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    Kitty Pilgrim of CNN on the CFR!!!!!! ... kitty.html

    Kitty Pilgrim

    Kitty Pilgrim is a New York-based correspondent for CNN Business News, the division of CNN Worldwide that produces business news for CNN/U.S., CNN International, Headline News, CNN Airport Network, CNNRadio, and the Web site CNN/Money. Pilgrim serves as a regular correspondent for Lou Dobbs Tonight.

    Pilgrim joined CNN Business News in 1986 as a production assistant. From 1988-1990, she served as writer and field producer for Moneyline and as a writer and producer for Inside Business. In 1990, Pilgrim was named a business news correspondent. Prior to her current position, Pilgrim anchored CNNís morning program Early Edition, as well as CNNís Your Money, a program that informs viewers about personal finance.

    Pilgrim also served as a correspondent for CNNís Southeast Bureau and was the lead correspondent on the Birmingham, Ala., abortion clinic bombing in 1998 and the subsequent hunt for suspect Eric Rudolph. Pilgrimís business and general-news experience also includes having reported extensively on the Russian economy and the end of apartheid in South Africa. She won an Overseas Press Club Citation Award for her coverage of the Russian economy in 1991, and a New York Association of Black Journalists Award for her apartheid reports in 1993. She was also part of the CNN Moneyline team that won an Overseas Press Club Award for its week of unprecedented live broadcasts from Havana, Cuba, in 1995.

    In January 2000, Pilgrim was elected to the Council on Foreign Relations and is an active participant in the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs Roundtable on Foreign Policy.

    Pilgrim earned a degree in political science and Russian from Manhattanville College and a masterís from Columbia University in international affairs/Soviet studies. She also studied at the Harriman Institute for Advanced Study of the Soviet Union.
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    Wow, that is impressive but she's on the Council of Foreign Relations???? Oh dear.
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    In January 2000, Pilgrim was elected to the Council on Foreign Relations and is an active participant in the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs Roundtable on Foreign Policy.
    I would say that just about caps it.

    DO not rely on others to do what needs to be done. GO directly to your local newspapers with the documentation available in these archives and demand to know why they are not covering these events and alerting the population to the truth.

    You need to be very cautious when making decisions to vote. This is part of the game. Distrust the current group in power and replace them with the hand picked second string! (the Dems) Americans are too (BLANK) lazy to do the homework that might prevent tragedy.
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    I always pick the person, not the party. We need more independents in office.
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    I wonder what Lou Dobbs thinks about this, especially since the CFR is one of the major driving forces behind NAU.

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