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    Nowhere is this worse than on college campuses.

    Nowhere is this worse than on college campuses.

    At the University of Houston, a popular mural covers an entire wall of the Student Center. This travesty of art depicts the United States in the guise of a monstrous Uncle Sam terrorizing the strong but defenseless Mexican people, his foot stomping on a book labeled the "U.S. Constitution." When the school proposed painting over the mural during a renovation, such was the outcry from Latino students that the idea was quickly abandoned. ... vasion.htm

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    And the US Constitution is being stepped on in which direction? In the 'alternate world', all invaders and criminals have the rights over lawful citizens.
    We are NOT a nation of immigrants!

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    One of my college classes had a number of students who only showed up on exam days. Our professor warned them about their attendance records and explained that they would not pass the class. This meant that they could not go on to the next class on this subject.
    This, of course, was not true as they were allowed into the next class and did the same thing all over again. The professor of the first class was very upset about this and was not well liked by the staff because of it.
    He was Black BTW, and the "cheating" students were Latin. The sad thing is that these Latin students were cheated out of learning the class subject.

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    ALIPAC Launches Student Outreach Effort to Fight Illegal Immigration
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    At the University of Houston, a popular mural covers an entire wall of the Student Center. This travesty of art depicts the United States in the guise of a monstrous Uncle Sam terrorizing the strong but defenseless Mexican people
    It would be good to have pictures of this mural. We could see it and know more about the kind of propaganda we are dealing with.

    That mural probably goes right along with the textbooks that they use on campus. Most of the textbooks teach that the U.S. is bad, and that it is an illegitimate nation, and that its policies are inherently oppressive.

    The U.S. may do some bad things in some situations, but the problems with the U.S. are because of the MISUSE of the levels of power in the hands of a few. That is very different from saying that the entire country is wrong and cannot exist !

    But these textbooks have been teaching this day after day for 30 years. Eventually, it changes people's minds. Those same textbooks also encourage Anglo guilt, which then allows people to be manipulated much more easily.

    The problem is that there are almost no textbooks written that refute the false facts presented by communist-inspired College Teachers.

    Let's be brutally honest: THe Only thing that matters is when you force Politicians to STOP and PAY Attention to You. Its time to think about ways to do that.

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    Even in ultra-conservative Nebraska the Univ. Nebraska Omaha was chock-full of politically correct whiners so full of what I term "white guilt" that I had to do what comes naturally to me.... open my BIG mouth and rebut some of what I heard or add my 14-cent's worth.

    One professor aboard his proverbial bully-pulpit went on and on and on and on and on some more about how evil the USA is about this and that, etc.

    He finally grabbed some air and I jumped up to first, agree with some of what he said but then accused him of portraying personal opinion as fact. I was 37-years old and most of the class were younguns. Their mouths dropped open when they saw a "mere" student dare to disagree with a ...... now bow down!!!! A PROFESSOR!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!

    Ignoring me, the demented one continued on and I just looked down at my desk, slightly shaking my head in disgust. A few minutes later his bellowing voice ordered me out of the classroom, proclaiming my "facial expressions" were an insult that he would not allow. Hmmmmm.... I was way in the back, frowning slightly and very slightly shaking my head in the "no" horizontal motion.... nothing extreme.

    Arising, shaking my head in wonderment, I departed.

    I was immensely surprised when three other students followed me!!!! Yeah, even with the brainwashed droids so common in this state the professor was so out of line that three others defected! Wheeee!!!!!

    Two days later, back in the classroom, 15 minutes early, a fellow student approached to inform me that within 30-minutes of my departure over half of the class, a few at a time, got up and walked out. Cool!!!!!!

    When the professor arrived he approached and apologized. I was a gentleman and allowed him to "save face" in front of the class by also apologizing to him. Didn't have to but there are times when taking the "high road" results in more personal gain (remember that ye younger readers).

    There were other events but not as severe at that one. Sure had some good debates with many of those professors. Sadly, very few of the other students would or could engage in intellectual debate. I believe I held my own very well. Sure, most of the professors whose class I entered despised me, it was obvious in the way they talked to me and treated me. However, I was ready for their intellectual battlefield so they were unable to attack me via grades. Came out of there with a 3.9 out of 4.0 GPA and I know it angered those I dueled with.

    Additionally, I was able to frequently move conversation/debate/ etc to the subject of illegal invasion. One class covered Islam (this was prior to the World Trade Center attack) and was taught by a professor who was a Canadian citizen!!!! There are plenty of American PhDs needing work but it's more PC to have a foreign-national female.

    The dizzy dame boasted of her trips to Iran, Palestine and other locales, proclaiming the wonders of that culture. I assumed she was a masochist that reveled in having males force her to submit to their lustful wills and urges. Whatever.

    For a final project worth 50 percent of our grade we were required to make a 20-minute presentation to the class. The topic: either the threat of Islam to the West or the non-threat. Or, both. It was obvious to us she would be most pleased with the non-threat position.

    Okay, I was willing to go along with the professor!!!! I used a PowerPoint presentation with LOTS of pics. I practiced relentlessly so my presentation was positively perfect AND entertaining.

    The first two pics contained Islam-related images as I mentioned how most Muslims were much like us. Then, 30-seconds into the presentation I told the class that the real threat the USA faced was coming across our southern border!!!!!! My presentation lasted almost one-half hour as I conveyed a large amount of facts, data, opinions, and LOTS of pictures. Included were quotes from the pro-invasion crowd, La Raza lunatics, etc.

    In my opinion I did a GREAT job and, after class, pert' near everyone in the class of 30 or so approached and complimented me and told of their agreement with my anti-invasion viewpoint. Oh, by the way, this was a night class with an older group of students, most working adults.

    Don't mean to be long-winded but..... hey!!!! Give an old-fart a break!!!!

    I have saved the best for last. I knew of this before I started working on my presentation and the knowledge DID guide my efforts.

    Among the students was a handsome clean-cut lad in his 30s wearing an expensive business suit. It was one of Mexico's elites. It was the assistant consul of the Omaha Mexico consulate, the number-2 man in their hierarchy there.


    The Mexican elite was livid!!!! His glares and stares were daggers. His hatred oozed across the room, engulfing me but.... I merely smiled at the enemy of my country and culture.

    You males out there who have walked the dirtier side of life. Who have fought in the streets or in the military. You guys know of how two men can exchange looks that convey so much. The consul sent hatred my way but my smiles and body language also sent a message, one that men of the warrior class easily understand........ "Yah' don't like what yah' hear, Bubba? Then approach me after class, face-to-face, and we'll see where things go from there."

    I was discrete, just eye-contact, facial gestures and body language. I could tell the vice-consul understood me. But, during the several "stare-downs" the lad looked away first. Victory!!!!!

    Well, after class I kinda' expected the vice-consul to at least say something, perhaps more. But, he just left, walking fast. Maybe to call Mommy and complain about those mean racist Americanos!!!!!!!!!

    I still quiver with delight when I recall that night. That was FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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    of course he didn't say anything to you. He was by himself. They have a gang mentality and that is the way they operate. If there was 20 or 30 of them they would have been all over you, but just one or two no problem, they are cowards plain and simple.

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    Working at a Scotties hamburger as a kid the boss once disicplined a worker for throwing a catch up supply jar away before all gone. He said the profits are in the bottom of the jar.

    After doing petions this week, one of the constiuencies toughest to bring to our cause; 18-25. We know who our core support is but these fine young people who don't understand the full implications of the immigration influx are the profits in the bottom of the jar for us.

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