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    Jim Willie: Bank Runs to Begin in Spain, Spread to London & NY *video*

    Jim Willie: Bank Runs to Begin in Spain, Spread to London & NY *video*

    Submitted by Charleston Voice on Sun, 06/03/2012 - 07:19in

    In this interview recorded earlier today, Jim Willie discusses the debt tower of babel slow motion collapse in progress in the West, and also discusses an Eastern coalition intent on draining the western banking cabal of their entire physical gold stores.

    Eventually this European strain will result in bank runs, then a gaggle of take-overs, nationalizations…big big aid programs/ recapitalizations amidst failures. Finally bank holidays. Bank holiday’s that will begin in France & Spain will spread to London and New York.

    Regarding the Eastern coalition: ‘The Eastern coalition was formed in late 2011 with the specific motive to go out and acquire the gold held in New York and London banks, and TO BURY THEM.

    Not bury the gold, to bury the banks! This Eastern coalition is armed with $50 billion in a war chest along with attorneys, judges, and gold brokers.

    On April 30th an ENTIRE YEAR OF SILVER GLOBAL OUTPUT was sold in paper in ONE DAY. On February 29th an entire year of silver global mining output was sold IN TWO HOURS. These banks are selling without posting collateral. They’re selling annual output in hours.

    The Eastern coalition sees these naked ambushes and are forcing margin calls on these gold cartel banks to force them to come up with cash, and they have decided to refuse the paper cash and demand delivery of the gold.

    Willie’s explosive full interview Parts I & II below:

    2nd Video below

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    Welcome to Golden Jackass -- Subscribe to Hat Trick Letter

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    GOLD CHANNEL INTERVIEW (with Kyle Phew in two parts)

    ** May 25: (Interest Rate Swaps, JPMorgan losses, ties to Europe & Deutsche Bank, Black Hole created by USTBonds)
    ** May 11: (JPMorgan false statement on $2 billion loss, more like $18B from Interest Rate Swaps to defend official 0% rate )

    "USTBond Tower of Babel" -- to bring light to the ultimate problem, that 0% is untenable when USGovt deficits are $1.5 trillion
    each year (higher tower) as the USTreasury Bond creditors have abandoned them, sickened by unilateral central bank decisions
    to monetize debt and hand out lavish grants to bankers... the USTBond market is held together by the hidden Interest Rate Swap
    contracts managed by JPMorgan Chase, which secretively applies grand 50:1 leverage, in addition to the USFed, which is the only
    remaining reliable buyer in a display of pure hyper monetary inflation... the unstable tower is reacting badly to high winds from the
    European sovereign debt crisis but also to the stupid attempt to talk through an Exit Strategy... recent JPMorgue losses will total far
    more than the $3 to $5 admitted to date, since a chain reaction has been triggered deep within the system that cannot be stopped,
    and will continue until the USTBond market asset bubble is broken and the USDollar trade vehicle is abandoned on the road side...
    the pure fuel of negative interest rates continues to power the Gold Bull market, which will continue to benefit from the permanent
    0% official rate... the USFed is stuck at 0% forever, tragically, and they know it... the Gold price will skyrocket when the full
    extent of JPMorgue damage is properly estimated and comprehended... their losses will be in the hundreds of $billions by next year

    "Gold Cover Clause Guidance" -- to propose the gold cover clause whereby a new currency can be backed by a proportion
    of gold upon demand, in contradiction to the vacant baseless claim by cross-eyed analysts such as Jim Rickards who claim not
    enough gold exists to return to the Gold Standard... furthermore, the additional umpteen $billion in cash injections into the Western
    Economies in just the last several years would dictate a 3-fold to 5-fold increase in the prevailing Gold price... the other propaganda
    centers on the tapering jewelry demand, which any decent student of gold market knows to confirm the Gold bull market, as
    investment demand in bullion bars vastly overwhelms the reduced jewelry demand... also, look for a simultaneous launch of up to
    four new gold-backed currencies (Germany, Russia, China, Persian Gulf) since if done together, the risk of harm to export trade
    is minimized or eliminated, as they would command the majority of global trade, leaving the US-UK along with Western Europe
    PIIGS outside the arena looking in, forced to bid down their wrecked fiat paper garbage currencies

    "USDollar vs Gold: Epic Money Battle" -- to inform that the trigger has been hit, as an avalanche of events will come in rapid
    fashion, beginning with France being expelled from the Euro... look for Italy and Spain to be kicked out next, as the Germans define
    a possible new Euro by virtue of remaining at its strong core along with other surplus nations like the Netherlands... the entire world
    is moving fast into an anti-USDollar position, as the global USGovt creditors object to unilateral central bank debasement, to profound
    multi-$trillion bond fraud, and to unchecked war with ulterior motive... the abuse of the SWIFT code bank weapon by the USGovt
    has enormous irreversible consequences and damage... an alternative SWIFT is imminent, coming from the East, likely led by China
    in a great big schism in global banking... don't be surprised if the new trade settlement system has a whiff of gold... the USDollar is
    going to walk the plank toward its final chapter in the deep blue sea... as if not enough, Germany stands at the center of a major split
    as Europe will turn toward Russia and China for trade, for economics, and for leadership which the US & UK tagteam has failed...
    witness the birth of EURASIA

    BULL MARKET RADIO INTERVIEWS (with Tekoa da Silva)
    ** April 18: (False Calm in the Gold Market hides extreme punishment to Gold Cartel in forced huge physical orders)
    ** January 16: (Global Avoidance of the USDollar in trade settlement gathers momentum)

    "Golden Eye of Hurricane" -- to expose the false calm where the sovereign bond market faces broad ruin, while Germany prepares
    to take the Euro away from the PIGS... the gold market is stuck but enormous pressures persist to wreck gold cartel member banks, as
    huge orders must be filled with vulnerable bad guy banks being gutted of their gold bullion (like UBS)... the USEconomy has found
    lift from a renewed round of subprime lending, this time in cars, while the junk bonds flash more warnings... the anti-USDollar forces
    are forming in broad strength, as their volleys will include a new rival SWIFT banking system and possibly China wresting control of
    the USDollar piles that lie outside the US borders, an unprecedented step in history... look for the Petro-Dollar to suffer a sudden death,
    sufficient to push the United States on a path to the Third World where price inflation and supply shortages are the billboard signs

