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Thread: Levin: America doesn’t need ‘more laws, more government.’ It needs more virtue

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    Levin: America doesn’t need ‘more laws, more government.’ It needs more virtue

    Levin: America doesn’t need ‘more laws, more government.’ It needs more virtue

    August 6, 2019

    Monday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin addressed the political blame game following the weekend shootings in Texas and Ohio and talked about what America really needs in response: Virtue.

    “We all knew as soon as these slaughters occurred, the first and then the second, they would blame the president and the NRA and the Second Amendment,” Levin began. “This is not the way the media are supposed to function. This is not the way politics in America is supposed to work. We have a broken culture.”

    “And there’s one word that’s missing in Washington; there’s one word that’s missing in the press; there’s one word that’s missing among politicians,” the host continued. “It’s the word virtue.”

    Levin pointed out how virtue has been pushed off of television, out of movies, and out of the public square.

    “Morality’s up for grabs; people celebrate immorality. They even want to give it legal protections,” Levin remarked. “The breakdown of the civil society: It’s all around us.”

    “We’re to blame video games; we’re to blame social media and social media companies, mental illness, the Second Amendment. We just need more laws, more government. Is that what we need?” Levin said. “Or we go back to some tried and true principles and beliefs and values: Virtue.”

    Listen: (at Link)

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