Fellow FairTax Supporter,

You know how much I love this FairTax from all my posts about it because in part it helps us stop illegal immigration and protect our trade, so as usual when posting and blogging about stopping illegal immigration and passing the FairTax last night, I was calling on the Democrats to join our effort and asked them:

"Hey Dems, are you ready to ..." and then I stopped to think how to word it and an idea came to me to say "play some FairTax"? Then the idea hit me that we should contact Hank Williams and ask him to rewrite the words to his jingle for Monday Night Football from "Are you ready to play some football" to "Are you ready to play some FairTax" and make this the FairTax Song.

So I contacted the FairTax organization and gave them the number of Hank Williams Public Relations and Marketing Group and made the suggestion and ... they are going to call Hank Williams people and see if he would do this for us and how much it would cost, etc., etc., etc.

So everyone who likes this idea, please call the FairTax organization in Houston, Texas at 713-963-9023 and let Aaron know if you like the idea and then after he makes contact, we'll contact Hank Williams PR group.

Thanks so much for your support of the FairTax.