Jim Willie: US Plans to Blame Russia for Coming Dollar Collapse!

Posted on August 30, 2014 by The Doc

Jim Willie joined TFMetalsReport this weekend for a special holiday podcast. In this excellent report from the Hat Trick Letter editor, Willie discusses:

  • This week’s announcement by Gazprom that they will begin accepting payment in rubles and yuan
  • The escalation of US and EU sanctions against Russia and how they are failing/backfiring
  • Willie explains the US’ motives for provoking Russia via Ukraine: To entice Russia to prematurely move to place the Ruble into a reserve currency status, and ultimately, to blame Putin/Russia for the coming US dollar collapse!
  • The growing isolation of the US as a economic superpower
  • The eventual emergence of a new global currency regime & collapse of the dollar

60 full MUST LISTEN minutes of Pure Golden Jackass are below:

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