Question: Why are Republicans trying to refute Trump's concerns about voter fraud and a rigged election when Republicans are the ones pushing Voter ID Laws??!!! Why are you refuting his claims that there is voter fraud when you pass laws to stop and prevent it?? 33 states have Voter ID Laws, most of these are Red Republican States. Some states have tried to improve upon their Voter ID laws, North Carolina's law was just overturned by a federal judge as have been some new Voter ID Laws in other states. If concerns over Voter Fraud, that the Voter ID Laws are to stop or prevent, then why is everyone attacking Trump over his concerns in this definitely unfair and extremely biased election being refuted by ... Republicans??!!!

Makes. No. Sense.

What is going on? Is the Republican Establishment behind some of this? You should hear Marco Rubio putting down the whole notion of voter fraud and rigged elections. Why would he do that?