Posted by Marlene on October 30, 2014 at 7:00pm
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Kevorkian must be dancing on his gravesite He was imprisoned for assisting terminally ill people in dying not that long ago.
The liberals are on a mission to 'protect children in their schools' from guns. They use the children to push that agenda of keeping all guns in the hands of criminals rather than 'good guys'.
Insane asylums have been closed from coast to coast because they are too expensive to keep going. But, obviously they haven't been closed. Rather they have been relocated to college and university campuses all over the country.
Why do I say this?
First there was the abortion issue. Is it ok to kill unwanted children in utero. And, the loons say it is ok to rip innocent, unborn children from the protective place provided by OUR MAKER. It's ok to poison them there as well. What charming, loving ladies we have to do this. Why would anyone want to snuggle up to such a sweet loving example of humanity? I digress. Forgive me. It gets much worse.
Now, these lovely loving examples of womanhood are pressing to legalize post birth abortion. What the heck is 'post birth' abortion? ISN'T THE APPROPRIATE TERM MURDER? And still it gets worse.

When the liberal lunatics first came up with that term, it was projected as 'immediately following a failed abortion'. Not so anymore.......
Now the liberal loons aka NUTS are pushing to legalize POST BIRTH ABORTIONS aka MURDER up to the age of FIVE (5) YEARS OLD. That is the kindergarten class at the schools they want to protect from GUNS.
How long will it be before they just pass out the guns, declare open season on kids, and call it ABORTION ON COMMAND.
These nuts say that a child under the age of 5 has no value. Quote: 'A pig, dog, or chimpanzee has more value'.
I have to wonder whether these schools support psychiatry?
Are we to now thank sexual predators who kill children under the age of 5 for carrying out a POST BIRTH ABORTION?
JUST WHAT ABOUT THIS WHOLE SCENARIO IS NOT NUTS? Put lunatics back in the asylums. Best they be protected from the few remaining SANE PEOPLE.
Reference The College Six
PS: Call me a racist. I'm not sure I want to be a part of a race that promotes such inhumanity.
What kind of person who carries an infant for 9 months, gives birth to what has been a part
of her body and then wants to MURDER IT IN COLD BLOOD. And, expects us to support it.