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    Hundreds of American citizens are TRAPPED in Gaza, abandoned by U.S. government that’

    Hundreds of American citizens are TRAPPED in Gaza, abandoned by U.S. government that’s sending money and weapons to Israel to bomb CIVILIANS

    11/03/2023 // Ethan Huff // 70 Views

    Tags: Americans, big government, chaos, citizens, Collapse, evacuations, evil, extermination, Gaza, Gaza Strip, genocide, humanitarian, Israel, Israel Defense Forces, Joe Biden, Palestine, prophecy, trapped, Twisted, violence, WWIII

    Ever since the October 7 Hamas attack in Israel, about 500 foreign passport holders, including at least 400 American citizens, have been trapped inside Gaza, which is being relentlessly bombed by Israel.
    Even as the United States government schemes fresh plans to send more cash and weapons to Israel, these roughly 400 American passport-holding citizens have no way to leave the territory that the U.S. is basically paying Israel to bomb.
    "They started letting foreigners out today, but it's not Americans because I guess we're not as important as we thought," said Utah resident Susan Beseiso this week – Beseiso is one of many Americans still stuck in Gaza – about the matter.
    "The American Embassy and the State Department haven't called us since the last time we went to the border and got bombed four times. They haven't been communicating with us or doing anything to get us out.
    Beseiso would go on to reveal that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are allegedly mistreating she and the other American citizens who are stuck in Gaza like hostages.
    "It's like they're holding us hostages," Beseiso said. "Not Hamas holding us hostages – it's the IDF soldiers, Egypt and America. They're using us as a human shield in a way."
    (Related: Did you know that there are an inordinate number of Jewish U.S. government officials who are dual citizens of both the United States and Israel?)
    Biden regime refusing to negotiate for extraction of American citizens stuck in Gaza – but of course there's more U.S. taxpayer money and weapons being sent to Israel

    After weeks of delay, some trapped foreigners are finally being allowed to leave Gaza via the Rafah border crossing that touches Egypt. And yet, apparently none of them are American citizens.

    Those who have exited Palestine thus far include citizens of Austria, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Japan, Italy, Greece, Australia and the Czech Republic. Several nationals who work for various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are also named as recent escapees.
    According to a source cited by The Times of Israel, these evacuations were agreed to as part of negotiations between Qatar and Egypt, as well as between Israel and Hamas, in coordination with the U.S. Why is that same U.S. refusing to negotiate for the stuck American citizens, we wonder?
    "Wonderful, so 'god's chosen' blow away half a country, killing women, kids and innocents, and then does one 'good' thing for some positive optics," wrote one skeptical commenter about Israel's sudden "kindness" towards at least some of the foreign nationals who are stuck inside Gaza.
    "To me, the real question will be: will the general sentiment continue to turn against the rabid Zionists?"
    "There's God's chosen by bloodline, and then there's Zionists," responded another, pointing out the fact that not all of Israel is actually Israel, just like Romans 9 explains.
    "The usurped chosen ones either hide behind or ride on the back of their protectors," wrote another.
    "The distinction has blurred into a meaningless academic exercise. Just as their collective lauds the slaughter of Arab non-combatants for being guilty by forced association, so all citizens of Israel are guilty by their own association with one another. Goose and gander stuff."
    It is also worth noting that, just like Americans who have to live under their own oppressive government that largely does not represent them, so do many Israeli citizens who oppose their government's ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing of Gaza.
    "Zionist philosophy is flawed, and their agenda is pure evil," wrote another.
    "They crucified Christ, enough said," someone else responded.
    The latest news about Israel's ongoing genocide of Palestine can be found at
    Sources for this article include:

    Hundreds of American citizens are TRAPPED in Gaza, abandoned by U.S. government that’s sending money and weapons to Israel to bomb CIVILIANS –
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    Biden too busy rescuing illegal aliens and fishing them out of the water on OUR border.

    Providing them meals, clothes, education, flights, buses, healthcare, hotels at our expense!!!



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