    "The Gold Groundhog Grind" -- to point out the new important gold market shift, whereby the fluctuating gold price hits the
    resistance, pushed down by the cartel, but kept down by its strong opponents for the purpose of draining another cartel bank after
    each major naked short pounce... the Eastern Coalition is determined, well funded, and intolerant of the ambush game played enough
    so that with each turn in the revolving door, the gold cartel is bled of more physical gold... the mine output supply has not kept pace
    with a rising gold price, in particular in Australia and South Africa (deep decline), while the supplies in GLD & SLV inventory
    continue to be raided... the gold price pattern shows a vivid Head & Shoulders reversal at work, while the big wild card remains
    Germany, which has made preparations in bank rescue funds to depart the Euro (done deal before long)

    "Handicapping the Collapse" -- to describe the litany of disastrous events, starting with the Greek debt default that dominates the
    news, followed by the Leap Day gold ambush with 22 million naked shorted gold ounces whose main effect is a massive drain of
    physical bullion from LBMA and COMEX inventory... the USGovt gaping deficits assure an official 0% forever, complete with
    horrendous capital destruction from rising costs and shrinking profit margins... the government debt is financed almost totally by
    monetary inflation, which pushes the overall sovereign debt structure toward breakdown, as the Petro-Dollar standard gradually
    works toward global rejection... almost no US-based financial market has any legitimacy anymore, while Goldman Sachs is on the
    extreme defensive in Europe (hidden) from currency swap fraud and in the US (public) from the case... a worldwide
    USDollar revolt is underway, unstoppable, sure to reach a climax, as the global trade system is heading toward a fair barter system
    already agreed upon, which awaits the collapse for its launch

    "Herding Greek Cats from Bondage" -- to lay out many risks associated with the upcoming unavoidable Greek Govt debt default,
    which has must be carefully planned and executed... the unintended consequences are as looming as the expected collateral damage...
    look for big impact to the big European banks, the central bank balance sheets, even banks outside Europe (London & New York),
    Credit Default Swap payouts, exposure of yet more profound fraud, more reliance upon Interest Rate Swaps (to keep down USTBond
    yields), Western economic slowdown, the requisite recapitalization of the banking system, while influence from the debt rating
    agencies will be worth watching along with amplified price inflation... the zinger will be the initial $1 trillion required to recapitalize
    the banking system, then $2 trillion, and later $3 trillion, the impact on the Gold price to take it past the $2000 level... analysts will
    claim a great reset, but it will ignite the next Gold rally

    "The High Cost of 0% Rate" -- to debunk the notion that the entrenched 0% interest rate is stimulative, when it is extremely
    destructive to working capital since it encourages asset speculation over business investment while equipment (capital) is gradually
    retired from the ongoing stress of rising costs... the 0% rate is an obnoxious banner of central bank failure, since the rate is stuck
    without exit, and worse, it will result in systemic failure since the US has more huge disadvantages than Japan, which clearly
    demonstrates how 0% very permanent... the ZIRP struggle represents the nemesis in opposition to the austerity bitter poison pills in
    Europe, as the US depends upon the monetary press to cover debts, while Europe attempts to restore credit confidence during budget
    cuts that make worse the deficits... meantime, the high negative real rate of interest (between minus 5% and minus 7%) is a powerful
    impetus for the gold price rise, to be present until 2014 as idiot Bernanke promises

    "Corruption in Fascist Business Model" -- to instruct as to the dire effect of deeply engrained sponsored nurtured corruption as
    the tight relationship develops between the state and big corporations, undetected by the mainstream, destructive to the system... the
    corrupted systems are the big insolvent US banks, the secretive USFed central bank, the obedient regulators (SEC, CFTC, ISDA), the
    wrenching mortgage business with its MERS title database, the endless costly undeclared wars that result in stolen gold bullion, the
    vile shell game Exchange Traded Funds with important backdoor access given to the COMEX, itself a hotbed of naked shorting, and
    the raft of phony USEconomic data led by the GDP, CPI, and Jobs... in the midst of the unstoppable deterioration where foreign
    entities defend against the falling USDollar and its badly engrained corruption, the Gold haven will continue to look more attractive
    and eventually skyrocket

    "Tail Events, Isolation, New Normal" -- to warn that rare tail events await on the horizon, with great upcoming damage, as
    contagion will spread from Europe to London and New York... a trigger seems to be the Iran sanctions imposed by the USGovt, which
    have galvanized the Eastern forces in opposition against USDollar usage in trade settlement, a potential climax being Indian payments
    for Iranian oil in gold bars... the New Normal is thin cover to apologize for the engrained hyper monetary inflation, complete with the
    0% rate that assures continued capital destruction, as incompetent US economists remain unaware... the Gold price has overrun the
    critical heavily defended 1650 level, and the Silver price has overrun the critical heavily defended 32 level, as an important coalition
    has taken aim at the Anglo banker gold pillbox

    "Inflation: The Only Tool Left" -- to expose the USFed as crippled and desperate, with only monetary inflation left to be used in the
    repair of the financial structures, as a Greek planned default is prepared potentially, sure to provide unintended consequences galore...
    the global financial crisis continues without a solution, the patchwork of solutions doled in moderation, no effort to seek a solution
    since none exists within the current system... the US housing market is broken, the hidden home inventory out of control... the US GDP
    calculations are a total fabrication and farce, built upon hedonic adjustments and imputed income that total one third of the entire
    economic size... meanwhile, the MFGlobal fallout damage is severe, as it has driven honest businesses away from the COMEX, a dried
    hag arena... the SLV i-Trust has been exposed as corrupt to the extreme, as May 5th demonstrated 100% of its entire share volume sold
    (single day) which points the finger at leveraged arbitrage games using the futures arena in the COMEX

    "The USDollar Paper Tiger" -- to reveal the motive and nature of the Iran conflict, a late defense of the USDollar since Iran is
    working on several bilateral fronts to bypass it in trade settlement... China, Russia, Japan, and India are all actively trading with Iran
    and employing workarounds to USGovt sanctions, as global trade is increasingly settled outside the USDollar domain... the USDollar
    is gradually being removed from its global reserve perch due to financial instability, unilateral inflation, and massive fraud... behind
    the scenes the Shanghai Coop Organization is flexing muscles, bypassing the US$, building gold reserves, and forming alliances

