!)

    d) One blogger mentioned covering her garden with thin plastic on spray days. The thinnest grade of plastic, she points out, allows the plants not to suffocate or overheat, but still protects them. Remove it after spraying is done. Wear gloves and wash them, and your hands, thoroughly.

    e) In his article titled “Living Safely in a Polluted World: Your Home Should be a Haven”, Dr. Leon Chaitow suggests taking off your shoes prior to entering your home. This is not merely for housekeeping purposes, but for chemical hygiene: Heavy metals such as lead may be contaminating the soil from prior exhaust fume exposure, he writes (it lasts many years prior to breakdown), and clings to dust particles. Other chemicals also cling to dust, he writes. With chemtrail sprays, the same cautions may be observed. Extra vacuuming and dusting will be key.

    f) Vacuum your furniture, rugs, drapes (yes, drapes especially, don’t forget how much they may filter out from incoming air) and home very well if there is any aerial spraying going on. Close your windows and doors on spray days. Immediately throw out any vacuum bags after use.

    g) Essential oils in your home not only smell pleasant, but have anti-microbial action. Tea tree and oregano oils are particularly effective against viruses and bacteria, with citrus oils following second in line. Lavender will kill some dust mites too, but has less anti-viral/anti-bacterial action than the oregano and tea tree oils. It is perfectly okay to mix the above oils together. Very lightly spray them on your drapes, carpets, floors and put them in your heat vents. Consider very lightly spraying them in your car, too, particularly on floor mats and seats (essential oils are exceptionally powerful, so don’t overdo them. Two drops in a mugful of tea water, or about 4 to 6 drops in a sprayer bottle of water, are all that you need. Just enough to smell nice, without being overpowering. Don’t use if you have infants, they may be too strong).

    h) Spread word, spread word, spread word!

    Here is important information from the Pesticide Action Network about first aid for barium and aluminum exposure:

    www.pesticideinfo.orgLeast/Non-Toxic Alternatives (on the Home page, see Chemicals or Alphabetized Chemical List).

    Now, how do we support the body’s defenses against such an onslaught as a mix of heavy metals plus various mixed, noxious microbes, alongside carcinogens? There is no simple answer. But fortunately, the herbal world does have a lot to offer for detoxifying the body, strengthening the liver and kidneys, plus very effective anti-viral herbs that are for the most part free of side-effects. With no guarantees made to any reader (I never make guarantees, and it all depends so much on individual vulnerabilities), a panel of physicians at a lecture I attended, said that the drug Tamiflu will shorten your flu duration by 12 hours, whereas elderberry will shorten it by 48 hours! (There were naturopathic doctors and a mainstream doctor on the panel, who agreed with the naturopaths).

    However if there is a health injury, I stress emphatically that you will need a physician’s care. You may likely need antibiotics and other intervention. I recommend a naturopathic physician (don’t use this article to replace a physician’s guidance, oriented to your individual case and specific needs. Feel free to use this article for your education, and to ask your doctor specific questions). Naturopaths are well-trained in the areas of detoxification, and have an arsenal of tools to accomplish this. In addition, instead of offering the medical approach of countering a particular malaise, they are trained to actually rebuild and strengthen body systems. Some states allow naturopaths to prescribe mainstream medications as well, and they are specially trained in the interaction between drugs, herbs and supplements. Their schooling includes standard medical training plus a combination of nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and acupuncture. You can find a licensed naturopathic physician in your area on this website:

    May I strongly suggest that readers purchase their own copy of naturopathic doctor Linda Rector Page’s book called “Healthy Healing”. This book offers excellent home remedies for many ailments from A-Z, with each ailment in a one-page quick-glance format. Herbs, homeopathics, diet, and body work are each listed in columns for each page. Additionally, her book discusses various detoxification methods and the information is quite handy.

    World-ranking herbal authority Christopher Hobbs has several books of interest too. His “Foundations of Health” is a very lay-friendly read, with many detoxification regimens offered. “Natural Therapy for your Liver” is in lay-friendly language and goes into scientific depth, using technical terms yet still an easy read. This book offers detox herbal formulas, but also discusses many of the herbs in depth, plus some of their specific impacts on the liver and its enzymes. So it’s the more technical book, for those who are interested in that information.

