"Inclusive" Hillary Tells Americans: "If You Don't Support Democrats, Go Somewhere Else"

Fri, 12/14/2018 - 15:50

Hillary Clinton has a message for Bernie Bros, Democratic Socialists and other constituencies of the "Dirtbag Left".
If you have a problem with the Democrats' agenda (which, as Tucker Carlson explained in an interview last week, has shifted away from empowering "working class" Americans to favoring globalism, militarism and big business) then go vote for somebody else.
Demonstrating that she clearly hasn't moved on from the embarrassment she suffered at the hands of Bernie Sanders, who nearly defeated her in the 2016 Democratic Primary after riding a wave of support for his socialist agenda (something that polls suggest is becoming increasingly popular with young Americans), Clinton lashed out during a recent interview at "progressives" who won't stop attacking Democrats from the left.

She cited the abuse received by Kamala Harris - a potential 2020 contender (and potential Clinton rival) - as an example of why the left needs to come together and unify around whoever their party's pick might be.
"Some of my favorite Democrats - people like Kamala Harris who's out there speaking up and speaking out and is being attacked by the left - enough! If you don't want to support Democrats, then go somewhere else."
Her remarks are just the latest sign that she has learned nothing from her historic electoral loss to President Donald Trump. And that the DNC's "mother knows best" strategy is stunningly out of touch with every day Americans.

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"If you don't want to support Democrats, then go somewhere else."

12:41 PM - Dec 14, 2018
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Puff the Magic Hater @MsKellyMHayes

Replying to @MsKellyMHayes
If telling ppl "support Democrats or go somewhere else" is the 2020 game plan, get ready for a second term of the Trump administration. This is some of the most detached, shameful, out-of-touch bullshit I have seen in a while. If you applauded it, pls slap yourself in the face.


1:15 PM - Dec 14, 2018
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Why shouldn't progressives support Clinton? Look at her many "progressive" accomplishments: Instigating a destructive civil war in Libya, gladhanding with the Saudis, Russians and other foreign powers under the auspices of the Clinton Foundation and helping to deregulate the financial services industry in the years before the financial crisis and generally promising to support free trade, corporate welfare and a robust, muscular US military presence around the world.

When Bernie Sanders - who is still the standard-bearer of the American socialist movement - advocated for a $15 minimum wage, Clinton one-upped him by suggesting we go to $12 instead.

But it's not like disillusioned Democrats have anywhere else to turn...oh wait.