L.A. Parole Sweep Nets 77 Arrests

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Created: 12:11 pm
Last Update: 12:15 pm

Authorities have arrested 77 people in a massive Los Angeles-area parole sweep.

Nearly 1,000 state, local and federal agents spread out Thursday morning to determine whether 300 people who went to prison for gun crimes are obeying their parole terms. Violators could go back to prison.

Besides the arrests, authorities seized drugs and 21 weapons.

At a news conference, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said parole system reforms made earlier this year are providing more funding and helping authorities to focus on high-risk offenders.

Since the reforms took effect in January, nearly 2,300 parolees have been located or arrested. Recent parole sweeps in Oakland and Fresno have targeted gang members and sex offenders.

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