    You can also log on to where only nationally and world-renowned physicians, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists and herbalists post their articles. You can look up almost any ailment by entering it into the search box. World-ranking herbal authority David Hoffmann has his herbal material medica on this site, so you can look up individual herbs with his in-depth world of wisdom offered for anybody who is interested.

    Dr. Joseph Mercola has written many articles about chemical and heavy metal poisoning, and to google his articles would be time well spent.

    Having myself fully recovered from environmental illness more than 26 years ago, and as herbalist with training in this area, let me hereby offer a few thoughts for adjunct support, subject to your physician’s approval.

    1) Support your liver, your body’s most important detoxifying organ

    2) Support your kidneys, also an important organ of elimination

    3) Strengthen cell walls with essential fatty acids, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, and vitamin E. The cell walls form the first line of defense against environmental chemicals and metals. If they make it past this first immune barrier, then the detoxifying organs and immune system kick in. Keeping the first immune barrier strong, the mucosal linings of organs and those of your cells, is one part of the greater arsenal of keys to protection from environmental poisoning. (Please note, however, that chemical/heavy metal exposure will break down this immune barrier faster than any supplements can rebuild it. Observe the cautions above, and as many others as you can think of, to reduce exposure. Don’t forget to wear a scarf or mask outdoors! This will be very important for your protection). IMPORTANT: If your digestive lining has been compromised, you will be far more prone to infections and metal poisoning, or any kind of toxicity, than most people. Make sure you seal up the gut lining, if compromised. You can read about Leaky Gut Syndrome here:

    4) Strengthen your immune system, which should not tolerate long-term infections or illnesses unless it has been broken down to begin with. (The onslaught of mixed heavy metals with noxious microbes is very likely enough to break it down).

    5) If actually poisoned by chemtrail sprays, ask your doctor to test and balance your hormones as necessary. NOTE: If your thyroid is low, you will possibly be prone to increased risk of infections, colds and flus. If your adrenals are low, you will be more prone to stress and inflammations, with lowered immunity in general. You could also be at increased hormone-driven cancer risk if DHEA levels are low.

    6) Eat as many organic or pesticide-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and GMO-free products as you possibly can afford. (Trader Joes and the farmer’s markets offer less-expensive choices). If there is chemtrail spraying in your area, your liver is bound to be overwhelmed by the task of detoxifying the heavy metals, plus the toxins secreted by the various microbes. To give your liver and kidneys a break from any undue burden, is to free them up for the enormous task at hand, to detoxify this noxious mix of products. Use non-toxic household cleansers wherever possible, and do everything you can to reduce the load of chemicals coming in to your body.

    7) Ask your doctor if you have any known health concerns, to be sure that there is no contra-indication before proceeding with an heavy metal detoxification, but also with detoxification of any kind. Make sure to ask about drug/herb/nutrient interactions, you would be surprised at how often these can occur. Make sure your doctor approves the protocol here, as well as the herbs and supplements.

    I do *not* recommend heavy metal detoxification where digestive mucosa has been compromised, as in Leaky Gut Syndrome, Candida albicans infections or untreated Celiac disease. Instead, I strongly recommend rebuilding the gut lining first, prior to proceeding. If you have any known medical condition, or any liver or kidney issues, talk with your doctor prior to doing any heavy metal detoxification program.

    If barium and aluminum are part of the chemtrail’s components, then obviously it is important to support your body against inhaled or ingested heavy metals:

    Vitamin C is helpful in buffering heavy metals, plus it raises glutathione levels in the liver, according to Linda Rector Page ND. To accompany this with apple pectin in capsule form would be helpful too, since this binds with and removes heavy metals that are in the gut (but does not pull it out of the cells, per se. It’s very important to remove the metals from the digestive tract, terribly important in fact to prevent reuptake and protect immune integrity). Cilantro is a helpful aid in metal detoxifying, as are sea greens of almost any kind. Take these supplements, eat a lot of apples, garlic, cilantro, onions, sea vegetables and miso, and you will be assisting your body’s heavy metals screening process.

    Make sure you are having at least two bowel movements daily. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, heavy metals are contained in stool material, and can be reabsorbed if the stool matter hangs around for too long prior to elimination. Do occasional enemas to clear the colon of impacted waste that causes heavy metal reuptake, plus putrefaction and toxicity-related diseases as stagnant bowel wastes escape into the blood, writes Dr. Linda Rector Page. (Note: Your body can become dependent on enemas, so only do this on occasion and not at regular intervals).

