Hundreds of Unemployed, Poverty Stricken Americans Line Up For Food Vouchers

Mac Slavo
November 30th, 2011

As millions of Americans lined up at shopping centers around the nation last week, Black Friday had a completely different meaning for hundreds of Floridians who began lining the streets for free food vouchers. Because there were only 3000 vouchers available, many showed up well in advance of the Saturday giveaway, hoping to ensure that they could receive one of the vouchers worth about $120 and redeemable for a bag of food containing pork, rice, beans, milk, bread and other items.

Any American who still thinks there is nothing wrong with our economy and the direction we’re headed need only look to this latest example for evidence that things are not at all as pleasant as they may seem:

(Video Report Below Excerpts and Commentary)

Some people began to line up last Friday. Many of those who waited in line for hours were either unemployed or they live on a fixed income and can’t afford any extras.

“It’s very, very hard,