    "COMEX: March to Irrelevance" -- to explain how powerful forces at are work to bring a separation between the corrupt paper
    COMEX gold price and the honest physical cash gold price in a weird inelastic market... theft of segregated client funds at MFGlobal
    has resulted in private accounts closing and brokerages exiting, thus COMEX isolation... the arbitrage lever is kicking in, pulling
    COMEX apart, as trust in the delivery mechanism is fast vanishing... suppliers among mining firms are bypassing the COMEX, going
    directly to the investment funds, who pay an honest higher price... a very big set of orders by Good Guyz must be filled at $1600/oz,
    to be sold on the physical market at $1900/oz, which will drain Bad Boyz of gold inventory and place it among the new wealth centers,
    told by my reliable source, verified by the London Trader... the divergence between paper gold and physical gold is widening in a
    grand historically unprecedented divergence

    "Perpetual QE Without the Billboard" -- to expose the obvious continuation of massive money growth which is intended to monetize the bonds of various type, all toxic... the USFed never stopped printing money to cover bond debt, since they only stopped talking about it, and Operation Twist was just a big deception to hide the redemption of foreign creditors dumping USTBonds... extreme measures are preventing the implosion of the entire stage, like another recent spurt of derivatives put on... the bad economic policy persists in causing ruin, destruction of capital, and improper pricing of most assets... profound unintended consequences have occurred (a list given), beyond the radar of most dim economists... the news centers have distorted most of the failing systemic planks, painting over the rot... a great divergence is underway, as the paper gold price is much higher than the physical gold price

    "Gold & Whirlwind Crisis" -- to survey the vast killing field during the blossoming crisis, as Spain and France enter the focus and the sovereign debt crisis seems totally unfixable... the only treatment (not solution) will be massive monetary inflation to paper over the debts and to recapitalize the big banks which the power centers refuse to liquidate... redefinition of a debt default has hurt market confidence in hidden ways, forcing more govt bond dumping... the MF Global thefts prevented JPMorgan presiding over a COMEX default handily, causing a cancer of confidence... the inevitable event is a string of bank failures on two continents... the Gold price smells $2000 with the hyper monetary inflation but it must shrug off the unfettered attacks on gold when client accounts are frozen or being stolen... how safe can brokerage accounts and bank savings accounts be next?? witness a climax of fraud in the US financial system

    "Gold & Fraudulent Traps" -- to explain the powerful diverse crippling cancerous capital investment behind the fraudulent system, as capital is co-opted, intelligence diverted, and growth focused overseas even for US firms... see the NYSE and CNBC buildings and equipment, where respect, genuflexion, worship of paper merchants is routine... almost every Exchange Trade Fund is corrupt and works against the unwitting lazy investor, like the USO oil fund that has lost over 60% value versus crude oil (supposedly tracks it)... then take the big US banks which just posted fraudulent earnings, including $10 billion in Debt Value Adjustments, those handy devices that fabricate accounting profits from gradually ruined corporate bonds... the dead Bank of America even went so far as to dump a derivative book on their depositors and the FDIC, the same thing Lehman Brothers did before their death event... Gold & Silver have hit a high gear in their reversals as forecasted

    "Euroland & the Gold Rebound" -- to bring attention to the reversal in progress for the Euro currency, whose decline in September was predicated upon an official EuroCB rate cut that did NOT happen... Gold had fallen with the Euro and the stock markets, largely due to margin hikes during a falling market (unprecedented), but the precious metals are rebounding as major central banks have amplified the monetary growth in response to crisis on multiple fronts... they are attempting to harm economies enough to dampen demand and calm commodity prices, a highly dangerous reckless maneuver since they risk bank failures... Operation Twist is designed to conceal massive foreign dumping of USTreasury Bonds o>

    "USTBonds: the Monster Spleen" -- to describe the USTreasury Bond market as a strong signal of both financial market ruin and economic deterioration, since no assets are favorable except pure money, Gold & Silver... the USGovt bond market is the sanctioned asset bubble (grossly enlarged spleen), lifted when urgent by the Interest Rate Swap, the rally for bonds giving aid to the expanding federal deficits, producing strong bond demand and keeping rates low... the improperly priced cost of money is a cancer for the USEconomy, which also fails to reward productive elements like savers... as interbank lending dries up from distrust of toxic assets, the USTBond market dominates... watch the Morgan Stanley stock and debt insurance, which show a repeat warning just like Lehman Brothers did in summer 2008

    "Billboard Signals of Collapse" -- to expose the marquee signals as the collapse enters a late stage, with bank runs in progress, widespread bank and sovereign debt downgrades, after three years of 0% stimulus, $2.5 trillion in new money put to work, truckloads of toxic bonds redeemed, several dumb stimulus plans enacted, but recession again in the USEconomy... the competing currency war heats up, the USFed declares the white flag of helplessness, and a $2 trillion USGovt deficit next year looms... the global banking system has revealed its interwoven structure, as contagion is to occur universally

    "False Comparisons to 2008" -- to eliminate any attempt to compare 2008 and the imminent repeated breakdown today, as the entire system is prepared for more convulsions... nothing was remedied after three years of 0% resulting in no benefit, $4.7 billion wasted, inflation stoked by QE, big banks again teetering, sovereign debt in midst of ruin, as the entire landscape has degraded badly... enter the panic phase, as countless factors signal a far worse situation than three years ago... the new rounds of fiscal stimulus to ward off galloping recession and renewed debt monetization will thrust Gold & Silver much higher in the next few months to record breath-taking high levels

    "Illusion of Stable Currency Vortex" -- to explain that major currencies can appear stable as they all are being ruined, while US$ managers hope for Euro ruin to aid the process... USFed Chairman Bernanke admitted to the bankers and the world that monetary policy has failed, his tools exhausted... both 0% rates and QE debt purchases have failed to fix the USEconomy or the US financial industry, as a recession is obvious, placing the USDollar at new risk... the embattled US$ will fall from either recession or monetary expansion... watch the big banks keep recommending their dead brethren, as the fiat paper money fails, making the big beneficiary in the next round silver

    "Panic & Anxiety Swirl in a Storm" -- to echo the perceived rising panic from the early stages of comprehension that a systemic failure is in progress, as the Panhandle & Parasite Doctrines dominate to wreck the US economy and financial sector, with rampant capital destruction from ruinous policy all... the enormous extraordinary treatment for the national ills has fixed nothing, noticed by the citizenry, which is increasingly alarmed about a broken system... the panic has begun and the last open door is given to Gold & Silver before a big runup into January