    But the above is for dietary “beefing up” so to speak, not for actual heavy metal detoxification. For the latter, I recommend only one product: Metalloclear by Metagenics (available at Vitacost for a substantial discount: ). This has a gentle action which boosts your liver’s own glutathione, a sulfur-like detoxifying fluid, that helps to break down heavy metals (among other things). In this way, by acting gently yet working with the liver, this product reduces the chances of heavy metals injuring your system anew as they are chelated out of the body. (Note that any product which cleanses heavy metals too quickly, can be a source of health injury instead of healthy detoxication. There is never a guarantee by the way, but this product also is a lot safer than many that I know of, at least in my opinion. Because going slowly is key with metal detoxifying, I absolutely do not recommend taking this product alongside any of the other metal-buffering supplements or herbs mentioned anywhere in this article. Use this product separately). Dr Page warns: Never fast or drink solely liquids when doing heavy metal detoxification. You need the fiber to absorb some of the toxins and metals in order to protect your body. Eat lots of brown rice and vegetables to assist detoxifying, especially of heavy metals. Some of this should be raw vegetable material, such as salad. Liquids can be used to flush out waste, but food and fiber are musts when cleansing metals. Be sure to ask for your physician’s supervision when attempting any heavy metal cleanse, to make sure all is going safely and smoothly.

    For extra immune support, prior to actual infection

    Vitamin D3 was said by a panel of six physicians at a lecture I attended, to “act like a firewall” against the immune system. It calms down the over-active immune system while activating the tired one, they said. This can be useful against many types of bacteria and viruses. Use only the D3 cholecalciferol version (not D2 ergocalciferol). Biotics Research makes an excipient-free, hypoallergenic product in a natural sesame oil and acacia base, called Bio-D-Mulsion Forte:…Bio-D-Mulsion-Forte…/B000UQOCCQ (do not exceed recommended dose without your doctor’s supervision. Vitamin D can help to strengthen bones and teeth, but excessively high doses can swing too far and calcify the kidneys, according to the physician panelists in the lecture I attended. It’s beneficial in smaller amounts but not in larger portions. Balance is everything with supplements and herbs. According to Earl Mindells Vitamin Bible of the 21st Century, 20,000 iu or more are considered toxic, but it’s almost never administered in such high doses. Ask your doctor for the best dosage suited to your own case).

    Rainbow Light’s Deep Defense product is formulated to strengthen immune reserves and to rejuvenate a stressed-out body:

    If you are actually exposed to chemtrail spray and become virally/bacterially infected:

    See a naturopathic or integrative physician. The following information is only for educational purposes, based on which you can ask questions of your physician.

    (Caution: Echinacea is contra-indicated in auto-immune disease such as, but not limited to lupus, some forms of arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. The same holds true for astragalus and some forms of auto-immunity: Avoid).

    Echinacea plus goldenseal as extract (much stronger than the dried herb). Echinacea is an excellent lymphatic cleanser, and goldenseal soothes the mucosal linings. Both have antiviral and antibacterial action, especially together. Use most Echinacea products for ten days, then take a one-week break prior to proceeding again (Exception: Those with low levels of Echinacea, as background herb. Auto-immune patients must avoid Echinacea altogether, regardless of dosage).

    See Herb Pharm’s product called Virattack (this will be helpful with viruses and bacterial infections, alike. Contains Echinacea, do not use in auto-immune attack). Available at a deep discount from Vitacost:

    If you cannot take Echinacea, try pairing up the Bio D-Mulsion Forte together with Elderberry Extract (Gaia and Herb Pharm are excellent brands). Take the elderberry in moderate doses for the moderate-term, but not long-term. Use vitamin D ongoing, with your doctor’s approval and according to his/her dosage recommendations.

    Chamomile tea steam: To keep the lungs clear and offer anti-inflammatory action is a small piece of the protective strategy, because the mucosal linings of the lungs are a part of the immune mucosal barrier.

