Health coverage for children.

Why don’t those people who want to run this country do not know that all poor children are already eligible or covered by Medicaid or Medical, even anchor babies, which gives them full medical, prescription, dental and glasses.
Medicaid and Medical is not broken so leave it alone. It has been working for more than 40 years.
This new medical bill is a waste of time and money and Bush should veto it. What will they do with Medicaid and Medical? Well, it does cover those on SSI clients. But most of the clients are children. It come automatic with AFDC and you only have to be poor to qualify.

The only children that do not have health care are those whose parents make too much money to qualify for Medicaid or Medical. Under the new bill they will still not be covered, because the will not be poor enough and they still will be without health coverage.

And people who have health coverage and cannot afford to use it except in emergencies because deductions and co-payments are too high.

I bet Clinton do not know a poor child that do not have health care or eligible for Medicaid or Medical. I cannot believe we are going to have more stupids running this country. She is just trying to make points.

Now the woman want to give every newborn baby $5,000 for education or payment on a house. What happen to the money if the child do not continue to go to school and do not buy a house or end up in prison? This is [b]another incentive for more “anchor babies.