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    Las Vegas road rage shooter arrested

    Erich Milton Nowsch Jr.:
    5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Published 4:30 pm EST, February 19, 2015 Updated 5:01 pm EST, February 19, 2015
    By Paul Farrell

    Erich Milton Nowsch Jr has been named as the suspect in the road rage shooting of Tammy Meyers in Las Vegas on February 13. Meyers died a day later in hospital Valentine’s Day. He was arrested following a standoff with police on February 19.
    Here’s what you need to know:

    1. He’s Being Charged With 1st Degree Murder

    Nowsch was arrested after a standoff at his mother’s home in Las Vegas. His mother’s name is Kathleen Nowsch. He’s facing charges of murder, attempted murder and discharging a gun within a vehicle.

    You can watch video from the standoff above.

    2. His Father Died 5 Years Ago This Month
    This was posted to Nowsch’s Instagram two years ago. He goes by Moblife18 on the site.

    His father, Erich Nowsch Senior, died “suddenly” in February 2010.

    His obit reads that he was a “master craftsman” and a “kind, loving and fun person.” Erich Jr. was his only son. The obit says Erich’s mother, Kathleen, was Erich Sr.’s “former wife.”

    3. Tammy Meyers Was Shot Dead After Taking Her Daughter for a Driving Lesson

    Meyers, a mother of four, was shot dead after a road rage incident occurred while she was taking her 15-year-old daughter out for a driving lesson. It’s believed that during the shooting that killed Tammy Meyers, her son, Brandon, shot at the suspect. The incident began when Meyers got into a minor accident with a man. That turned into an argument. She drove her daughter home and then got her son, Brandon, to come out with her to search for the man who she argued with.

    Meyers told her son to bring his legally bought gun with him.

    After being unable to find the man, she and her son returned home. Shortly after, the man appeared at their home. Shots were fired by both sides, during that exchange Meyers was killed.

    4. Tammy’s Husband Called Nowsch an ‘Animal’

    Robert Meyers at the scene of Nowsch’s arrest. (Screengrab via Fox 5 Vegas)

    At the standoff, Meyers’ husband, Robert, went to the scene and called Nowsch an “animal.” Fox 5 Vegas reports that Robert Meyers yelled at Nowsch “Are you happy?”

    5. He’s a Regular Weed Smoker

    On his Facebook page, Nowsch says that he’s a native of South Bound Brook, New Jersey and now lives in Las Vegas. His Instagram and Facebook pages are littered with photos of him smoking weed.
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