    "Gold & Silver: Full Spectrum Dominance" -- to boast that Gold is burying the Bank stock index (zombies amok), and Gold outperforms the HUI mining stock index (metal over paper), while Silver leads the pack of commodities, and Silver even outpaces copper to dispute the claim that silver is just an industrial metal... expect profits from Gold positions to respond to the higher COMEX margin requirements, and move into fresh Silver positions... meanwhile the bubblicious USTreasury Bonds have not been slapped with any margin increases, only blessings and powerful Interest Rate Swap leveraged backing

    "Inflation & Deflation in a Storm" -- to show that inflation wins in finances and deflation wins in commercials seen in the Gold/Oil ratio, while the S&P500/Gold ratio shows the USEconomy in recession, suffering from the stuck 0% badge of dishonor worn by the USFed... central banks will continue to heavily debase the major currencies, the US with more QE and Stimulus but Europe with EUR 850 billion to bail out Italy & Spain (the next basket cases) which will erupt soon... money is being ruined in the Currency War, seen in Japan with failed intervention, seen in Switzerland to stall a rising Franc... Gold is being seen as the true safe haven, as sovereign bonds ruined at the periphery move to the core

    "License to Debase USDollar Further" -- to describe the vacant debt & budget deal that gives license to debase the USDollar further, while the Interst Rate Swap device is used to engineer false USTreasury demand (TNX < 2.6%) as the USEconomy recession enters its 4th year... the USFed has been chronically left without monetary policy options, as the plague of insolvency rots the nation, untreatable by amplified liquidity... Gold has broken out again, rising from low rates, sovereign bond wreckage, and price inflation... watch the wild card Italy, which must finance a mountain of debt by the end of this year... expect big Euro bank failures, at least 20 European Lehmans waiting in the weeds... the Gold price will respond to the crisis

    "Conscience of a Gold Investor" -- to reveal the dilemma within the gold investor who must put aside thoughts of taking opposition against the nation, since the leaders have loyalty to the syndicate, and not to the Constitution... the gold investor must consider survival and preservation of wealth as the systemic failure and financial implosion is guaranteed, more visible lately... the entire US economy and financial system is insolvent and entering the abyss, leaving the people with few options remaining, the Gold & Silver ones last... those taking the G&S reins will survive, the rest to become debt slaves guest-post-conscience-gold- investor

    "Supply, Demand & USDollar" -- to explain how the dynamics of supply meeting demand must adapt to an unstable currency in which the item is priced in equilibrium... the Deflationist Knuckleheads are confused by the sliding scale in the fluctuating (declining) USDollar... the constant is Gold, not the global reserve currency... a story is told of an exchange with a Deflationist misguided fool that reveals the flawed thinking and shallow mental capacity... monetary inflation destroys capital, and raises the cost structure not to where people can afford products but rather to where the dying USDollar dictates... bear in mind that Silver has been in deep deficit for well over a decade, heading past $100

    "Hidden Yen Signal & Gold Breakout" -- to bring attention to the Yen currency breakout above 125 as forecasted, which in April ushered a Global QE event to soak of USTBonds sold by Japan... the European sovereign debt crisis has seen contagion reach Italy, where bonds and bank stocks are being slammed... the impact will be huge, since Italy's economy is bigger (#8 in world) than triple the size of Greece, Portugal, and Ireland combined... Gold has broken out in US$ terms, Euro terms, and BPound terms, sure to be the sole safehaven as the monetary system collapses... the second half recovery will be in Gold & Silver

    "The Silver Platter Opportunity" -- an extreme bullish BUY signal is flashing from the Commitment of Traders report on commercial short/long ratio... the last two such extreme signals preceded big runups in the silver price, the latter signal in October 2008 which was followed by a 4-fold silver price gain in under 3 years... let the pictures tell the story, while the sovereign debt continues to turn into junk, while the major currencies continue to be debased in grand style, while the USGovt dithers on the budget amidst a debt limit, while the USEconomy falters badly, while price inflation picks up... nothing is being fixed or even attempted for remedy & solution, as the Too Big To Fail mantra serves as an epitaph on the US economic and financial system

    "The Great Misdiagnosis" -- to expose prescribed treatment of vast liquidity for the patient suffering widespread systemic insolvency, which will not cure anything but will ruin money at a tragic speed... no true solution will come since those in power will not order their own liquidation, but instead continue to order heavy doses of liquidity and credit... notice the lousy week of USTreasury auctions and the S&P500 stock index rebound, which signal that the risk trade is coming back and the QE bluff is over... it will continue by whatever name

    "Black Swans From New Normal" -- to identify several regiments of black swans from an armada, each an extreme warning signal, as the new normal has massaged crisis to be regarded as normalcy in a perversion of perception... QE to Infinity is certain to turn into Global QE, due to USFed actions, USTBond revulsion, USGovt finances, US banks sinking, COMEX distortions, European breakdown, as the Chinese take control of the G-20, own $3 trillion reserves, and buy discounted Euro PIGS debt... the Gold price has broken out in BPound terms, soon to do the same in Euros, Yen, and lastly USDollars

    "US Hurtles Toward Systemic Failure" -- to diagnose the nation as suffering from gross insolvency, relying upon monetary inflation to finance debt, while much innovation derives from financial fraud and military weaponry... the banks have at least $3 trillion less in assets than claimed, while they hold Loan Loss Reserves with the USFed, don't lend because they are insolvent, and keep foreign cash outside the US where growth prospects are more favorable... the USGovt meanwhile is grabbing G-Fund and Civil Service pensions funds to keep going, as it presides over a Graveyard strategy to prevent wage gains required to pay for higher costs... obviously QE3 will occur, perhaps even Global QE, as the USFed plays a clear bluff with a bad poker hand, and the USDollar enters a death spiral

    "Green Shoots, Exit Strategy, No QE3" -- to expose the deep deception in series that poses as USFed transparency, as the actual monetary policy goes directly opposite to their public pronouncements (due to incompetence or no integrity)... both 0% (ZIRP) and heavy debt monetization (QE) will not only continue, but they will intensify and grow as the entire world participates, especially after the Japanese sales of USTBonds resume, marking Global QE... the European sovereign bonds are fracturing again, while the USGovt dilly dallies with a debt limit and small cuts and huge protected spending... the key is that nothing has been remotely fixed during the global financial crisis, least of all inside the United States, which assures the continued aggravated ruin of money

