Louisiana AG’s investigation into 2020 election fraud concludes it really was rigged

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) In order to promote “safe elections” during the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan reportedly spent more than $400 million on the 2020 election, which we now know was a complete fraud.
This is according to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry who recently concluded an investigation in the matter, which found that the 2020 election really was rigged and riddled with fraud.
Landry recently released a new documentary called “Rigged” that exposes the plot to steal the election from Donald Trump and hand it over to Joe Biden and his crime family syndicate.
As soon as he heard that Zuckerberg provided money specifically for Louisiana through a group called the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), Landry got to work probing the matter further.
It turns out that CTCL filed a grant application in September 2020 to get that money, which is right around the time that Landry figured out that the group runs “contrary to what we believed the law was in Louisiana.”
“We believed that the ability to inject direct money into our election system was prohibited,” Landry says about his state’s system.
Zuckerberg’s money successfully thwarted election outcomes in Wisconsin, Arizona

One month later, Landry and his office decided to sue CTCL because it refused to stop offering money to Democratic parishes throughout the state. The case initially received an unfavorable opinion but was later appealed and is now ongoing.
While it has not technically completed, the case already shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that shady dealings occurred to ensure an unfair election outcome that was not reflective of how We the People actually voted.
Landry’s lawsuit successfully prevented most of the CTCL money from making its way into Louisiana, which he says represents a major victory.
“That suit had a chilling effect in Louisiana, which we were very excited about, we were glad to see, because that money was being spent predominantly in Democratic strongholds in this state,” Landry is quoted as saying.
While other states saw greatly altered election outcomes because of the fraud, Louisiana was protected, Landry says. Trump ended up winning that state, as Republicans usually do.
The situation in Wisconsin, on the other hand, went quite differently. Zuckerberg reportedly gave more than $8 million to the five largest Democratic cities in that state, which swayed its outcome.
An April 12 opinion piece published for The Washington Times also revealed that Arizona’s election outcome was thwarted with the help of a cool $5.1 million sent by Zuckerberg to the state’s key Democratic cities and counties.
Roughly 76 percent of this money went to crucial counties that Biden supposedly “won,” though we now know that it was all a smokescreen riddled with fraud.
“[Gableman] issued a 150-page scathing report, of which I read, and anyone who reads that report – you don’t even really have to read the whole report, you can read the beginning and the end – you can come to the conclusion that Zuckerberg’s entire idea behind this, the whole motive behind what he did, was to basically put his thumb on the scale in support of Joe Biden,” Landry says.
It turns out that very little, if any, of Zuckerberg’s “covid relief” funding went to anything even remotely resembling covid relief. Virtually all of it was used to steal the 2020 election for Biden, and nothing more.
Landry says he has little doubt that Zuckerberg “basically rigged the 2020 election.” He explains how in greater depth in his film “Rigged,” which is available for viewing for $4.99, according to The Western Journal.
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