Harry Reid LIES about GOP Efforts to CUT Spending!!

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Proud moments of the 111th Congress. They spent us into the NEXT millenium!

As we all know, the 111th Congress did not do its’ job in many , many respects. In one major way, it completely neglected its’ responsibility – it did not create and approve an operating budget for the United States Government for the fiscal year 2011.

No, they decided that they would just approve a carte blanche Continuing Resolution on September 3, 2010 which allowed the government to be funded fully through December 3, 2010. At which time another C. R. was passed that funded the government through March 4, 2011. In this way, the Democrat controlled house abrogated their responsibility in order to attempt to save their butts in the upcoming election. When that attempt failed, they then approved an enormously cost prohibitive, fiscally irresponsible C. R. that would put all the onus on the new Republican controlled House in the 112th Congress. Extremely crass, and totally gutless, however typical and unsurprising.

They didn't even leave any LINT in our grandkids' pockets!

Now, again, we all know why there was such an overwhelming victory for Conservatives (read: GOP, Tea Party Patriots, whatever) in November of 2010. It was primarily because We The People are completely fed up with the runaway spending of the government; and the completely irresponsible way that they are spending our grandchildren and great grandchildren’s futures, with absolutely zero regard for the fiscal health of our nation. This administration especially has been far more interested in propping up the Unions, interfering in every aspect of our lives, regulating us blind and fundamentally transforming our United States of America. That and taking lots and lots of lovely golf and shopping filled vacations.

We The People have been complaining about the frivolous and devastating spending of this administration from the day Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (also known as the Stimulus Bill) into being in February, 2009. I think most of us (those who didn’t already fear it) realized then that America was in trouble. In a very major way.

Our National debt is at $14.2 TRILLION dollars. Unsustainable.

For the next two years, Obama and his Czars, his wife and his Union Cronies have been spending us bloodless, until we are, as of March 2, 2011 $14,177,595,937,390.24 in debt. This is absolutely unsustainable, as anybody with half a brain and the least amount of critical thinking skills will tell you. Something MUST be done.

The question is what? We The People have made it abundantly clear that we WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO CUT SPENDING. That includes entitlements. It HAS to include entitlements. It also must include the billions of dollars wasted annually on duplicative government departments, government waste, abuse and fraud in all departments, and programs that do not work as planned.

One such program is called HAMP or the Making Home Affordable Program. This program was installed in 2009 as a means of hopefully assisting folks who (ideally) have been keeping up their mortgage payments all along, but suddenly got caught in the tornado of the “crash