    "Currency Deadend Paradoxes" -- to reveal some curious phenomena about the major currencies, beginning with an exposure of the bogus IMF basket plan as an exchange rate price fixing ploy... the US exporters will not realize any advantage from a lower USDollar, since they will deal with much higher cost increases than rivals... the Japanese Yen will continue to march upward, because of the growing trade deficit, since they cannot purchase foreign assets but must sell them instead... the Gold and Silver corrections are almost over, signaled by the absence of any rise in the USDollar, a mortally wounded vehicle
    "50 Factors Launching Gold" -- to rebutt the shallow drivel by Larry Fink of Blackstone, who claims gold rises just from world instability and not from inflation... numerous factors are presented in an orderly flow that en todo appear overwhelming and compelling except to the devotees of paper money and related securities based on trust (fast eroding or vanished)... the global monetary system is crumbling undeniably, sovereign debt is fracturing visibly, government debt is accumulating dangerously, and central banks have begun to coordinate their USTreasury Bond buying... soon QE will become universal, standardized, and hidden, even after it is denied on continuance... watch for the Saudis to part ways with the American protectors of their national pillage, watch for the new gold-backed Nordic Euro to pull the rug out from the dying USDollar, watch the shallow sham IMF plan to attempt a currency exchange price fix in the papyrus basket (sure to cause a uniform gold bull)
    "Deflationists & Blind Eyes" -- to expose the Deflationist Knuckleheads for their blindness, numerous wrong calls, inability to perceive the monetary inflation effects, and lack of insight of the entire pathogenesis that unfolds... they miss the complexity of high pressure zones (from monetary inflation) colliding with low pressure zones (from falling asset prices)... investment funds are running full speed away from the crippled corrupted USDollar, lifting up commodities of all types, soon to hit end products, and leading to urgent demands for wage hikes... they cannot recognize even the source of hyper-inflation which comes, the printing of money in the $trillions... they are an ignorant eloquent corrosive bunch, a laughing stock... the US is being isolated with its monetary machinery, inducing powerful price inflation

    "Surf Warning: Tsunami to Lift Gold" -- to describe the many financial effects of the Japanese disaster (apart from nuclear issues), with colossal monetary inflation endorsed by major central banks in an event in no way a repeat of the 2008 events... the combined effects for reconstruction & relief efforts are incredibly bullish for commodities (steel, cement, lumber, fuel) and Gold & Silver, and despite coordinated CB action the USDollar continues to decline... witness a GLOBAL QE to help the USFed to purchase the USTBonds sold by Japan to pay for costs, as Japan must sell foreign assets in order to avoid domestic price inflation... observe the desperate attempt to stem the unwind closeout for the Yen Carry Trade, which will persistently lift the Yen currency, aggravated by a new upcoming trade deficit for Japan in a paradox, as the electronic supply chain will be disrupted badly, making certain a global inflationary recession... their new trade deficit will LIFT the Yen more, as most analysts will get this wrong... add it up and $2000 Gold, $70 Silver

    "QE: Hyper-Inflation to Oblivion" -- to forecast that the Quantitative Easing programs will continue without end, since each QE round causes great damage in multiple ways, assuring the next round, which has put the USDollar in great danger of falling below recent historical critical support... each new QE round will send the st1lace w:st="on"> US$ currency to lower ground, since the stuck 0% official rate actually slows the USEconomy, while the integrity of the entire USGovt financial prestige is gradually eroded... QE provides the needed infinite funds to keep the USTBond bubble alive, an urgent requirement, but it cannot succeed

    "Bang Bang Maxwell Silver Hammer" -- to pound home the explosive silver price breakout that comes exactly as forecasted, amidst grotesque global shortages, seen at the COMEX (where contracts are coerced in cash settlement with at least 25% bonus), seen at several major mints (vacant of silver supply), and seen in funds attempting to source silver (like at Sprott Fund)... the silver price paused at 28-31 en route to 40, as gold finally has confirmed, a backfire effect of the reckless QE2 money printing and bond purchase initiative in the US Weimar event that has set off global hyper price inflation in full blown spillover

    "QE2: The Road to a Gold Standard" -- to announced raging food price inflation, a consequence of the reckless QE2 monetary inflation committed by the USFed, despite their shallow shrug of responsibility or connection... the cost squeeze is intense, soon to worsen, as businesses and households feel the pinch, and the USEconomy will suffer massive job losses... QE2 has put forth the threat of both price hyper-inflation and USTreasury Bond default, as the smothering systemic effects are felt from bailouts of criminal large banks... a Gold Standard has been discussed on a widening basis, which would enforce discipline and prevent runaway national deficits... notice silver in a breakout (target: $50/oz), leading gold, which will soon confirm

    "Mythology & Official Nonsense" -- to list and refute the many elaborate absurd notions put forth by the USGovt, USFed, and Wall Street that testify to continued mythology and provide political cover for the highly destructive monetary inflation ordered within the QE2 program... numerous falsities are promoted, despite almost all past falsities having been totally discredited like Green Shoots and an Exit Strategy... the powerful side effect of QE2 is powerful global price inflation as a cost to support elite bankers and dead banks... while the US has lost its way with capitalism, China grabs the mantle while it accumulates gold & silver in various avenues... notice the strong silver rebound

    "China Plays Europe Card" -- to describe the powerful new channel with numerous important side effects, as the Chinese dump USTBonds by buying PIGS sovereign debt at discount, enlist Europe as trade partner ally, isolate the USGovt on its trade war, secure German technology (gratitude for taking over the welfare costs), and convert quietly their toxic EuroBonds with PIGS-kin markings to gold bullion with the aid of harlot IMFund... given the prospect of heavily discounted gold purchases from the back door, the Chinese have eased their demand from the COMEX front door contributor=Jim+Willie+CB

    "Long Shadows Cast Over USEconomy" -- to describe numerous dark shadows lurking over the nation, as bond outflows match the stock outflows, the fascist USGovt battles to preserve the heavy war spending (revealed priorities), the shadow home inventory serves as huge supply in waiting, multitudes take lesser jobs with lesser incomes, and retail leaders are on the ropes (like Sears), as the complex society exhausts its reserves and corrupts its regulatory bodies... gold rises from the mammoth debasement of money itself, urged along by the debt writedowns forced upon foreign creditors, the United States being the world's most egregious currency manipulator

