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    IF Hillary were to win in 2008!

    What will happen if Hillary wins in 2008?

    Here's the article:
    Read what the Globalism Scorecard says
    about our next president:

    New World Order. Hillary promises more American jobs
    for India! Shown here is Sen. John Cornyn
    and the US India Political Action Committee


    America's Info Tech profession is
    predicted to be entirely eliminated in favor of India
    in 2010. Hillary's loyalty to Tata runs deep!

    What part of "We don't owe our jobs to India" are you unable to understand, Senator?

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    Many years ago I admired this woman. Not alot because I didn't get too involved in politics but I did vote for her hubby philandering Billy boy twice. I was a registered Demoblican and almost always voted a straight party ticket. Not anymore. America's two party system is a complete waste of time. We need a new party that will represent the American people over foreign nationals including many illegal aliens. There are a few good Republicans but on the issues dealing with the illegal invasion the Dems mostly suck.

    I hope that Republicans Lou Dobbs or Tom Tancredo run for President in 2008. Barring this, I sure hope a new independent party looks out for the welfare of Americans' first and over and beyond that of foreignors, is elected.
    People who take issue with control of population do not understand that if it is not done in a graceful way, nature will do it in a brutal fashion - Henry Kendall

    End foreign aid until America fixes it's own poverty first - me

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    great graphics coto!

    I noticed at the Washington mutual bank - nearest me, that the manager is a woman from India- yes, they passed over an american woman who has been working forever - in favor of this Hindu woman.
    I have to ask why?

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