Judge Nap on Holder: ‘This Is a Constitutional Crisis’

by Fox News Insider // Jul 15 2014 // 1:29pm
As seen on The Kelly File

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On last night’s The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly and Judge Andrew Napolitano analyzed a recent interview Attorney General Eric Holder conducted with ABC News.

Kelly pointed out that during the “softball” interview Holder was not asked difficult questions—particularly related to the investigation into former IRS official Lois Lerner and the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups—and he even suggested at one point that criticism of the Obama administration had a racial component.
“This is not a political crisis. This is a constitutional crisis,” Judge Napolitano stated. “The American people have a right to know there is a chief law enforcement officer of the land and he is A.) enforcing the law impartially and B.) telling the truth about what he is doing. It appears that the attorney general is doing neither.”
Both Kelly and Napolitano drew issue with the lack of tough questions in the interview. “The interviewer did not probe the defects in the Department of Justice,” said Judge Napolitano. “This is beyond politics. This is the American people going to bed at night without knowing that the important federal laws are being enforced and with knowing that the person in charge of them is misleading them about what the Department of Justice is doing.”
“It is a gift and a special trust to be the attorney general of the United States. Eric Holder is a smart person and a very good lawyer, but he is not taking his job seriously.”

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