    "The Ultimate Cost of 0% Money" -- to broadcast that putting money almost free has contributed to widespread capital destruction in the USEconomy, as 0% usury is the root cause, since asset speculation led to neglect of working capital in industry... the 0% usury required extreme leverage with Interest Rate Swaps to enforce over two decades, resulting in extreme distortion of every financiall market, and granting license for massive fraud... so perverse is the capital destruction, that vehicles like home equity extraction accelerated the process, gutting homes and setting up owners for foreclosure... negative real rate of interest and crumbling monetary system are 2 of 4 major factors lighting a fire under the Gold & Silver price, as US economists remain ignorant of both the fire and the capital ruin

    "Chinese Take-Out (of USEconomy)" -- to trace the stages of the utterly disastrous relationship between China and the US, beginning with Most Favored Nation status, then the dispatch of a large segment of the US mfg base, the insane Low Cost Solution movement to feed the neurotic US consumer, then grand accumulation of USTBonds in Chinese reserves, lost US sovereignty to the creditor, then accusations of Yuan currency manipulation (not a problem before), outright trade war, while the US become dependent upon asset bubbles and clean financial engineering... the USEconomy suffered a broad insolvent event that is leading to a certain USTreasury debt default, since its economic base has inadequate legitimate income potential to repay escalating debt... the death is happening now, as Chinese convert USTBonds to Gold, and leak plans to London brokers in braggadocio

    "QE2 & The Great Misdiagnosis" -- to explain how the USFed is treating a broad national insolvency problem as though it were an illiquidity problem, working the monetary firehose when the building is collapsing, as global leaders realize no liquidity strains exist whatsoever, having lost respect for the US bankers... the COMEX raised margin requirements in a limp weak gesture, with only a stall as a result, the Asian silver buyers undeterred and determined to take down the corrupt Anglo bankers... observe the silver breakout in Europe and the imminent gold breakout... the Irish Bank problem has been pushed forward in order to deflect attention from the death of Bank of America

    "The Silver Alpha" -- to explain the unique Silver asset, with inelastic supply & demand, with strong Beta volatility, with strong Alpha from gradual release from corrupt clutches in price suppression, whose mine output is meager but investment demand is powerful... the details of QE2 cancer have been laid out at $600 billion in USTBonds, but expect a TARP-2 to be wrapped in the additional $300 billion in mortgage assets... both figures will double as the chaos is unleashed and the cost structure of the USEconomy rises in ugly reckless dangerous fashion while mortgage lawsuits mushroom in a cavalcade of fraud on stage in full view... Silver over $25!!

    "Imminent Big Bank Death Spiral" -- to warn that the mortgage foreclosure scandal poses a grand threat to big banks (watch the BKX stock index), ripe for huge new losses, as MERS & REMIC stand as twin RICO pillars of corruption... the Put-Back of bonds to issuing banks could make another $500 billion in losses, whose rescue might require a hidden TARP-2 rolled into the QE2, urged to be smaller than planned by G-20 ministers... bond monetization will happen to defy foreign creditors, since big banks urgently need it, but it will lift further the cost structure of the USEconomy when income engines are corroded further... Gold is seen as the safer haven during the worsening storm, in consolidation before a move to $1400

    "The Greek Dollar Swap Window" -- to describe a clever conduit for China to dump USTBonds as they purchase discounted European Govt debt, with much more volume to come, which explains in part the Euro surge... the USDollar integrity is challenged by QE2, pervasive mortgage fraud (including securities), and an upcoming TARP-2 bank bailout... the Competing Currency War heats up bigtime with open hostility, as OPEC discusses discontinued US$ usage in oil sales and China pursues global resource properties

    "Thoreau, RICO & Mortgage Fraud" -- to warn that legal prosecution of home foreclosures from fraudulent titles has caused a freeze in a few states, which could spawn much broader voluntary defaults with challenges, and declaration of the MERS title database being a RICO racketeering tool... civil disobedience could push the big crooked banks over the edge, even cause a systemic failure... witness the climax of the Fascist Business Model urged by a macro credit cycle liquidation process... Gold & Silver are in strong breakout mode, the hedge against monetary system breakdown, currency debasement, and banking system shutdown potential

    "Competing Currency War in View" -- to herald the war to devalue currencies heating up, as economies and export trade are defended in the race to the bottom... delayed QE2 will act like a cancer, pushing Europe to undermine its currency, while several nations have joined the destructive fray... the breakdown in the monetary system is accelerating, and the Gold & Silver prices have registered record highs, but watch their ratio, now favoring Silver

    "Permanent 0% on Road to Ruin" -- to explain why the USFed cannot hike interest rates, since doing so would kill the US in five clear loud ways... the march to ruin continues unabated as heavy monetary growth must be sustained also, assuring the total undermine of the USDollar, a shared condition with other currencies that are fast losing confidence... Sept 21st will be a watershed date, the endorsement of endless QE inflation to monetize debt, a lock for the Gold price to reach the moon, as the guaranteed USGovt debt bubble is fed... a harsh critique is offered of two block-headed forecasts by Nouriel Roubini, who has become a propaganda mouthpiece and purveyor of economic and financial stupidity

    "The Ominous Silent Canary" -- to identify the Greenspan betrayal to his own held gold theories, his role of building the housing & mortgage bubbles, his role in serial bubble blowing, and the final USTreasury Bond asset bubble with his fingerprints... the mainstream begins to understand gold, but at a shallow level without benefit of the full implications, meaning, and repercussions, since they do not realize the system cannot be fixed, as all misguided attempts add $1000 more potential to the gold price and add $20 to silver, in a price explosion that is still very early

    "Gold & Investment in Failure" -- to point out the impact of USGovt deep investment in failure, fraud, and banker welfare, as the monetary system corrodes, big zombie banks suffer constipation... actual recovery is not remotely possible without a liquidation of big bank assets, but they control the USGovt, hence much more wasted and pilfered money will erode the monetary pillars much more, lift the gold price toward $3000, and lead to ruin for the US Federal Reserve, assuring a USTreasury default, the path built, the signposts not yet written... the true stories about the major failed firms is full of intrigue and gold angles, thus preventing meltdowns GoldenJackass/1283372764.php