    Prepare a pot of chamomile tea. Remove from the stove, place on a trivet on a table top. Sit down, and drape a towel over your head and the pot, to form a tent which catches the steam. Inhale the tolerably warm steam, preferably through your nose, to your comfort level (five to ten minutes). Chamomile contains anti-inflammatory bisabolol, and is just mildly anti-microbial, helps to clear the lungs and is a gentle tonic. This is a good adjunct therapy for lung infections, but also for aiding in clearing your lungs. (It may not be able to remove all of the chemicals and metals from your lungs coming from chemtrails, but can assist).

    Caution: Use tolerably warm steam but not hot enough to burn your face, or it can burn your nasal passages, bronchial airways and lungs too. Rinse off with cold water and pat your skin dry, do not rub with the towel because your pores will be open and sensitive after steaming.

    For lung infections: See your physician

    Gaia Herbs’s Respiratory Defense (most important keystone, excellent) plus chamomile tea steam, above.

    As adjunct:

    Mullein tea mixed with marshmallow root and fenugreek can help to reduce excess mucus. Drink the prepared tea. Very soothing to digestive mucosal linings too.

    Ginger compress: Grate fresh ginger root and add hot water. Put on a cloth, place on the chest with ginger directly in contact with the skin. Leave on for no more than fifteen minutes to loosen phlegm. Wipe the skin with olive oil after removing the compress. CAUTION: Do not leave a person with a ginger compress unattended. The skin can burn if left on for too long, and if the person falls asleep, the skin can actually blister. Let the skin turn a healthy pink, but not an unhealthy red.

    For asthma: See your physician

    Gaia Herbs’s Breathe Naturally or Herb Pharm’s Calm Breath. See also Amla Fruit, below for adjunct support alongside the herbs.

    For digestive disturbances:

    Mullein, fennel, marshmallow root tea plus added peppermint leaf to soothe irritated digestive lining.

    Chamomile and mint tea, together for stomach flu or aches. Honey has mild antimicrobial action and can help to counteract nausea (avoid with diabetes or hypoglycemia).

    Ginger and lavender help nausea, mix with mint for pleasing flavor and to break up digestive gas.

    If you have Leaky Gut Syndrome, consider the use of L-Glutamine and Gamma Oryzanol (from rice bran oil) to rebuild the gut lining. Use the marshmallow root tea above to soothe the inflamed digestive mucosa.

    Digestive PH is important to breaking down unfriendly bacteria and viruses: If your PH is too low, use apple cider vinegar daily (a couple of teaspoons or tablespoons in a glass of water, to tolerance. Think also of salad dressing). Lemon is in itself acidic, but actually alkalizes the system once ingested. Unfriendly bacteria and viruses require an alkaline environment for their survival, and most will not survive the stomach acids if strong enough. Keeping your PH balanced is an important part of your defense.

    For nose bleeds:

    Quercitin, one of the bioflavonoids, strengthens capillary vessels. Often sold paired up with nettle leaves, an excellent choice because this checks histamine secretions and thus mitigates allergic reactions (helpful with asthma as adjunct support). Additionally, nettles deeply support the kidneys, which will need extra assistance during this time. For capillary strength, you could also try the Ayurvedic Amla fruit, which according to Dr Rector Page is “one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C and bioflavonoids; each amla fruit contains up to 700 mg of vitamin C. Amla is revered for its anti-aging, immune enhancing properties. It has been used since ancient times for anemia, asthma, bleeding gums, diabetes, colds, chronic lung disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, yeast infections, scurvy and cancer. Studies show that amla protects against chromosome damage from heavy metal exposure”. (Please note that for cancer, asthma and other serious matters, it is not one herb acting alone which will do the whole trick. A combination of elements will be necessary, under a naturopathic or integrative physician’s guidance). You can purchase Amla Fruit by the excellent Paradise Herbs company at a discount from Vitacost or

    Ginkgo, hawthorn and horse chestnut also benefit capillary strength and elasticity. For nose bleeds, use these as backups to the quercitin or amla.

    For liver support to cleanse heavy metals:

    Dr. Rector-Page writes that “Lipoic Acid is a potent promoter of glutathione, and an important co-factor in energy metabolism, especially during stress conditions. It also increases the effectiveness of other antioxidants, like vitamins C and E. Lipoic acid is one of the most potent liver detoxifiers ever discovered”.

