'It Appears Obama Has Given Up His Constitutional Role as President'

by Fox News Insider // Jul 29 2014 // 12:20pm
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Once again, President Obama is looking to use his executive powers to modify ObamaCare, going around Congress. This time, it's a proposed rule that would expand insurance through the Affordable Care Act to temporary and seasonal government workers.
The law, as it was passed, prohibits extending coverage to temporary employees. The move comes as House Speaker John Boehner pursues a lawsuit against the president for using executive orders instead of seeking changes to laws through Congress.
Judge Andrew Napolitano said this morning that this is "yet another violation of the Constitution" because once again the president is moving to spend money that was not authorized by Congress.
Steve Doocy said it looks like the White House is "making it up as they go" because President Obama "essentially has given up."
"It appears as though he has given up his constitutional role as president and has now taken on the role of ideologue in chief to change whatever laws he can by whatever means he can in the two years he has remaining. The Constitution be damned. He may have some interesting ideas, but the Congress writes the law and the Congress spends the money, not the president," said Napolitano.
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