    "Cancer & Desperation of QE2" -- to warn that the next monetization phase shows desperation, as No Exit Strategy ever was available, and the housing renewed decline will cause a clear recession in the US, forcing cancerous measures and perverse programs, like diverse bonds being covered by printed money, like a Fannie Mae grab of all under-water mortgages... the risk of QE2 is direct huge loss of credibility for the USFed, lost faith in the USDollar... witness silver has separated from the commodities (weak metals & energy, strong gold & silver), taking its place as a monetary asset, as September is the strongest month for precious metals

    "Naked Shorts as Liquidity Machine" -- since Wall Street banks died in October 2008, and their stock & bond business has dried up (due to lawsuits, scandal, and distrust), they have resorted to naked shorting of USGovt-backed USTreasurys and USAgency Mortgage Bonds... the failure to deliver in US mortgage debt was $1.34 trillion in the single week of July 21st... they have found a lucrative liquidity machine in selling that which they do not own, but thanks to a Goldman Sachs preppy at every conceivable regulatory or finance ministry post, prosecution will not occur... implications to the USDollar are vast, as profound fraud in naked bond shorting has followed profound mortgage bond fraud

    "Major Structural Changes in One Year" -- to refute claims that nothing has changed, although the scandalous corrupt power regime remains in control, since several important changes can be identifiied that irreversibly alter the status quo... gold has become a recognized reserve asset, the gold shortage has grown acute, sovereign debt has lost respect as an asset class, the USEconomy is entering a recession after 20 months of 0% rate (permanent fixture), the QE monetization is permanent (gold propellant skyward), and the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem is deeply damaged

    "Kindergarten Double Dip Economics" -- to teach basic economics using various simple signals, like falling money supply, falling leading economic indicators, falling home purchases, rising bank owned home inventory, falling housing prices, rising commercial delinquency, and rising jobless claims, thus exposing economists as the dumbest guys in the room

    "Smoking Guns of USTreasury Monetization" -- to expose evidence of bond fraud and blatant monetization, where $1.5 trillion excess issuance beyond deficits have been sold (money gone where?), the United Kingdom hides their additional $170 billion bought in five months (hardly! with crippled economy), the Household category hides the accounting in a catch-all ledger item, where the Household actually holds more USTBonds than the US Federal Reserve, and with full insult, the Chinese Dagong credit rating agency downgraded USTreasurys

    "Crisis Redux: Road to Perdition" -- to warn of a serious stock market decline and economic recession, worse than the crisis last autumn 2008, since no attempt has been made to reform or restructure the system, nor liquidate impaired assets, seen as the US Stock Market appears poised to fall over the cliff's edge, after over $2 trillion of federal money has been squandered... gold is more recognized as a global reserve currency alternative during the siege of sovereign debt, while enormous USTreasury issuance has perversely come with a lower 3.0% yield on the long bond, and the USGovt and USFed have withdrawn the stimulus and accommodation... beware the housing market in a powerful second deadly dive, which will enable recognition of the return to crisis, a Crisis Redux comes, and a new Quantitative Easing

    "The Path to Gold-Backed Euro Currency" -- to portray the IMF Special Drawing Rights as a desperate doomed attempt (Straw Man) by the Anglo bankers to hold power, so as to oppose the G-20 which pursues radical monetary solutions not centered upon the USDollar... the Anglos wish to de-rail the Paradigm Shift away from the USDollar as global reserve currency, which has put foreign reserves at grave risk and has given the US license to commit fraud, to counterfeit, to wage war, and to build an economy of foreign credit... Europe must react to ruin from PIGS nation debt, like with a legitimate gold-backed currency, since a paper currency can NEVER replace a paper currency

    "PIGS-Less Euro at the Door" -- to describe the powerful forces acting upon the PIGS nations (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) that will separate from common Euro currency usage, from debt restructure to economic stimulus to autonomy, with Italy next due to its large debt to finance (9x Greece) in 2010, and Spain next due to fantasy accounting and prices for property & bank credit assets... in fact, the PIGS-less Euro is a precursor for the gold-backed New Northern Euro currency in a natural progression

    "Hidden Dollar Swap Hammer" -- to describe the abuse of the USFed Dollar Swap Facility in funding the gold price suppression, as gold futures options expiration motivated a pounce on gold when the USTreasurys were near the point of technical chart breakdown, but the gold chart remains on course with its breakout, assured of endless Quantitative Easing and evermore economic stimulus... beware of Interpol activity in the United States, as reports of high profile banker arrest warrants in plan

    "Shock Events & Gold Breakout" -- to reveal the incredibly long list of extremely shocking events in the last year, now the norm, as the fiat currency system is stuck in death throes, confirmed daily by the sovereign debt crisis circling the globe, whose fix is certainly not the latest $Trillion bailout, since the Euro currency is lower than before the announced non-REMEDY... watch Gold, in breakout mode in almost every major currency in existence, regarded as a currency of last resort, a safe haven amidst broken government debt

    "The Devaluation of the USDollar" -- to argue the urgent need of a lower US$ exchange rate, due not for money supply reasons as much as debt reasons, aggravated by huge future obligations for funding Black Holes still spinning, as the central banks are locked at 0% indefinitely and the US financial system suffers from massive loss of confidence stemming from the string of fraudulent episodes, the latest being the Goldman Sachs fraud case

    "Two Signposts & Stealth Run" -- to cite two signals that contradict the message of a strengthening USDollar, in the 10-year USTreasury yield hitting 4.0% (the nemesis to Gold) and in the crude oil price touching $90 (indication of high economic costs), as all USDollar hedges and adversaries show weakness at an unprecedented time of market rigging within the Gold market, a development forewarned by the Jackass... the Gold price prepares for a challenge of highs as psychological damage to all major paper currencies is staggering dangerous great

    "The Tipping Point at Zero" -- to point out the broken nature of US debt structures, as marginal productivity of debt is negative, thus when price inflation arrives, it will NOT be mild, as parallels between the USFed and Weimar central banker are alarming, while the gold price has broken out in Euro terms, in Pound Sterling terms, and next in US$ terms, pushed by the next Quantitative Easing rounds

    "Distress Signals on Crisis Watch" -- to make a partial list of the cornucopia of the events that scream out C-R-I-S-I-S across many different topics in the financial and economic world, an alarming array never witnessed in my lifetime, with crisis the new norm, as the gold price soon escapes a tight pennant pattern, like when the next Quantitative Easing program is announced

    "Over-Arching Sovereign Debt Risk" -- to reveal recent suspicious USTreasury auctions smelling of massive monetized debt (fully denied before Congress), as rumblings circle the globe on high profile defaults, a Moodys warning to USTreasury downgrade complacency, high economic costs to Europe as the Euro currency rises, while quietly a Gold rally in all currencies has begun

    "Complete Crisis Coordination" -- to explain how crisis has become the norm, with an exit strategy not available, the economy burdened by home foreclosures and falling money supply, while the Dollar Death Dance part II is underway, manifested in a rising US$ due to intolerance for sovereign debt and lost faith in fiat currencies, and the USGovt debt looking as pathetic as Greece and Spain... dont look now but Gold in Euros just made a record high!!