    Chlorella has actually been used by the army to mitigate chemical warfare, writes Dr Page. She also writes that “chlorella strengthens the liver, the body’s major detoxifying organ, to rid you of infective agents. Chlorella eliminates heavy metals, like lead, mercury, copper and cadmium” (almost all of which are ingredients in dental “Silver” amalgam fillings). One physician I know personally, cautioned that chlorella “will grab onto the good stuff too, so don’t take it with other herbs or medication. Instead, administer it separately, several hours after taking the medication or herbs” (or supplements). Further information about chlorella and scientific findings, mechanism of action here:

    Milk thistle would usually be associated with chemical detoxifying more than with heavy metals, but would also be extremely useful as extra support in this situation. It helps the liver to build new liver tissue, and its constituents are believed to bind with receptor sites to block chemical uptake, thereby protecting the body from toxicity. A liver protectant, also has some adrenal gland supporting functions. Caution: Do not mix milk thistle with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, the herb potentiates the uptake of both regimens and can put you at risk of drug toxicity. In fact, do not mix any of the instructions here with any cancer therapy. See your doctor. This is very important, for your own well-being.

    Schizandra is a Chinese herb which has liver protectant functions, supports the adrenal glands (involved in anti-inflammatory responses) and the immune system, each alike.

    Burdock, artichoke and dandelion root are helpful adjuncts alongside milk thistle or schizandra for liver support and detoxification. Bupleurum is a Chinese herb that regulates energy flow through the liver, stabilizing liver function and aiding cleansing. Helpful with mood swings.

    It’s okay and even optimal to mix the above herbs as a liver-supportive formula. Many commercially-prepared herbal formulas contain a mix of several herbs above. I like GAIA Herb’s Milk Thistle Yellow Dock.

    Build up your mucosal linings, or the linings of your organs (digestive, lungs, nasal and bronchial passages, and more) and which are part of your immune system’s first shield. See note above about Leaky Gut Syndrome, if you have compromised digestive linings then you will be especially vulnerable. Take care of a leaky gut, if present, as your very first line of defense):

    Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) strengthen the walls of fatty tissue such as in the brain and spinal cord, also assisting the screening of foreign matter from the cells. Fish oils, evening primrose, flax seed or borage oil would be excellent choices. Vitamin E can assist too, but start at a low dose and creep it up gradually, to avoid any raising of blood pressure. Ask your doctor about taking vitamin E if you already have high blood pressure. Use as adjunct alongside the EFA’s.

    Vitamin C and bioflavonoids build collagen, the cement that binds cellular material together. This plays a role in mucosal barriers as well. Bioflavonoids also have some anti-viral activity.

    Support your kidneys:

    Dandelion leaf plus nettles will be gently diuretic and kidney-strengthening, while replacing some of the potassium excreted in the urine and building up the body’s mineral reserve.

    If kidneys are painful or sore, see your doctor. Use a chamomile compress on your back. For cysts, see your physician. Use a warm castor oil pack topically, but not for long-term repeated use.

    For nerve health:

    St Johnswort oil (different constituents than the tincture) is a superb topical nervous system anti-inflammatory. Coconut oil mixed with St Johnswort oil (apply topically) can be very soothing to inflamed, tingling or irritated nerves. Mix St Johnswort Oil with homeopathic Traumeel Oil for often very good results, apply topically as massage oil. Homeopathic Avena Sativa (wild oats) can be calming, and homeopathic Hypericum Perforatum (From St Johnswort) is specifically used for nerve injuries. Heavy metals will likely damage nerves: Make sure to safely and slowly detoxify metals for nerve health. Building liver health will be key too, Traditional Chinese Medicine has traced a connection between the nervous system and the liver. Eat oats daily, if you are not gluten intolerant: They can gradually and gently build up nerve health over time.

    Last but not least, let me hereby offer a few thoughts to stop chemtrail spraying in the first place. Class action lawsuits may be most effective, to hit the pocketbook is where it counts most. The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness is a basic Constitutional right (once upon a time, and we have to restore it).

    Those who approve such chemtrail spraying, must immediately be unseated from public office or their other positions of authority, and frankly be locked up. Expose their misdeeds with the power of the pen, and urge people to get involved in unseating this person abusing their position of power. Murdering one’s own people is treason.

    Also, let me be very bold and say truly and from the core of conviction, that by U.S. law, anybody who poses a physical threat to Self or Others, must be held against his/her own will in psychiatric hospitals. The hospitals cannot hold psychotic delusionals or anybody else against their will. But anybody who poses a threat of physical harm to anybody, must be held by law.

