Law Prof Gets Cute with Trey Gowdy On IRS Scandal & Gets Perp-Walked to the Democrat Walk of Shame

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The Democrats thought it would be a good idea to invite Professor Charles Tiefer, a fierce critic of the GOP’s lawsuit against President Obama, to testify against the creation of a Special Counsel for the IRS scandal. They were wrong.
Trey Gowdy’s tough and incisive arguments put Tiefer on the defensive, making it difficult for the Harvard Law grad to answer even basic questions:
“Would you seat a juror, in a trial, who referred to your client as an obscene body part?”
“I really have trouble to giving you an answer except that—“
“Well, then you would starve to death as a lawyer if you can’t answer that question, professor. You would seriously consider seating a juror in a trial, a criminal trial, where your client was accused of a crime, if that juror had referred to your client as an obscene body part, you would struggle with whether or not to strike that juror?”
It only gets worse for the law prof from there. Poor Democrats, it looks like you can’t talk your way out of everything.