Likelihood of DEATH from Covid mRNA jabs a hundred times greater than from flu vaccines, research reveals

05/21/2024 // S.D. Wells // 1.3K Views

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The former CDC Director, Dr. Redfield, just admitted on television that a number of Americans are "quite ill and they never had Covid, but they are ill from the vaccine." Let that sink in for a moment. We're talking about a doctor who was in charge of the Centers for Disease Control confessing that the spike protein jabs are dangerous, and that the entire medical community has known this from the rollout, but kept it hidden so they wouldn't lose "public confidence" in the CDC and FDA. That's like revealing that hamburgers or milk are toxic and deadly, but the food industry isn't telling the public because they don't want to lose confidence in the government agencies that oversee food safety.Health agencies lack transparency because they are corrupt to the core, it's as simple as that

Dr. Redfield lamented the loss of public confidence because the truth about the dangers of the mRNA jabs was concealed by the health agencies, so that most Americans would remain in the dark about spike protein syndrome, until it was too late. Don't trigger the masses by alerting them that the spike proteins can clog the vascular system, strain the heart, cause CNS dysfunction, cross the blood-brain barrier and cause the immune system to attack a fetus and kill it. Still, Redfield couldn't help but tow the narrative further, by adding that the jabs still "saved a lot of lives." Really? Prove it.
If the medical industry was honest, then instead of claiming tens of millions of Americans "died with Covid," they would properly list that data from this plandemic as "Died though vaccinated for Covid," and "Died from Covid though vaccinated for Covid," or "Died unexpectedly after Covid vaccination."
Now the CDC former director is blowing the whistle after admitting that millions of medical professionals were pressured into silence when it came to properly casting blame on the toxic spike protein jabs, that create millions of deadly prions in the body and brain, forever.
Advanced CKM Syndrome is Sweeping the Nation: Research reveals 90% of America is likely suffering from spike protein syndrome

Guard your heart, brain and kidneys, folks, the Centers for Disease Continuance wants you to be a guinea pig for the spike prion injection experiment. It's a gene-mutating "technology" advancement in "medicine" that has a 90% chance of causing major heart problems for you, with the intent of protecting you from a lab-concocted, gain-of-function virus that has less than a one hundredth of one percent chance of killing you.
It's called (Advanced) Cardiovascular-Kidney-Metabolic Syndrome (CKM), and it's caused by having millions of Covid-19-virus-mimicking prions sticking to blood vessel walls, clustering as microscopic nanotech particles that inform your immune system that every part of your body is under attack from millions of "novel" foreign invaders, all day and night, 24/7/365.
Now 90 percent of all Americans who got the Covid jabs have all but been "diagnosed" with cardiovascular issues due to spike protein syndrome "CKM." Their rate of fatty buildup in their arteries, veins and capillaries can be attributed to the Fauci Flu shots that all the "disease experts" recommended we all get if we wanted to save the planet from the Wuhan lab syndrome experiment.
That's why the likelihood of DEATH from Covid mRNA jabs a hundred times greater than from flu vaccines. Now instead of mercury crossing the blood-brain barrier, microscopic protein prions are clogging the blood vessels, neurons and blood flow to the brain, depriving it of oxygen. Vaccines went from being slow killers to quick killers almost overnight. Now, bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on Long-Vax-Syndrome (CKM) that's sweeping the nation and the world as you read this.
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Likelihood of DEATH from Covid mRNA jabs a hundred times greater than from flu vaccines, research reveals –