    I wouldn’t think they could lock You up as The Kook for saying such a thing, if you were in a class action group of people alleging such insanity among our high-ranking officials. But of course, you never know.

    (I am not an attorney, and do not know how binding this matter would be on a legal level).

    Let me also close on a note of hope. According to the reference book, “Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide”, “Metals that have no safe amount in the human system, may accumulate within the body (fat cells, central nervous system,bones, brain, glands, and hair) and may have negative health effects. Any level of these toxic metals is not normal. The levels usually need to rise above the established safety ranges to actually manifest in health problems. However, there is individual variation, and high normal levels may aggravate one person and not another”.

    So if you keep your immune system healthy and routinely detoxify in a safe and gentle way, you may have a much better chance of tolerating the toxic exposure.
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    Secretive US HAARP Facility Shut Down Amid Weather Weapon Claims

    USAF have 'other ways of managing the ionosphere'

    By: Brett Gleed
    on 25th May 2014 @ 2.15pm

    With HAARP shutting down it has found itself in the spotlight. The official function of the US military research facility is to study and control the ionosphere layer of our atmosphere. However the secrecy and remoteness of HARP have added to conspiracy theories llinking the complex with all kinds of clandestine operations, which include weather weapons - causing tornados, floods and earthquakes, mind control and secret communications.
    The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP has been officially called to be dismantled by the US air Force. The Air Force wishes to have HAARP down by the summer. The HARRP has cost the US government more than $290 million to build, and was according to recent revealtions designed to control the ionosphere.

    The deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering; David Walker said that HAARP is "not an area that we have any need for in the future and it would not be a good use of Air Force research funds to keep HAARP going. We're moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do." According to a letter sent to congress by the US Air Force, the dismantlement of HARRP is intended to begin in June, after one final experiment.

    Walker's remarks will fan the flames of suspicion about the facility, and were followed soon after by claims from a Serbian professor that HAARP had been used as a weather weapon to cause his country's uncharacteristic floods last week.

    Serbian professor and scientist Velimir Abramovic claimed in a radio interview last week: "Today the HAARP system was turned off, expect earthquakes in the next several days" He also stated that while it has been turned off there had been cases where there was no thunder following rain, which he believes to be very unusual, also that the rain fell like someone was unleashing an entire swimming pool each second as opposed to conventional rainfall.

    - All weather manipulation he believes to be caused by HARP. "It seems as if the sky opened, and sea of water fell from it. These were not rain droplets that you would typically expect to see. This was a designed weather pattern which I might add is not the first, nor will it be the last by HAARP." Said Abramovic.

    He went on to say that there would be earthquakes following the shutdown,- which incredibly happened in Albania, where homes were damaged by a 5.2 scale earthquake and he also believes more earthquakes and tremors are to come as a result. You can see his statement Here
    So far The University of Alaska has taken interest in taking over the new 'Ionosphere Manipulator’, although the cool sum of $5million a year to run HARRP is a commitment that the University can unlikely afford. According to the Pentagon there is no future in the defence budget for HAARP, this was stated at the defence research and innovation hearing.

    What is HAARP?

    Officially HAARP is described as such. ‘HAARP is a scientific endeavour aimed at studying the properties and behaviour of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defence purposes..’ - HAARP website

    Though HAARP, like many US military science giant DARPA facilities has a fair amount of controversy surrounding it, and following last week’s comments this doesn’t seem to be slowing down. It has been described by some as a ‘super weapon’ designed to manipulate weather, earthquakes and flooding. It has also been said that it may have been a project into mind control, though this is all speculation and denied by the US government, do you think they would tell us it was?

    There is footage of a loud humming noise that came from the HAARPs location, and there is also speculation that HAARP may be linked to odd weather and tremor phenomenon and anomalies. My favourite however is that, according to a Russian military journal, HAARP could be used to flip the polar magnetic fields causing the planet to collapse.

    Here is an interesting clip form the History Channels documentary, looking into HAARP Below:


    So, what do you think of HAARP: harmless piece of scientific research or something more sinister? weather weapon causing floods or earthquakes? Mind control? Secret untraceable military communication? Let us know and comment below , we would very much like to know your thoughts -

    Photo Credit: wikipedia

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