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    An increasingly frustrated and intolerant left now is making the war against President Trump “personal,” and it remains to be seen where it ends up.

    That’s from talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

    The comments came in light of investigators and reporters looking into claims of secret information held in a newspaper’s safe, the financial status of the Trump organization and even activities of his children.

    “Here’s the question, folks. What do you think Donald Trump would do – if I’m right and if the objective here is to ruin him and the Trump Organization – and if you wipe out the Trump Organization, I mean, financially wipe it out, what have you also done?” he said on Friday.

    “You’ve wiped out his children, you’ve wiped out his grandchildren, you’ve wiped him out, you have taken away and destroyed and ruined whatever has been built. There’s no ‘there’ there anymore. Would Trump allow that to happen, allow the attempt, would he continue to stay in office and continue to implement his agenda to make America great again and then try to win reelection in 2020, or would he resign to save the futures of his children and grandchildren?”
    Limbaugh said he thinks there are more than those two options.

    “But that’s what they’re trying to make him think about. I have no doubt, and it is personal, it is not criminal, it is not civil; it’s personal. These people despise Donald Trump, and they are not hiding that, and it’s people that Mueller has hired to be his investigators. It may be Mueller personally. I think it’s Comey personally. I think Strzok Smirk and all these other people literally, personally hate Trump because he ran for office and won. I think it’s personal, deeply, darkly personal. I think all these analysts on TV that can’t keep their composure hate Donald Trump. I think the conservative Never Trumpers personally despise Donald Trump.”

    He said those people never would allow themselves to be targeted. Nor would they allow their friends to be targeted.

    “But they will help it along with Trump. It really is not complicated. He’s an outsider. They don’t like the way he talks. They don’t like the way he makes fun of them. They don’t like the way he mocks them. They think that he is a pockmark on the presidency. But what would he do, do you think, if those eventually become the options that he faces?”

    He said attacks on people close to Trump and those who work with Trump is where he believes it’s going.

    “They can’t find any Russian collusion; they just want to destroy the guy because he won and outsmarted them. They can’t tolerate that, and we’ll see where it goes, folks.”
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    Oh it's been "personal" all along. Target on his back from before the election when they realized "oh my God, he might win!"
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