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    Hiding The Truth In Plain Sight

    Hiding The Truth In Plain Sight


    The isolated people within the mainstream media who tell a lot of truth about geo-politics make me nervous. They may well be working with and serving the interests of the NWO by telling truth so as to gauge public response to it. This truth telling can also serve to vicariously vent and thereby diffuse any emotions from among the portion of the public that still thinks and could potentially initiate real revolt against increasingly oppressive government. We the people are what the NWO fears the most. Like cattle herded by cowboys, we vastly outnumber them and could easily overpower them. That's why they must monitor and manipulate us so carefully.

    The NWO is highly concerned with the small remnant that still thinks independently and loves the ideals of the original American republic. And they're equally concerned with keeping the sleeping and dumbed down masses asleep and dumb.

    Three truth-tellers that come to mind are Lou Dobbs (CNN), Keith Olbermann (MSNBC), and Glen Beck (FOX). They work for the major media propaganda machines, and yet they tell a lot of truth. Very suspicious, isn't it?! Why would their pro-NWO bosses let them get away with such revelations? Primarily because the NWO people are smart enough to know the masses never respond to truth, so they don't fear its broadcast. They are essentially hiding the truth right out in the open where it's safe.

    Alex Jones may be the kingpin of NWO-hired truth tellers, though he's not overtly affiliated with mainstream news. But he's got a huge listening audience and almost a cult following now, which are big red flags. And his followers, most of whom are good Patriots, erroneously think things will somehow be OK as long as Alex voices what they're thinking. They don't realize what is being done to them and their cause of liberty in causing them to be satisfied with vicarious venting from a supposedly representative voice. Even Ron Paul may be a designated truth teller working undercover to gauge public backing of his proclaimed pro-freedom, Constitutionalist philosophy. Why am I suspicious of this? Two primary reasons. Ron Paul vehemently denies the truth about 9/11, and he is smart enough to know that it was an inside job. And he keeps getting elected to Congress.

    Here is an analogous paragraph pertaining to the world of commerce to help you understand how truth and excellence are always rejected by the masses and how they embrace lies and mediocrity:

    The masses only respond to deception and crap. Look at Red Bull. It tastes bad, is very unhealthy, makes you jittery, and leaves a "crash" in its wake. Yet it became a huge phenomenon around the world. On the other hand, the world's best whole food supplements that give you a healthy energy go begging. There are numerous such examples throughout history. The Metabolife craze of a few years ago is one. It was just a vastly overpriced, average herbal stimulant that had been cleverly hyped. I'm sure you can think of some more examples. To lure vast audiences and get rich in marketing, one must either tell crafty lies, sell crap, or both. In true accord with the law of attraction, mediocre people buy mediocre products. Since most people are mediocre, savvy marketers focus on selling mediocre products to maximize their market share and profits. Great people buy great products, but such people are only a tiny fraction of the populace. The better the product, the harder it is to sell, even if prices are equal. Beta was better than VHS, but VHS won. Mac has always been better than PC, but PC is still king. Bill Gates is even smarter than people may think, as he knows he must keep problems in his software to make it match the mediocre masses and sell profusely. Microsoft could have long since removed the problems in their operating systems, but they leave them there on purpose in order to maximize sales. Fads, scams, and inferior products sweep the world over and over again. Think about it. Can you name one truly great product that has ever done that? Trying to spread truth and excellence is like trying to spread fire in a swamp.

    That's more truth about truth and the lack of public receptivity to it. It's no different in geo-politics, and that's why in election after election, the worst candidates (aka the most skillful liars) get nominated and elected by voters. Remember, the best liars use axiomatic, politically correct truth their listeners readily accept to serve as camouflage for their lies. Political celebrities and favored candidates along with their media mouthpieces like Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, and O'Reilly do this to give their voters/listeners confidence in their espoused views and thereby cause them to accept the lies that are mixed in like bad laws snuck into legislative bills. In the 2008 election, the absolute worst candidates from both major parties were nominated. The only way to possibly stop this is to require IQ, civics, and history tests to be passed before one could have the privilege of voting. Otherwise, the sheeple loyal to both corrupt parties will continue to determine the outcome of elections and corruption will continue to run rampant. There aren't enough of us Patriots to outvote the sheeple, even if we all voted the same way. We would be better off with a monarchy, because sometimes you have a good king and sometimes you have a bad king. That would be preferable to the unconstitutional monster government of today that ensures total corruption will reign supreme no matter who is in power. Always remember that anytime someone rises to great power, prominence, or popularity, especially in politics and religion, they are sinister in nature to some degree. And the more popular something is, the more likely it is to be false.

    It took me years to figure out the truth about truth, and if people only knew it, they could save themselves a lot of money and headaches. Though I certainly don't even come close to knowing everything, I am one of the scant few who loves truth above all else. Some of you who read this feel the same way, and that's why you come to this website searching for new morsels of truth. But the masses would never accept what I have presented here, firstly because it's true and secondly because it's contrary to what seems logical to them. If I wrote a book about it, it would never reach many people. Great truths and great products are and have always been allocated to a miniscule minority. Count yourself both fortunate and unfortunate if you are a natural truth seeker. You have been given a love of what is true and excellent, which is a good thing. But as a result, you will be afflicted and persecuted by a world in which you are necessarily a misfit.

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    Oh goody! Another conspiracy theory from by another Anonymous! If someone is proud enough of their ability to spend an hour or two on this treatise, at least have the courage to sign a name, otherwise it was all just a waste of computer space as far as I am concerned.
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    Wow, and maybe William Gheen and ALIPAC are actually pawns of the OBL and NWO too! I know - let's not believe the people who are telling the truth OR the people who are telling lies! They're ALL out to get us! . . . The word paranoid comes to mind.
    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke

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