    "Breakdown in the Gold Market" -- to herald the divergence between the paper gold contract price and the true physical gold price, leading to a potential shutdown of the totally corrupted gold exchanges, as gold bullion rapidly exits the London metals exchange amidst skyrocketing demand, and the syndicate hopes to produce gold from margin calls while clearinghouse supply lines have been interrupted, during which London has been targeted by independent auditors & inspectors, billionaire account holders, and Interpol police (written article) (Contrary Investors Cafe Radio interview)

    "2010: Giant Gathering Storm Clouds" -- to warn of numerous highly disruptive events, each with huge impact potential to change the global financial structure, each with more than a minimal chance, from a wide spectrum of arenas, all consistent with Global Paradigm Shift, the key being no reform or restructure or liquidation having even remotely occurred, which pressures breakdown events

    "Fannie Debt Merger Monetization" -- to scream new unlimited funding for the grand Black Hole that is Fannie Mae, which exposes USTreasury Default risk to the USAgency Mortgage Bonds (now tied at hip), as commercial banks will dump more mortgages on Fannie to make room for fresh bank losses, the US bank leaders move headlong into vast monetization despite talk of its end, and the USGovt prepares to become the biggest rental landlord in a nation moving quickly to a communist state

    "Zero Corner, Debt Costs & Isolation" -- to report on the isolation that China has imposed upon the USGovt, as Beijing no longer buys USTreasurys so the USGovt must resort heavily upon monetization, as the US recession is evident from reduced foreign trade surpluses with which to buy USTBonds, while the USGovt wishes to continue near 0% debt financing, but that 0% continues the powerful Dollar Carry Trade, even if the US$ rally occurred when it was less ugly than the Euro

    "Full Circle of Govt Debt Default" -- the Dubai default triggers a continuation of the global credit crisis, with European sovereign debt downgrades likely to result in defaults, a split of the European Monetary Union soon (common euro usage), with a full circle hitting the United States via a run on the USDollar and USTreasury Default, made certain by the total lack of remedy or reform in the US alongside rampant debt monetization and a clearly insolvent US Federal Reserve

    "Gold Desafio: Global Struggle" -- to stress the global titanic struggle for banking control, featuring the gold-dollar balance beam lies at its center, with GLD shares abused to settle gold futures contracts, and Chinese still in firm control of gold, while the Dubai debt collapse serves as another correct forecast (see August article), even as a pack of compromised clowns continue to denigrate gold

    "Ultimate Conditions for Recovery" -- to present 4 indisputable conditions before economic recovery is possible, with emphasis that no conceivable Exit Strategy can be implemented, as the gold price jaunts toward 1000 and silver toward 18 again, as excess capacity will confound the clueless economists who ignore the lost supply production

    "Golden Accumulation Opportunity" -- to contradict the notion of any flight to safety in the USDollar, which is a stupid proposition given the global revolt against it and utterly bankrupt insolvent fundamentals for USGovt and USEconomy, and to explain a painful paradox that the USDollar served as the global wellspring for growth and credit, and must therefore serve as the Black Hole for currency implosion, so take advantage of the discounted gold & silver prices, and load the truck
    Golden Accumulation Opportunity

    "End of US$ Global Reserve Currency" -- to tie together a powerful vicious cycle of both financial and commercial forces that will ensure both de-throne of US$ as global reserve currency and its steady relentless lethal decline, as the US$ must next stand on its own merit, that being of Third World
    Kitco - Commentaries - Jim Willie CB

    "13 Reasons for Major Gold Breakout" -- to cite significant but largely overlooked factors for the gold move over $1000, which pertain to a fractured monetary system and global revolt, as only the excessive money printing is noticed by mainstream

    "US Bank Enemies at the Gates" -- to warn of the rear flank threat, like the Persian Gulf, as USTreasury creditors globally suffer major problems of their own that could rippled to London and New York, while the slow-to-act FDIC funds are in the red, and monetization of USTBonds is hardly hidden (NB: CORRECT FORECAST)

    "Monetization of USTreasurys in Isolation" -- to alert about the exodus by foreigners from US$-based bonds, in particular the USCorporates and USAgency Mortgages, which are being abandoned, as monetization of the USGovt deficits is obvious

    "Abandoned USDollar & Paradigm Shift" -- to forewarn of a new global system whereby commerce will increasingly be conducted outside the US$ for settlements, in a bottoms up approach to de-throne the global reserve currency (oh, by the way, the USDollar breakdown has BEGUN !!!)
    Kitco - Commentaries - Jim Willie CB

    "Hitmen Contracts To Bust COMEX" -- to warn of hired parties to kill the US$-Gold corrupted COMEX link that controls the US financial structure, whose preliminary work is well underway with gold bullion removal, as the creditors have had just about enough of the despicable US-UK bank nazis.. defaults cometh!

    "Loud Paradigm Shift Rumblings" -- to herald a grand global shift that will dethrone the US$, take power from corrupt US-UK bankers and put it with the Creditor group led by China, Arabs, and others, signaled by recent UAE rejections of Saudis, while the Abu Dhabi financiers court Russia for a New Alliance instead

    "USDollar Death Dance" -- to depict the current US$ rally as final, since it is based upon liquidation, as all fundamentals are wretched, gold market is on the verge of default, debtor nations desperately attempting to fashion a new global banking system, but all parties are motivated to sever the US$ as global reserve currency

    GOLDEN JACKASS.COM - The Golden Jackass Knows Gold, Currencies & Bonds"
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